QVC Host Dan Wheeler Asks For Prayers For His Ill Wife

Truth be told, this has been a tough year for us, our family and many of our friends. We broke our ankle and lost our dad in January. Our mother had a mini-stroke in April. A good friend’s husband died unexpectedly this summer. One of our relatives is gravely ill.

Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler

It was news to us, maybe not to those who have been watching QVC very closely, that host Dan Wheeler is going through a rough spell, too. His wife Beth has apparently been diagnosed with cancer, we don’t know what kind, and is undergoing chemo in Philly.

Wheeler posted photos of his pretty bride on Facebook, and is asking us to keep her in our thoughts.

“Please continue to keep my beautiful wife and our family in your prayers,” Wheeler wrote. “Pray with me that God will completely restore her health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This photo was taken a few weeks ago when we were able to attend the wedding of a close friend of the family. God bless you all!”

We only know a bit about Wheeler, outside of his work on QVC. He is a musician. He is a devout Christian.

Like most people, we have lost loved ones to cancer, and know those who are fighting it now.

So Dan, you and your wife are in our prayers.


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22 Responses to “QVC Host Dan Wheeler Asks For Prayers For His Ill Wife”

  1. LindaSonia Says:

    I never watch Dan, but am so sorry to hear of all his misfortunes. Prayers are always available and will be sent his way.

  2. Ellie Damaschke Says:

    Will be praying. I have seen Dan on QVC also years ago on WCFC Chicago.

  3. Lucy Says:

    I am two years out from surgery, chemo and radiation from cancer .
    The blessed Lord carried me through every minute of it in good shape, calming my fears and leading me to this two-year remission. I pray for this and more for Dan’s wife. I know they have extreme faith and the Lord hears their prayers and will satisfy their needs at this time. My heartfelt prayers for her treatment and full recovery. Love, ♥♥♥

  4. Says:

    I always enjoy listening to Dan pitch the products – never boring. Dan, My prayers go out to you, ur wife and mother. I’m a cancer survivor – almost 10 years. Today, there are even newer treatments and drugs. Thinking about you!!!!

  5. LINDA Says:

    Pray to the doctors not some magic man in the sky.

    • Arlene Shepler Says:

      That man in the sky is the divine physician who works through the doctors.He is the only one to pray to.

  6. Sharon Says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! I have a dear friend that has had breast cancer and i s well over 10yrs ago. Lean on the lord! Rest in his arms! He is able!

  7. olivia lopes Says:

    I,am very sorry to hear about the news DAN I wish that you end your family have a miracle on your wife,s health you deserve I love to see you on qvc may GOD help you all Olivia

  8. bonnie Says:

    dan you are in my prayers I do know of this hearbreak may GOD give a much needed healing

  9. Mary Says:

    God has nothing to do with people getting through cancer treatment or winning the battle from it. Medical science does….not a fairytale

  10. Tina Says:

    Bless you and your family. May you find peace and healing from God our father and his son Jesus. My prayers are with you and your family.

  11. peggy stevens Says:

    Dan my prayers are with you and your family God will bring her out of this . Miss you on qvc but know you will be back soon Beth is going to be fine

  12. Says:

    Dan and family. I am heartbroken for you and your family.You are all in my prayers. May God be with all of you during this very difficult time. May you find comfort in believing and knowing that you will all see her and be with her again in a better place.May feeling God’s presence comfort all of you. Sandra Sofocle October 30 – 1.06 am

  13. Irene Brusco Says:

    Dan, may you and your family feel the hands of God wrapped around you as you bravely lay your wife to rest. Celebrate her life with a song from your heart. She will forever live in you and your family.

  14. Mary Davis Says:

    So sorry for you and your family for the loss of Beth. You are all in my prayers

  15. Annette Massey Says:

    My heart is breaking for Dan and his family I pray that God will give him and his family the strength and peace they need in the days ahead. I am so sorry for his loss. I ‘ve been watching Dan on QVC since day one. He is my favorite.

  16. Betty J Medley Says:

    Betty J Medley:

    Dan, my heart hurts for you and your family at this most difficult time in your life. My husband had colon cancer about six years ago now so I know your pain. We are praying for your family and the strength that only the Father can give us when we ask… We love you……

  17. Mary Dekker Says:

    My heart and soul knows what you’re feeling Dan…I lost my beautiful daughter tragically in a car accident a year ago…my husband in May after a courageous year and a half battle with brain cancer….and my mother-law in July.

    The pain is at times unbearable….I too have a deep faith that’s been tested but there are times I want to give into the thought of desperately wanting to join my loved ones that have passed.

    What keeps me going is knowing that God has a purpose to my living…I search everyday for that purpose…with the love and support from my family and friends I wake up each morning trying to do just that.

    Hold on to the love and wonderful memories you made with Beth….let those thoughts brighten your day.

    Be well.

  18. Gloria mitchell Says:

    Dan I haven’t seen you much but when I did I enjoyed watching you so I was searching wondering about you and seen about you wife and wanted to tell you I am so so sorry but the person you are got will guide you his way and do what’s best for you and yours….sometimes you don’t understand but you are not suppose to GOD works in mistrios way and never question his decision GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS

  19. Jo-anne Reilly Says:

    Dan, Your family and friends are in my prayers. I know you can’t hold Beth in your arms but you can hold her in your heart forever. We are Christians and we know a place has been made for Beth by the Lord. I believe our loved ones watch out for us. You and your daughter’s have a very special angel looking out for you.

  20. Tricia Says:

    May the good Lord bless and keep you Dan! So sorry to learn of the loss of your wife Beth! Be well!

  21. Stephanie Coda Says:

    Hello Dan,
    I am so very sorry that you lost your precious wife and friend. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.
    My family too has been down that awful road, and have lost a father (54) from later complications, and two beautiful sisters, Melaney (38), and Camille (55).
    Cancer has no mercy! But, God Almighty, who has been so comforting and ever present is!! We can rest in his “promise”, that he will “heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds”. I can honestly say Dan, as I’m sure you can also testify to, that through it all…God has been faithful, and an ever present help!
    May he continue to hold you and your dear family to his loving breast, and console you in way’s only he can.
    Thank you for sharing your wife’s funeral. She loved, and was loved immensely!!
    I pray God continues to bless, and take you and your family to even greater height’s in him!
    Stephanie from Wisconsin

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