QVC Host Dan Wheeler’s Late Wife’s Service To Be Streamed

We just got back from vacation, where it was too difficult for us to blog, so this is our first words on the tragic death of QVC host Dan Wheeler’s wife Beth, 61. And we find we are without words.

As we suffered a horrendous loss, the death of our father earlier this year, and have friends who have lost loved ones recently, as well, one runs out of things to say. Your faith is tested. Dan is born-again, so he has God to turn to, but reading his heart-wrenching Facebook posts about the demise of the love of his life was beyond sad.

The late Beth Wheeler

The late Beth Wheeler

Here is one post:

I am heartbroken and my spirit is crushed. Today I had several panic attacks and have cried until I can’t breathe. I know this first year without will be so hard. First Thanksgiving, first anniversary. First Christmas, New Years, her birthday, it goes on and on. But I’m told someday it will slowly get better.

That reminded us of our own thoughts about facing the upcoming holiday season without our father.

Then this from Dan:

I guess my new normal is to wake up crying. My heart has a giant hole in it. My wife, @Elizabeth Ann Wheeler was not only the Love of my Life but she was and is my hero. My daughters have tattoos on their wrists that say “Faith” and “Hope.”

Beth’s wrist says “Love.” She is love and she loved me unconditionally for 37 years. The past 6 months have been difficult. The past 5 weeks unbearable. But these days of planning her life celebration and burial are really impossible as a man.

But God is carrying me and my family. “Now abideth faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE!” I miss you so much my sweet Cakies! (my nickname for Beth)

But QVC customers will be able to view the services for Beth, who died of cancer. Dan posted this:

Beth’s Celebration service will stream live tomorrow on the Internet and you can watch it at 11am ET from anywhere in the world

My wife always preferred the background but it is time that moves “center stage” so the world can learn about this amazing woman. Hope you can join us for this incredible service!

Our heart goes out to Dan and his family, and to all victims of cancer.


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17 Responses to “QVC Host Dan Wheeler’s Late Wife’s Service To Be Streamed”

  1. Sheri Fuller Says:

    My heart is so heavy in pain for the loss of Dans beloved and Mary Beth’s Mom….having lost both my Mom and Dad. You are like family to my family….Prayers and Love

  2. Carrie Says:

    Reading his blogs the last few weeks was just heartbreaking.

  3. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    when hope is lost and raging against the gods doesnt work all you have left is a suffocating pain that hollows out your insides and leaves you with an isolating silent scream. you have to take one hour at a time and convince yourself to breathe. the ONLY relief is time. i envy those with great faith. how do you get it. where does it come from. it is indeed good that Dan has such faith to carry him through

  4. Judith Dancey Says:

    My heart is heavy with your loss and as I write this reply I am crying for you and your beloved. God Bless you both. :Dan you were given a great gift and now it is time for Beth to live pain free with the Lord and serve him in heaven as she served him on earth. As you mourn the great loss of your beloved, celebrate the greatness she provided here with you on earth

  5. lena Says:

    im so siorry my heart breaks for you

  6. Violet Hull Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  7. marcia geiger Says:

    I feel your pain Dan as I also lost the love of my life back in June, sometimes the pain is so intense that you feel like giving up but then you realize that they are in Gods hands and are pain free. Life does go on and we will always have their sweet memories.

    Marcia Geiger 1/30/2016 reply

  8. Karen Korell Says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I SO understand. May God be with you and your family

  9. Dorothy Steinn Says:

    So sorry for your lost.God bless you and your daughters.Dotty

  10. Sharon Irvine Says:

    I feel your pain too Dan as I to lost the love of my life after thirty years of marriage back in March 2009. And yes it does get a little easier with each passing year. Memories forever in your heart!God bless you and your family. Respectfully Sharon Irvine

  11. Alisa White Says:

    I just saw on qvc u talking about your wife I nebet knew,may she rest in peace with the holy family and God in heaven. I lost a dear friend many years ago from cancer someone who was healthy nevet smoked. My daughter said I cried for days. God is with you qvc community and fans are with you. Hang in there you as will be OKAY. Sometimes I think about my friend I lost and I still get sad.

  12. Rene Gibbs Says:

    Dan I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard for a person to understand the hurt when you lose your life love. I too loss my husband to kidney cancer in January. We were married 39 wonderful years. I ask God why? I do not understand his master plan. I need so much for prayer for the healing of my heart and understanding. My heart goes out to you and your family. Many prayers.

  13. Kimberly freund Says:

    God bless you and your family down no one can tell you how to deal with your pain my husband and I lost oldest child in their own precious son very suddenly we were only eighteen years old we had him every single day is a struggle the rest of her family we have all daughters we have to try to fight everyday with the help of the Lord to get through for our family night prayers go out to you and your family and I can only say as an individual and nobody can tell you how to deal with your pain I know we have not found a way to deal with the severity of the pain our whole family feels especially me and my husband I don’t know if we ever will I have to try for our daughters and Families my name is Kim I have watched you more times than I can count I hope with each day gets a little better for you I truly will pray for you and your family we were very young when we started our family we have been through many tragedies I never in a million years would have believed with all the pain we had already suffered the last thing we suffered is the worst thing we’ve been through yet we have each other and the good Lord a bacon everyday help me so that I can be the person I want one for my family God bless you don’t ever let anybody tell you how to deal with your pain everybody is different and Love Never Dies

  14. Jean Kaminskie Says:

    so sorry dan about your wife my love and prayers are with you

  15. Mary Ann Brown Says:

    I just learnt about your wife’s death. I know what you are going through as I lost my boyfriend of 10 years on February 25 this year. My heart has a large hole in it. We thought.
    t I would be the one leaving to be with the Lord since I have been battling pancreatic cancer since 2012 but it was not Gods plan. My heart goes out to you but remember she is with you every moment. Always remember how you loved each other and no one can take that away. God Bless You and your Family.

  16. Mary Ferguson Says:

    Dan I lost my husband of 52 yrs it’s. More than some days I can take but the Lord always gets me through. He is always there for you. Bless you and your family.

  17. Rose Marie Higgins Says:

    God bless, Dan. My husband of 48 years died six years ago from Huntington’s Disease. For me, getting in bed alone is still the worst part of my day. Three years ago, my oldest son died from HD. My second son is in the early stage of his HD and lives with me. Keep counting your blessings and there still are many. My prayers are with you.

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