Actress Kristin Chenoweth Brings Jewelry To HSN

Actress Kristin Chenoweth will launch her new jewelry collection at HSN on Friday, the No. 2 home shopping network posted on Facebook.

The reed-thin blonde and Broadway star will be on live from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

There are many celestial looks in the fashion jewelry line, delicate stars and half moons. It’s rather pretty and dainty.


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11 Responses to “Actress Kristin Chenoweth Brings Jewelry To HSN”

  1. Diana Says:

    To start this I want to say that I enjoy your column, Miss Moss. You let us say what we feel unlike the shopping channels’ home boards.

    I received my Kristin jewelry yesterday, to my surprise. Here on the left coast it takes most HSN orders 9 – 15 days to arrive. This is my first purchased after a long hiatus. HSN has been selling way too much shoddy jewelry- and other merchandise- and I’m tired of paying return shipping. My last purchase was the horribly ugly welo opal ring by conman Colleen. I gave it 3 tries, and none looked anything like the on air or web model! So back it went and good riddance.

    Anyway, I liked the fresh look of Kristin’s things and ordered a ring and 2 necklaces. I liked the earrings; they were all posts, which unfortunately I don’t wear comfortably. The jewelry is pretty good quality, though over priced, now that I’ve seen it in person. It should cost about half of what it does. My jewelry wardrobe needs a boost so I’m keeping it, and I like it, as well as Kristin. So anyone on the fence, it’s real sterling with either rhodium (my choice), or gold plating. Price wise, you could do better- but not on HSN! It’s delicate but definitely shows up, and I like the celestial theme. For me, it’s a nice change from the many bolder pieces I have.

    Kristin was lovely on air; a very tiny, kind person. I think they should have paired her with Connie; not so pushy and gushy and a much better match personality wise than Colleen, who has gone from being a good host to nearly unwatchable. Actually, she’s always been over the top but not so bad as in recent years. I cringe to think she’s a fellow Scorpio! Anyway, I hope Kristin does more jewelry; HSN needs a good classic line.

    • Skye Says:

      I received my Kristin jewelry Saturday and I like it. As you said, Diana, it’s a little over priced but nice. I watched the “diamonds unleashed” show and those pieces, though pretty, are made from mystery metals. I think Kristin’s pieces were a much more practical and affordable choice.
      I watched Kristin with Connie and Colleen; I enjoyed Connie with her much more. As someone else said, let some other hosts do premieres. I like Colleen to an extent but her mugging, posing and pushy personality are wearing thin.
      To add to Rita’s lists of hosts, whom I like, I would add Kathy Wolf and Alice Caron. I don’t care for Callie- the know it all. Or Shivan, the meanie. She made fun of women’s clothes in plus sizes on several occasions. She snickered and giggled while listing the measurements. Prior to that, I liked her. I haven’t watched her in years.
      Anyway, Kristin’s jewelry is better quality than many brands on HSN. It’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Kristin is a sweetheart. Liked her jewelry, bought a couple items, waiting to get it.
    Tired of Colleen. Tacky and overbearing. And not too bright. On her Facebook, one of her fave fragrances that she’ll be shoving down our throats is La Vie Est Belle. She spelled it La Vie A Belle. Hahaha, if it’s your fave, then you must surely look at the bottle and see that “is” in French is EST not A. What a big phony…..and dumb to boot. Have caught quite a few misspells in the little I look at her social media.
    Oh, and HSN, please put Chenoweth with someone else next time, someone not so overbearing. With Colleen it’s almost funny. Surprised Kristin got a word in.

    • Tony Says:

      I saw that ” la vie A belle”, too. Yeah, Colleen uses it so much she can’t see the spelling. She’s a hick, trying to be sophisticated.
      Another doozy is on Callie know it all Northagen’s Facebook page. She translates it as “the beautiful life”. Google it, you stupid cows…it means “life is beautiful.” If you don’t believe google, then ask a Frenchman. I have friends from France, who second the google translation. Life is beautiful. Oh, and they laughed hysterically at Colleen’s spelling of “est”. Just look at the friggin bottle, dumbass!
      These people hosting these shows are a joke. Most of them act like they didn’t go to school past 3rd grade. They probably need GPS to go from bedroom to bathroom at home.

      • Tony Says:

        OK, I ranted so much about Callie and Colleen that I forgot about Kristin, lol!
        I watched one of her presentations, and I really liked the look/style of her jewelry. I didn’t buy because of the prices…a little too high. But after reading these positive reviews, I may check her things out next time if there is a next time. The stuff I like has sold out or has no size/color choices left.
        Her jewelry is sparkly and pretty but on the understated side. So it shows up but doesn’t look gawdy.
        I saw her with Connie and enjoyed the whole show.

  3. Rita Says:

    I enjoyed Kristin’s presentation and bought a couple necklaces. I’m hoping they arrive soon.
    With Kristin’s softer energy, I think she would have been better paired with Lynn or Connie. I like Colleen off air, but she’s in overdrive on TV, in pics, etc. She’s actually a bit too much sometimes. Also, it seems more fair to give the other hosts a chance to work with new vendors. Colleen is getting tiresome with her laugh attacks and uber enthused descriptions. And she LOVES everything. As I said, she seems warm and friendly off air- but I’m noticing more posing and mugging in her off time pics. I’d like to see more of Lynn, Connie and Bill for jewelry. And Bobbi, Amy, and Robin for fashion. Callie is over the top, too. Tired of her as well as Colleen.
    I think the Kristin jewelry was a nice change for HSN. I hope they are planning future visits.

    • Samantha Says:

      Don’t know if you saw it Rita but Kristin did a show with Connie. Let me rephrase what you and the others said.

      It would be nice if someone besides Colleen were allowed to do the premiere shows with new vendors. And I liked Connie much better with Kristen. Colleen has become a caricature of herself over time. About 16 years ago I watched HSN’s dragon boat festival jade show with her hosting. She was reprimanded by the producer for gushing too much! And she was. They told her in her ear piece, and she responded for all to hear on air that the jewelry was so beautiful it was hard not to gush!! I ordered 3-4 pieces from that show and all of it went back. For me, that was the beginning of “it doesn’t look as good in person as it does on TV”.
      HSN needs to step up quality control…or show on air and online what things REALLY look like. I haven’t ordered since the welo opal fiasco, either. For this reason I didn’t order anything from Kristin. Good values are out there everywhere including online; we need to boycott these home shopping channels.

      • Becky Says:

        I totally agree with you about the continual drop in quality of merchandise on the shopping channels. I’ve completely stopped ordering from QVC and Evine. And very little bought from HSN.
        I did order some of Kristin’s things and they’re very nice. As someone mentioned, a little expensive for what they are. But at least she uses sterling silver with rhodium or 14K.
        So if you liked them but were afraid to buy… understandably… I’d give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.

  4. Anna Says:

    I got my Kristin jewelry and like it. As for Colleen, I like her. I did like Connie with Kristin better, however.
    I hope Kristin brings more jewelry in the future. It seems well made and looks very nice.

  5. Betty Says:

    I really liked the Kristin Chenoweth presentations; the jewelry was very nice. The price points kept me from ordering; however. After reading these posts here, I may go back and order or order from her next visit. Although over priced, everyone seems to agree that the jewelry is nice.
    Although I like Colleen, I agree that some other hosts should be given a chance at these premieres. Colleen has made her money; let some of the other stars shine. Personally, I really enjoyed seeing Connie with Kristin.

  6. Maryanne Says:

    I really liked the pieces I bought from Kristin. A little pricey, but so far very good quality.
    Although I really like Colleen, she can get on my nerves occasionally. But, she did a good job with Kristin, as did Connie.
    Poor Colleen posted a fractured elbow on Facebook earlier. So sorry to see that. Ouch….I hope it heals fast, Colleen. Bummer that. Take good care of it.

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