HSN’s ‘On The Set’ Features Apparel From Top TV Costume Designers

HSN will be launching so-called capsule collections from the costume designers for four TV shows — “Mad Men,” “Revenge,” “The Good Wife” and “Hot in Cleveland — today.

The clothes are called “From the Set.”


The Hollywood Reporter did a story on the HSN collection.


The designers being featured are: Janie Bryant of “Mad Men,” who we met on the set of the AMC hit when we were working for a cable-TV trade paper; Jill Ohanneson of “Revenge”; Daniel Lawson of “The Good Wife”: and Lori Eskowitz-Carter of “Hot in Cleveland.”

The items range from leggings for $80 for patterned leggings to $280 for a faux-fur coat.


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One Response to “HSN’s ‘On The Set’ Features Apparel From Top TV Costume Designers”

  1. Lennie Says:

    Again with the movie/TV show themes. They are getting desperate. Just bring back HSN from 1999-2000, and you’ll get back your loyal customers and bring in new ones.
    And thanks, Linda, for the warning. I know when not to watch.

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