Jersey Guy Dan Dennis Joins Liquidation Channel

HSN veteran Dan Dennis is back at a home shopping network, resurfacing as a gem expert for The Liquidation Channel. He debuts on Thanksgiving Day.

Dennis posted the news on Facebook, saying he had relocated to Austin and finished negotiations with the network.

He said he will be appearing on the channel 30 to 40 hours a week, part of a roster that includes Evine Live veteran Shawn Wilsie.

We love Dennis, because he’s from Clifton, N.J., a fellow North Jerseyite, and attended Montclair State University.

Apparently, Dennis was at the Liquidation Channel back in 2011.

“There you have it — I’m actually back doing what I love to do best, with all my friends both at work, and all my friends on the airwaves around the country,” he wrote. “Hope you can find the time to watch me work my magic!”

Congrats Dan!

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19 Responses to “Jersey Guy Dan Dennis Joins Liquidation Channel”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I’ve wondered what Dan has been up to–looking forward to seeing him on the LC!

  2. Kimmy Says:

    Glad to see him back. He IS knowledgeable. I bought his books and I appraise for a living. But please, tell him to either buy some suits that fit or get the ones he has altered. Also, get him a professional haircut and not the $12.00 kind. He needs to buy some hairspray and lose the wet grease look. I like him and want him to stay.But he really needs to work on his appearance.

    • Debrah Says:

      Good observations Kimmy. As a hair stylist, I not only recommend a professional haircut, but, as others on here have said, a more flattering color.
      I totally encourage men to cover their gray. And hats off to those who let their gray go naturally. For Dan, I’d lighten the color. And, with most of my guys with a decent amount of gray, I don’t cover everything. It’s too harsh when it grows back in. Instead, I leave a little gray blended in at the sides around the ears, and a tiny bit allover. It looks so much better and more natural as it grows out. They still have most of their color, but the sides with a little gray blended in looks natural….it doesn’t look like they color their hair.
      I like Dan and hope his health is better. And I wish him luck with his job at LC.

    • lexi paul Says:

      I agree about Dan’s greased back hair. I feel like that went out in the 60’s and it doesn’t do a thing to hold down the cowlick on the back of his head. He brags about buying his suits at Sears, but they are ill fitting and make him look frumpy. The guy is so brash and arrogant. I can’t stand to listen to his voice. The way I see it, what network would hire a woman that acted like him or that let themselves go the way he has? He has man boobs and fat rolls and if he doesn’t get control of that turkey neck, it’s going to hurt someone.

  3. linda Says:

    He left the LC and it wasn’t on good terms or his choice. Weird that he is back after what happened.

  4. linda Says:

    He was let go when he worked at LC before, left on bad terms. Weird that he is back. I’ve always liked him but his stuttering is hard to watch.

  5. Derwood Says:

    Why!!! Argh! I was so happy when he left the LC!! He is not a bad gentleman, just not a good fit for the LC. Sorry! I will not watch him. He grates on me!

  6. Crystal Says:

    Thanks, Ms. Moss, for yet another informative update. I wondered what was up with Dan. I’m not able to view the liquidation channel, but good to hear he’s back on air. I missed him when he left HSN…long London blue topaz speeches and all! Last I heard, he was still nursing a bad shoulder. Good to see he’s doing well. I wish him the best.
    Looking at other comments, it is surprising he’s back at LC. The revolving doors at home shopping channels…… I do agree that he needs to update his appearance a bit. Softer hair color….ditch the blackest black color and opt for a much more flattering medium – dark brown. Anyway, good luck Dan!

    • Carlene Says:

      Oh, boy, do I remember those London blue topaz litanies!! I watched HSN a lot back then; I miss Dan’s unique style as well. He was very well informed about gems.
      I cannot get LC either, so I won’t be able to follow him. But I wish him well. It would be nice to see him back on HSN again; make it more interesting to watch. You got a little education with each gem you bought from Dan. Good luck to you, Dan.

  7. Darla Says:

    Glad Dan’s health is better and he’s back doing what he likes to do. I wish I could get L C in my area. I really used to enjoy his presentations on HSN.
    I do hope he updates his appearance and wardrobe, especially the black harsh hair color. Make him more easy on the eyes. But he’s a smart guy and knows his gems. I hope things work out for him.

  8. Rose Says:

    I only watch when he is on. He is smart and funny and reminds me of a good friend you trust. He is not snooty or pretentious. His appearance is fine with me. It is his unique look that makes him “Dan.” Good for him!

  9. Bernie Says:

    Dan needs to get with the real world. He can’t believe the Clearwater FL area is stressful….it’s a high crime area! Maybe he lived in the rich areas…duh, most people don’t. Hello, crime is stressful. He does need to update his look, and be less crabby. He was always kvetching on HSN.
    I’m glad his health is better and he is knowledgeable about gems, but his on air persona needs some work. Let’s see how long he lasts with this go round on the LC. I don’t miss his topaz speeches or grouchy presentations one bit.

  10. Cynthia Griffin Says:

    Dan, I just saw you on TV tonight. I was sure that I recognized you from HSN many years ago. I have your book on gemstones.

    I’m good at remembering faces, perhaps better yet at remembering voices. So I kept watching and when I heard you speak, I was certain that you are the same Dan from HSN. But, I wasn’t 100% sure so I checked here. I was right.

    The thing that really stands out in my memory about you was your telling the story of buying your wife, Linda, a London Blue Topaz bracelet. At that time London Blue was new, or at least I had not seen it. That was probably 15 years ago, perhaps longer.

    I am not a stalker honest. It’s just that I knew you had some health problems while at HSN. When I didn’t see you on air for a long time, I was feared the worse.

    I’m sorry to be so lengthy, but I was so happy to see you alive and well. I just had to share. God bless you Dan and all your friends.

  11. Marsha Says:

    Dan has man boobs! Gross

    • Carrie Adams Says:

      I find him nauseating and horrible to look at…he also knows so little about GOOD gems……I can’t imagine why anyone would hire him! But this is a low quality show from India …..give me a break!

  12. Stephanie Cordova Says:

    I do not see Dan listed as a show host for LC? Is he still on the show?

    • Kristen G Says:

      He is on as a “side-kick” with other hosts as a jewelry expert–not listed as a regular show host. He is on the air quite often! You can check his page on Facebook for his weekly schedule.

  13. lucy m. Says:

    I wonder if Dan has an undiagnosed illness or an undisclosed illness. He stutters so much and can’t get his thoughts out. He is so mean to his co workers! I can’t believe anyone wants to works with him. The LC used to be so much fun to watch but I can’t stand it anymore. Dan is on 6 days a week and he repeats everything! With his know-it-all attitude and I can do no wrong holier than though persona, I’ll shop elsewhere. I”l be glad when that jerk retires.

  14. Dee Says:

    He looks horrible, waxy skin tone, freaky black slicked back hair, bobble head up and down up and down. Corpse- like if he didn’t have to open his mouth with garbled dumb banter. He is just down right scary to look at and sickening to listen too. What a phony decades old schtick he puts on. RETIRE DAN!!!

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