Melissa McCarthy To Premiere Fashion Collection On HSN Aug. 13

We thought we had reported this, but couldn’t find the blog. In any event, comic actress Melissa McCarthy is the latest celeb to come to the home shopping world.

The pieces are already online, and we kind of liked them, especially the choice of jeans and pants. The line offers Missy to Plus sizes.

Melissa McCarthy's HSN line is the cat's meow

Melissa McCarthy’s HSN line is the cat’s meow

One of our reader’s tipped us off the Vogue’s interview with McCarthy about her collection, where she waxes on about how she grew to love jeans and describes her new clothing line.

Here’s HSN’s press release:

HSN to Premiere Melissa McCarthy’s First Fashion Collection “Melissa McCarthy Seven7” on August 13

McCarthy to Make Her HSN Debut as Part of The Fashion Edit, HSN’s Fall Fashion Series

HSN is the Exclusive National Retailer Carrying Missy Sizes

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovative live content retailer HSN announced today that Melissa McCarthy will debut her first-ever fashion line “Melissa McCarthy Seven7” during a special live appearance on August 13th from 1-3 pm and 9-11 pm, during HSN’s popular fashion program, ‘The List with Colleen Lopez’.

The collection is available for purchase today during a special sneak preview on As part of the retailer’s democratic sizing initiative, HSN will carry both plus and missy sizes of the line and will be the only national retailer carrying missy sizes, aside from McCarthy’s own website that launches in late August.

Melissa’s first fashion line combines her enthusiasm for fashion with her understanding of fit and style at every size, to create a comprehensive collection that balances style with thoughtful fit features. Melissa, who went to school for design before getting into acting, is fulfilling her dream with the launch of Seven7.

The line, which was carefully supervised by Melissa, from the original sketches to the design of each print, consists of 26 styles in the August Collection. With an assortment of denim, sweaters, tees, woven blouses and ponte bottoms, the line is brought together with vibrant colors, unique prints and modern silhouettes. All denim in the collection features special technology that provides four key fit features: a slimming panel; back lifting darts; forward seam details; and a contoured waistband.

“HSN is thrilled to be the launch partner for Melissa’s debut into the world of fashion,” said Bill Brand, President of HSN. “When we first met Melissa, we were immediately impressed with her passion for design and the clear point of view she had for her line. She will create a unique and engaging shopping experience that our customers are going to love.”

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11 Responses to “Melissa McCarthy To Premiere Fashion Collection On HSN Aug. 13”

  1. Lovie Says:

    Is Melinda Lee already gone from HSN? Those who blinked might have missed her.

    • Janet Says:

      Wow…I guess so. Bad reception in my area; can’t watch HSN too often. Only on good days….looked at host page. Yeah, she’s gone.
      Loved McCarthy’s stuff…price points way too high though. Guess it’s not such a big deal HSN doesn’t come in well. Nothing much on there to buy any more.

  2. Gina Says:

    I enjoyed Melissa’s clothing and presentations, and ordered a couple things. They were OK, and look nice, so I kept them. However, the quality is way below the price point….I feel ripped off. For better quality, I would have paid half that at Macy’s, Dillard’s, etc. I think my days of shopping with HSN are over. Walmart quality at designer showroom prices. Most of it, anyway.

    As for Colleen, I’ve always liked her even though she spreads the s**t really heavily. I think, off air, she’s a good person. However, I’m worked by her description of her son’s dogs. She calls them her grand pups.I love pets and the dogs are cuties…BUT… when real grandCHILDREN come along, if they do, their self worth will be lowered by this comparison. It puts the dogs at an equal to human children…her would- be grandchildren… and they’re not. They should be loved, spoiled, and taken care of. And valued as a family member but NOT as an equal to the children.

    As kids grow and their (hopeful) love of pets puts things in the right perspective, they’ll understand that “grandpups” was not putting them above grandkids. But while they’re little, she needs to refrain from saying that. Fur babies is fine….it’s exactly what they are.

    For those about to write a nasty reply, I am a PHD, a e

  3. Gina Says:

    Aagh I pressed post accidentally. I want to say I am a licensed, practicing psychologist and my specialty is children and young adults. I posted here because I don’t do Facebook, etc. And thank you.

    • Pauline Says:

      OK, Gina, I agree with you about the grandpups thing. Something to add…
      Colleen had her dogs on the list last week hawking doggy wear that matches sweaters for humans. Way too desperate and contrived. And I’m sick of Colleen’s posing and preening for the camera.
      I love animals but I think Colleen uses them waaay too much as a sales gimmick. They’re fine for the Lorenzo Borghese (is he still on HSN?) pet products show…but the matching sweaters is juvenile and overkill. Just sell dog sweaters. Colleen, you’re not 15 anymore and your pet and doll clothes do not have to match yours.
      HSN is getting more and more insipid.

  4. Ellie Says:

    As much as I try to like Coleen, I can’t get past her posing and being on all the time. She has her hands on her hips, or a leg kicked up, and 99% of the time, wearing those ugly bare shoulder tops and dresses. She also over does skinny jeans. She is not over weight but has a doughy body; you can tell she doesn’t even work out minimally. So she looks stuffed in tight clothes.

    But worse than her sense of style, or lack of one, is the phony oohing and aahing over everything. Yes, they all put on to sell stuff, but she is in overdrive. And her laughing fits are old, too. She laughs and gets goofy over nothing. HSN, please let someone more low key and believable take center stage. Please.

    And I know all her followers want to give me a piece of their mind. Just remember, to each, their own. And think of me when you see her going on vacations with the money YOU spent on the stuff she conned you into buying.

    • Trudy Garber Says:

      I used to be a Colleen fan, although I have always liked several other HSN hosts better. But I agree that Colleen has become too fake and pushy.
      I bought some of Melissa’s stuff and it was not that great – especially considering the prices. I sent it all back but the cocoon sweater. I have worn it about 5 times..not even washed it and it’s unraveling in several places. It was over $100. Of course, it’s too late to send it back, but I did a review on it….which HSN never published. There are other negative reviews; I’m guessing they only print so many and then no more.
      I bought it because the thing looked well made, and Colleen was using her usual gushing, pushing sales tactics. She is, in my opinion, the phoniest host on ANY shopping network. She lies about everything. Oh…and the post about the dogs…I just saw that show. It was way too over the top. No….pets should not be used to sell human clothes. I was hoping Colleens dog would sh** on stage! Using it to sell some juvenile sweaters….come on.
      Colleen does have her followers; there are all kinds of fans on her Facebook. Let them have her….those of us in the real world, who don’t make $$$$$$$, need someone more real and honest.

      • Kendra Says:

        Yeah, the dogs are cute…but using them to sell fugly outfits reeks of desperation.
        And I couldn’t agree more about Colleen. She’d do anything to sell a piece of crap. Her husband must have the patience of a saint to put up with her “on” personality all the time.
        I think the laughing fits are fake. She got a lot of positive responses from her shows with Suzanne Somers; and there were laugh fits all the time. I think she’s trying to bring that back.
        Sorry, Colleen, the crap in your design lines isn’t worth the shipping charges. And your over the top antics are old.

  5. Denise Says:

    Along with other dissatisfied HSN customers, I posted a review on their website. I ordered several pieces from McCarthy’s collection last month, and was very disappointed. The quality was well below Walmart or Kmart; and the prices were at Neiman Marcus level.
    I sent all back but 2 tops. Both of them ripped/unravelled after 2 wearings. They were hand washed and dried flat; and fit loosely. Unfortunately, the window of time to return them was gone. What a ripoff!
    I just read that HSN did badly recently in profits, and had to lay people off. Mindy Grossman, wake up. Your quality control sucks badly. Your prices are up there with high end retailers. Your quality is way below big barn stores. What the Samhill are you thinking?!?!? You’re trying to make HSN young and modern. Sorry, it can be neither as long as you sell garbage. Or crap, if you prefer.
    I’ve sent back a good deal of Colleen jewelry and fashions. Ditto Diane Gilman. Mangano makes cheap flimsy crap. I’ve tried Rancics stuff….it’s okay, but way over priced. Get off the celebrity train, and go back to the good stuff. All you have left for fashion is Antthony. He’s great, but he’s just one line. There are a couple things that seem OK…Tiana B for one.
    Bring back good basics we couldn’t get anywhere else.
    Change, or your profits will continue to go down. I will not shop at HSN ever again. I have to pay to return your overpriced crap. And I add McCarthy to the list now. This channel is going bad quickly.

    • Rhonda Says:

      I was disappointed in the quality of Melissa’s stuff too. I sent most back and the couple pieces that I kept are not wearing well at all. They look years old instead of months.

      I also bought, recently, Colleen’s ombre sweater. It’s also on its way back to HSN. I’m average height and build, and it’s way longer in front and hikes up in the back. Also, it sheds everywhere….it’s like having 2 golden retrievers during shedding season. The fuzz was everywhere… I vacuumed for 2 hours to get rid of it. Quality control is worse than ever at HSN. I won’t buy anything from them again.
      Also, I do like Colleen, and her dogs are adorable. But I agree…it looks bad using them to hawk products…on her Facebook and TV. She needs to back off a bit.

  6. Tamara Says:

    I was unhappy with McCarthy’s stuff too. But also with most of hsn’s other junk as well.
    Couple nights ago, Colleen in a butt ugly set of extensions. They looked overly shiny, fake, and clumpy. But save for a few politely honest comments on her Facebook, it was The Emperor’s New Clothes, all over again, lol! The length would have been OK if not clumped up on her shoulders. But the hair was shiny and not even a close color match. She must be blind! For extensions to look good, you have to spend a little bit. If these were mixed in with natural long hair that was a good color match, they’d be OK. But to add them as an afterthought to Lopez’ bright, shorter hair, they looked awful. Makes you wonder about the magic mirror….no, Colleen, you’re not going anyone…but yourself.

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