QVC Host David Venable To Broadcast Live From Chapel Hill

We guess you can go home again, or at least QVC host David Venable can.

Venable, the No. 1 home shopping network’s expert in the kitchen, will be on the road and broadcasting live from a parking deck in Chapel Hill, N.C., on Wednesday, according to the Charlotte News & Observer. Free tickets to the event are gone.

Venable, a Charlotte native and University of North Carolina grad, talked to the newspaper about his memories of favorite local foods such as cheddar biscuits, which sound out of this world.

David Venable heads South

David Venable heads South

He also waxed on about his mother, a single mom who raised three kids, and her cooking, like her mayonnaise drop biscuits. We loves us some biscuits, have you noticed?

On Tuesday, Venable will be doing a book signing for his most recent cookbook, “Back Around The Table,” at an area restaurant.


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7 Responses to “QVC Host David Venable To Broadcast Live From Chapel Hill”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    David Venable is one overly happy yeti!

    If we all lived in utopia he’d be King David, lol.

    Happy dance happy dance!!

    • Penny Says:

      Hi Twat Waffles. It looks like you actually “get” David. He is funny and entertaining, but seems pretty real and down to earth.
      He makes a lot of delicious comfort food, and although some of it is a little rich for me, I enjoy his shows. He is definitely fun to watch.
      Also entertaining are Emeril Lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck. Both are excellent chefs, and are personable and entertaining.
      The one I didn’t care for was Todd “dead pan”- oops, I mean green pan English. And, it turns out his gray on air persona gets much more colorful off air, lol!
      Anyway other than David and Antonella, I don’t watch QVC. And, I’m sick to death of Colleen ” liar, liar, pants on fire” Lopez on HSN.

    • Bunny Says:

      Happy dance, indeed! Isn’t David fun, Twat Waffles. He’s goofy and down to earth…and probably as sweet off air as he is on.
      I’d like to see him have his very own cooking show, like on the food channel.
      With his cookbooks, recipes, and positive personality, it would be a winner. He always brightens my day. I wouldn’t describe him as a yeti, but he is a rare species. Keep on happy dancing, David. You bring smiles.

  2. Ramona Says:

    This is one host who takes cruel and unnecessary beatings on the boards. I like him. He is sweet, unpretentious, and enthusiastic. I even like his goofy yum yum faces; I can see myself doing the same the first time I tasted my mom’s homemade pasta.

    He is very popular, and I’m glad to see it. Why they put morose Bob Bowersox there in the first place is anybody’s guess. Bob would be a great asset in a mortuary showroom. I don’t think he’s a bad person; he should not be, however, on any show that has an upbeat theme. I guess he’s gone on to better things, may he find them.

    David is perfect for this show…and sales show it. I hope they don’t plan on replacing him. He puts such heart and effort into his recipes; and he showcases his items in a way that isn’t pushy or desperate, which is nice. And I’m willing to bet he is just as sweet off air as he is on.

    So make your yum yum faces, and enjoy your culinary concoctions, David. You’re a sweet person, and if there’s a special person, they’re lucky to have you in their life. I sincerely wish you the best; you deserve it.

  3. Renee Says:

    This seems like the best place for my post. Antonella Nester announced on facebook that QVC is giving her a cooking show. Hopefully, there will be a lot of Italian recipes. I think she’ll have a following, but it won’t take away from David.
    Hopefully her show will be different and so be a nice complement to his. Good luck, Antonella!

    • Annamaria Says:

      Hi Renee

      I watched Antonella’s show; and it was very good. Although she had some comfort food recipes of her own, her show was different from David’s… and very unique. Not better, just different. The 2 shows both fit nicely on the QVC lineup. And knowing what a kind soul David is, he probably was first in line to congratulate Ant on her new show. And I’m sure Ant has no intention of stepping on any toes.

      On Ant’s Facebook, several people have alluded to the fact that they like Ant’s show better. Fine; to each their own. But some have alluded that Ant’s should be the ONLY cooking show on QVC. If you don’t like David’s show,fine- don’t watch it; just watch Ant’s. But there’s no reason to take David’s show off. First of all, it’s immensely popular…people would hugely protest. Secondly, there is definitely more room for more than 1 cooking show on the network. Look at the Cooking Channel, and Food Network. Many chefs, many styles, many recipes to choose from. So don’t exclude either Ant or David…both fit well!!!

      • Kate Says:

        I agree. I like both, and watch both. I do miss Antonella’s jewelry box. Wish they’d bring that back.

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