Serena Williams’ HSN Fashion Show Flap Makes Page Six

HSN made quite a splash during Fashion Week in the Big Apple, with Serena Williams’ beau making a scene at the show her apparel line for the home shopping network, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

According the the paper’s Page Six gossip column, rapper Drake caused a scene at Serena’s show because he was upset with the music that the DJ was playing.

HSN has gotten some high-profile press for Serena’s collection by trotting it out during Fashion Week. We recently did a blog talking about HSN’s plans to stream the show live.

Williams is dating Drake, who some blame with distracting her and causing her to blow the US Open. He was at her fashion show Tuesday, which also attracted Vogue Editor Anna Wintour.

The DJ played one of Drake’s songs, “Back to Back,” and the singer got upset because the wrong mix was played. Page Six said that the version that was played “was packed with curse words and went out live to HSN viewers.”

And apparently there were worries that Wintour’s virgin ears would be offended by the song, according to the gossip column.

Drake chided the DJ and “stormed out,” Page Six said.

Temper, temper.

BTW, the New York Daily News story on the show doesn’t mention any problem between the DJ and Drake.

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