JCK Reports On Why QVC, HSN Jewelry Revenue Is Down

A key trade magazine for the jewelry industry, JCK, did a story last week about the declining sales of jewelry on home shopping channels.

The article, with the headline “Home Shopping Networks No Longer That Interested in Jewelry,” talks about how baubles and gems — which once made up a huge portion of HSN and QVC sales — are not just a small fraction of revenue.


The story points out that when the two home shopping networks debuted, jewelry made up about 50 percent of their sales. Now, jewelry accounts for only 9.5 percent of HSN sales and 12 percent of QVC sales, according to JCK.

Why the decline? Well, we know jewelry sales were hit hard overall during the Great Recession. Next, when jewelry revenue started to decline home shopping nets gave the category lousy time slots, JCK claims, which also hurt sales and continued the downward spiral.

We don’t know if we agree with the “bad-time-slots” argument, by the way.

JCK also notes that there was new competition from all-jewelry-all-the-time networks such as Jewelry Television and Rocks TV (which we have never heard of).

The trade magazine also claims that more of QVC and HSN sales are being generated online, not a very good forum to promote jewelry.

JCK says that millennials are more interested in buying tech items, like smartphones and Apple watches, than jewelry, which is hurting sales.

And finally, the magazine claims that home shopping networks have been hard-pressed to replace jewelry lines that were once very lucrative, such as QVC’s Diamonique collection.

Someone posted a comment on the JCK story that we also thought made sense: That the once-skyrocketing price of precious metals such as gold really socked jewelry sales.


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19 Responses to “JCK Reports On Why QVC, HSN Jewelry Revenue Is Down”

  1. Lee sands Says:

    Fashion jewelry wasn’t performing as a category and so it was folded to the extent that vendors couldn’t even get a single 5 minute test on new items.
    Even winners couldn’t get reorders. Vendors with decades of successful performance were let go. Intresesting shows with strong customer following weren’t cut back they were canceled.
    The culture of the company went from unique to national brands as the management went from a collectable interesting mentality to a Dept. Store same as everyone else look.
    It wasn’t worked!

  2. Dustin Moskowitz (@dustin8791) Says:

    Oh, you should agree with the “bad-time-slots” argument… trust me!

  3. Chi-Town Ga Says:

    Another reason for the drop in jewelry sales might be that both QVC and eVine (then ShopNBC) started selling poor quality bonded metals but continued to charge for 14kt. While one could say the cost of gold required that – what happened to their ability to offer a savings based on their sales volume? If selling hundreds of thousands of gold-dipped bronze, your costs should be less than those of the local jewelers doing the same. ShopNBC even had to send a letter to purchasers of one line of jewelry that pointed out that the recent purchase was basically a ‘shell’ of gold filled with a silicone polymer.

  4. Chi-Town Ga Says:

    oops – to be clear, QVC never represented their bonded lines as 14kt through and through – but the prices were/are not as low as one might expect from a ‘high volume’ seller

  5. Darl Says:

    Jewelry sales as a category are down overall at all retail establishments, watches replaced by phones, etc…Home Shopping industry is a mature industry, skews older demographics despite repeated attempts to attract younger demos. No easy fix for the industry. QVC at least is going international, yet to show it can do so effectively but has a chance. HSN is pretty much tapped out and Evine is a goner.

    • SUSAN Says:

      QVC may have gone international, but getting killed with the exchange rate. Read their financial report on Liberty Interactive for QVC….

  6. Barbara Says:

    For the past year I’ve been doing most of my jewelry shopping at JTV. I used to buy just about all of my jewelry from HSN, QVC and the pre-recession ShopNBC. It’s definitely true that the huge increase in gold prices played a big role in killing the major shopping channels’ jewelry business. Today most of what I buy is sterling, although I’m starting to find some affordable 10K gold pieces at JTV. I’ve found that JTV has much better prices than the competitors — I’ve proven it by finding identical pieces selling for much higher prices on HSN and QVC. Also, since JTV specializes in jewelry, they have a very large selection to choose from, plus a big selection of loose gemstones. It looks like HSN is trying to bring back more jewelry, and bringing nice things such as the King Baby sterling line. I’ve enjoyed the new “Bejeweled” shows with Bill Green and Connie Craig Carroll. Whatever QVC is doing, I don’t understand it, and it doesn’t appeal to me. Their programming is boring. They have cut down their entire product line and now focus on a few brands of cookware, electronics, vacuum cleaners, hair care products, and other stuff like that. Jewelry doesn’t get much attention any more except for the way-overpriced Judith Ripka sterling line.

  7. Sara James Says:

    I might add that, with all this “Bronzo Italia”, “Gold Kissed” and whatever cute little names they have for their junk jewelry, not to mention them tagging on ridiculous prices. One can go to Kmart or WallyWorld and get the same for much less..

  8. felinegroovey Says:

    Here’s some info on “Rocks TV”:
    Enjoy your blog. 😎

  9. Queen Celeste Says:

    ValueVision, HSN, and QVC used to have wonderful lines of 14k, 18K, sterling, and costume. It was affordable and well made. Today so much of the costume is badly made and high priced–what happened to the quality? I still wear pieces from Suzanne Somers, Joan Collins, House of Ivana, Sweet Romance, Carmella’s Bold Elegance, Hutton Wilkinson, Charles Winston, Suzy B, Trifari, Valeska (loved her–so much fun to watch!), Scassi, The Hollywood Collection,and so many more. I miss the old days of feeling excited about the jewelry shows, they were really events. Oh, well!

  10. SUSAN Says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments regarding QVC’s jewelry—their “fine jewelry” is nothing more than overpriced resin filled costume jewelry!!! Their Vicenza Style is not appealing, and the same styles and designs over and over. Or it’s nothing but Sleeping Beauty turquoise (the words the mine has closed has become a host mantr) Gold has come down in price, but QVC’s jewelry has not. Perhaps QVC should think about getting a different gold buyer. There are better deals at JTV and elsewhere!!!
    Or they bring out the really really high priced jewelry that is not within everyone’s budget!!!!

    And I just don’t think customers are watching QVC as much anymore because many of QVC’s newer hosts are downright irritating and annoying, and all QVC does is rotate the same products over and over and over ad nauseum (especially on the weekends)—vacuums, beds, blenders, bliss lights, computers/tablets….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! And they seem to be concentrating on brands you can get locally or you can find better deals elsewhere with REAL sales and better shipping deals!

    BTW just a minor correction to what JCK said, in a recent interview QVC’s CEO said they are not targeting millennials, he said QVC’s target audience is 30 and up….(rolling my eyes at that, I think it’s more 45 and above)…..


  11. Sil Says:

    What everyone is saying is spot on, in the days when ShopNBC had their 14k-18k and higher, there were true designers and artists creating amazing pieces and for what I considered fair prices. I tuned in as much to learn as to buy as they had truly knowledgeable individuals. Now its a litany of ‘mystery metals’ and filled, spackled, dyed and tinkered with product that are grossly overpriced and in many cases misrepresented. Thank you but no, I’ll stick with the pieces I’ve collected over the years and pass right by this landfill of new junk! I suppose for those that like a particular piece and find the cost acceptable for the material and quality, rock on! I just find sales people not clearly identifying the composition of much of it disappointing.

  12. Susan Says:

    I wanted to buy a King Baby necklace from HSN but hesitated because it is $150.00 cheaper on HSN than it is on Zappos or the King Baby website. My concern is that the King Baby line that HSN is carrying may be a “lesser” quality line from King Baby or perhaps “seconds”. I say this because one of the reviewers of the necklace I wanted to purchase said her necklace did not come with the curb chain as advertised but rather with a much less expensive and less attractive rollo chain. Does anyone know if HSN’s line of King Baby is the same quality as the King Baby home site or Zappos, etc..?
    Thank you.

  13. Sandy Nevers Says:

    All the great reasonably priced jewelry is gone. I loved Xavier line on HSN. Thank goodness Carolyn Pollack is still on QVC, I love her items. I am so tired of Dooney & Burke, Clarks, DG2, Joy Mangano, and so many others being on what seems like every other day!!!

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