Johnny Get Your Gun, On Gun TV

Lord have mercy. Does the craziness ever end? What does America need now more than anything?

How about Gun TV, a home shopping channel for weapons? Appropriately enough, the network’s tagline is “Live shopping, fully loaded.”

There have been several articles about this start-up, which is slated to debut in January. It will be hawking guns, ammo and accessories such as holsters for those who like shooting.

We covered the cable TV industry for 16 years, but we are unfamiliar with the founders of Gun TV, Cali-based Valerie Castle and Doug Bornstein.

Under regulations, federal, we guess, orders placed through Gun TV will have to be shipped by a gun wholesaler to the customer’s closest federally licensed gun retailer. Background checks and paperwork will be done there.

The business plan is for Gun TV to broadcast 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., and then increase that to 12 hours a day and finally 24/7. What that means is that Gun TV will have to buy time from cable operators and satellite providers to run its programming, rather than have a dedicated channel when it starts.

Here is what Gun TV has to say about itself. Its parent company’s name is quite ironic, don’t you think?

The Social Responsibility Network’s Gun TV live shopping channel is scheduled to launch in fourth quarter 2015 (this was delayed), and will include a line-up of firearms and related consumer outdoor products and programming broadcasting live on satellite systems Nationwide.

The Gun TV live shopping channel will provide unique content and a wide range of firearms and related product and services to a scale television and social media Internet audience working with manufacturers and federally licensed firearms dealer business partners in the nation to provide seamless fulfilment and customer service, and give manufacturers measurable ad spend ROI.

With the Gun TV Sales Channel, sales data is tracked in real time giving the firearms industry actual return on investment information in the form of hour by hour ratio of dollars spent to advertise on the Gun TV Sales Channel to sales made.

The cost value of the GunTV Sales Channel opportunity compared to current industry promotional spend is extremely advantageous for Gun TV Partners.


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