Trailer On Film About HSN Queen Joy Mangano Sketchy At Best

We saw a movie trailer tonight for “Joy,” the new film about HSN Queen of Invention Joy Mangano, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

The film by famed director David Russell, titled “Joy,” is due out at Christmas. By watching the trailer, you wouldn’t have any idea what the flick is about.

Jennifer Lawrence is portraying Joy Mangano in a new movie

Jennifer Lawrence is portraying Joy Mangano in a new movie

It starts out showing Lawrence, i.e. Mangano, as a kid being told she will grow up and get everything she wants — including a husband and children. Then there are shots of Cooper and Robert De Niro.

The final scene of the trailer depicts Lawrence firing a gun, what looks like a rifle.

There is no hint about who “Joy” is, or her connection to home shopping, that we could see in the brief vignette.

Our take was that the audience was perplexed. We found ourselves wanting to stand up in the theater and yell out, “This movie is about Joy Mangano, who invented Huggable Hangers and sells them on HSN.”

BTW, we went to see “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer, and recommend it. But it’s not for prudes or kiddies.

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5 Responses to “Trailer On Film About HSN Queen Joy Mangano Sketchy At Best”

  1. steelstringslider Says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I know and worked with Joy many time on QVC and was the host who introduced Esteban, whom she managed at the time, when he was selling his music. I even hosted an infomercial with her after I left QVC. I don’t know who that was in the trailer, but it wasn’t the Joy I knew.

    I believe the gun was a shotgun.

  2. steelstringslider Says:

    Oops, actually should have said many “times.”

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Somewhere I read that David Russell said the character is based on several strong women, including his mother. Apparently it’s not being marked as a biopic and only loosely based on her life? I wonder if HSN will have any programming connected to it.

  4. steelstringslider Says:

    The Huggable Shotgun?

  5. homeshoppingista Says:


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