QVC Host Carolyn Gracie Discusses Double Mastectomy

Once again, one of our readers tipped us off to some news, about QVC host Carolyn Gracie. We weren’t even aware that Gracie had been on sick leave since June. In a very moving blog on, the host explained what is going on: She has breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

If you are like us, we bet you have friends and loved ones who have or had breast cancer, so Gracie’s story will resonate with you, we’re sure, as it did with us.

QVC host Carolyn Gracie and a canine member of her support group

QVC host Carolyn Gracie and a canine member of her support group

“I feel it is time to let you know what’s up,” Gracie blogged. “There have been a few speculations popping up on Facebook and the QVC Community pages (no, I have not had knee replacement surgery) and I know it is only because you have been so worried. I asked my fellow Hosts to keep all of this private until I could tell you myself, which is why you haven’t heard anything yet. So here is my story.”

Gracie, who lost her brother to cancer when he was 14, describes in detail the process she went through in order to make the decision to have the mastectomy.

The 56-year-old host is undergoing reconstructive surgery now, and is able to joke about it.

“I told my husband that he now has something in common with Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks (other than being handsome and funny)…his wife will now have undergone the same surgery as their wives and he will be taking care of me, just like they took care of Angelina and Rita,” Gracie wrote. “As it turns out, both of my surgeons are Chiefs of Surgery in their specialty areas at the hospital that I chose. I have been VERY well taken care of by these two and their staffs.”

Gracie lauded her fellow QVC hosts for their support during this tough time.

“They have cooked me the most delicious homemade meals (which Nancy Hornback, who is also a breast cancer survivor, has so kindly delivered to my door on several occasions),” Gracie wrote. “Shawn Killinger organized a group of the hosts to send us healthy, yummy Blue Apron meals, which I can now cook at home myself. The hosts send me wonderful messages every day to cheer me up! … I have received the most beautiful flower arrangements from so many thoughtful, caring folks…family, friends and co-workers.”

We wish Gracie a swift recovery and pray for a happy outcome for her, as we do for our friends and family who have battled breast cancer.


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59 Responses to “QVC Host Carolyn Gracie Discusses Double Mastectomy”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    All good thoughts to Carolyn for a swift and complete recovery.

  2. mandy Says:

    Dear Carolyn our family wishes you a speedy god supervised recovery. May Jesus send down his angels to watch over you. Ps. Our Chihuahua misses you too! He watches you every day sitting on the bed with me. Barks every time you laugh, kinda like he is laughing with you. He loves you too!! God bless you. Hurry back soon XOXO. Mandy in ok.

  3. patricia whedbee Says:

    Miss you and just found out today you have not been on the air. God bless you and wish you a speedy recovery. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to seeing you back and in good health. Keep all your pets & your husband close to your side & cant wait to se you back on the air espectily with denim and company. Love pat w

  4. patricia whedbee Says:

    God bless and keep you in his arms.

  5. Barbara Goldfuss Says:

    I was wondering what has happened to THATWONDERFUL HOST,, carolyn Gracie. Well, I just went on line and found out, and I was devastated to find out what happened.I hope and pray that Carolyn will be back soon. I sure hope all of her recovery goes smoothly and she will be her sweet, personable self real soon. I miss seeing her as she is one of my favorite hosts. She always brightened up my day.I wish her all my very best.

  6. Mary Fannin Says:

    Carolyn, I wish you a speedy recovery. You are truly missed.
    God’s speed. Get well and come back soon. I am having a hard time choosing my demin and company out fits without you.

  7. IreneB. Says:

    Dear Carolyn, So sorry to hear about your illness. I have missed you so much. I always tune in when you are on, not for the items you’re selling but your lovely personality. You are kind and have a beautiful heart. May God bless and comfort you through this journey. I will keep you in my prayers. Hope to see you soon. You are missed. Sending you a hug. IreneB.

  8. Ellen Wright Says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that you are very much missed, and it is not the same without your beautiful smile and wonderful personality. You have done much for so
    many people, and animals now it’s time for us to pray and take care of you. We will see you soon selling Cottage Farms, and Denim & Co. etc. Please
    don’t forget how much you are being thought about every Day!
    Ellen Wright

  9. Darlene McDaniel Says:

    Sweet Carolyn,
    I wondered why you’ve been gone so long. My prayers go to you and Shawn. I have 2 precious Gals in my life also with Breast Cancer. Rita, my Sis..Radiation etc. Lump removable. Dora, my dear friend Breast removable but didn’t get enhancer.. sorry she didn’t. I’ve been a long time viewer of QVC..since 1989. Had 7hr. Colitis surgery on 8-29-14. 10 days in the hospital.. YUK!! QVC was so much company day and night. I’m 78 yrs. old. Married 60 yrs. on 2-5-15.Enough about me.
    You get better. Know your animals, husband and garden will bring you much joy. Can’t wait to see your Sweet Face back on air soon.
    Lovingly, Darlene McDaniel

  10. Freda Richardson Says:

    Miss you. God speed. Freda

  11. gina vanwormer Says:

    I thought you were on a long trip,you have been gone so long.l have missed you.

    Hearing about your health issues made me sad . Support and love will bring you back 🙂

  12. Carol Lucas Says:

    Hi carolyn sure am sorry to hear what you have been through. My prayers every morning will be for your speedy full recovery. Cant wait to see you back on the show and healthy again. Love carol lucas

  13. Nancy Cesarini Says:

    Hi Carolyn. Please be well and be strong. I am sure this has been
    the fight of your life. You are well loved by so many. Be well.

  14. Linda mcCadden Says:

    Hi Carolyn, I have missed your wonderful smile and your enthusiasm, get well soon. Love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love Linda

  15. doree Says:

    Dear Carolyn,
    Missing you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and may God hold in you in his hands while you heel.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the Q. Always enjoy watching you.


  16. Rhonda M. Says:

    Dear Carolyn, I pray that the Lord touch’s you and gives you the strength to get through this road block in your life.Just remember he will always be there to pick you up when you feel like giving up! I will put you on our prayer chain at my church & Carolyn just stay strong and stay in his word & you will make it! Because GOD’S PROMISE’S ARE TRUE!!! :). 😉

  17. Brenda Pierson Says:

    Carolyn my fellow Hoosier and favorite QVC hostess. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You are deeply missed, as we look forward to your full recovery.

  18. Char Rodriguez Says:

    Dearest Carolyn,
    So sorry to hear about your battle. As a breast cancer survivor I know this is not easy. But, God will help you through this. I will light a candle for you and ask the saints to hold your hand as you walk through your treatments. Stay strong you are not alone. Even if we your viewers have never met you in person you are like my sister. You made me laugh and put a smile on my face as I was going through my treatments . You are an awesome person . My Dollie(mini Aussie 4mo.old) Georgia my kittie and my Bigbird (30 yr old Parrot) along with my self send you prayers, puppy kisses,purrs and a”hello ” from birdie. Get well soon. Qvc shopper since it was CVN. Char Rodriguez

  19. Connie McClure Says:

    Come back soon! QVC’ s not the same without you!

  20. Charlotte Schwinn Says:

    Hi Carolyn I’m sending you lots of prayers for a speedy recovery. I had breast cancer back in Oct. 2005 had a double mastectomy and got through it now im celebrating my 10th year cancer free I know you will get through this stronger than ever . You have so much support and love on your side so stay strong and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Waiting to see you soon on the Q you are my favorite hostess God Bless .love to you .

  21. Jeanie celio Says:

    Carolyn, please know you are missed by the viewers! You are my favorite host. Get well and come back stronger. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. Brenda Franco Says:

    Dear Carolyn our prayers are with you and your family. Miss you so much have a speedy recovery I miss you.One of your fans from the windy city.Yours truly Brenda Franco

  23. Janice Hayek Says:

    Hi Carolyn. Have been missing you on QVC. It’s not the same without all my regular gals. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery for you. May God Bless you through this difficult journey.

  24. Carolyn ckeland Says:

    Hi Carolyn. I was unaware of the health issues you have undergone. You are a brave strong woman and I feel confident you will emerge stronger than ever. May God keep you wrapped in his loving arms. My prayers are with you and hope to see you soon. Love from another Carolyn.



  26. Diane Fornabia Says:

    Dear Carolyn I am a breast cancer survivor for 21 years there is a light at the end of the tunnel please take care I am praying for you, if you need me I will be here for you, you are amazing women have faith love you

  27. Carolyn F. Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am currently going through the same thing. I was diagnosed in July. When first diagnosed I felt like the world was ending! I was lost. There are several people who have helped me to this point (my surgeons,family & friends)

  28. doris Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. May GOD bless n keep you in his care. Return to qvc soon. We miss u.

  29. jill Says:

    Missed you so much on qvc this summer. Praying for your continued recovery.

  30. Nancy Shremshock Says:

    I just found out about your cancer, I’ll pray for a speedy recovery! I miss you on the Q, you are my favorite host. I love when you talk about your critters, I always get a chuckle cause I can relate, I’ve had many pets through the years and they will always be there for you, they are very comforting!!!! I also enjoy you with Philip Watson, oh what a hunk!!!! I love gardening, bet you have a gorgeous garden, don’t know how you find the time to do it all. Take Care and God Bless You. Nancy S from Pa

  31. Becke Bulman Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Carolyn I miss you super speedy recovery

  32. Linda Chanry Says:

    Miss you’update when you will be back? Prayers and get well.

  33. Rosemary Russ Says:

    Miss you and hope for a speedy recovery ! I hope you are getting better. May god bless you !

  34. Carol Blum Says:

    Carol Blum wishes you a healthy recovery glad your spending time with all you pet family at home with nature it can be so peaceful and nurturing. love and prayers to you. See you soon.

  35. Karen Says:

    God bless you! I know I haven’t seen you on the “Q” Praying God’s strength, health and healing!!!

  36. jan Says:

    Just got nosy and looked up why you have been out. More good thoughts and a heavy dose of prayers heading your way. So glad you’re back cute lady, you have been missed. God bless you with a speedy and complete recovery. HUGS ;>)

  37. Mark Petersen Says:

    To my fellow animal lover Carolyn,
    I have always enjoyed your beautiful self!
    I love animals, gardening, cooking and, yes again Animals!
    Thankyou for being so “matter a fact and yourself!
    Thanks for all you do for animals!
    I’m very happy you are getting the love you deserve from all.
    I’m sure it’s a mighty challenging and as I’ve been through other live long challenges.
    From a friend who cares.

  38. Mirriam Motley Says:

    Carolyn, I was worried because I didn’t see you for so long on qvc. When I learned of your medical condition, it broke my heart. You are such a positive person, and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you’re in control of your situation, it doesn’t control you. Kudos to you. Your quality of life is stronger than ever.Your story has been inspirational and gives me hope and aspires me to be a better person. Thank you, and God Bless. Sincerely Mirriam

  39. Jackie reyes Says:

    Oh my didn’t know why you were not on Q, seeing you TONITE and my prayers are with you wishing you good health and may you always stay as beautiful as you are now. WELCOME BACK

  40. Clory Says:

    Carolyn, you are in my heart and in my prayers. God bless you and your family. Stay strong beautiful lady.

  41. Larry and Pam Says:

    Carolyn, it was sooo wonderful seeing your beautiful smiling face back on Q. I’ve prayed for you over the summer and God has answered everyone’s prayers! God bless you richly as you continue to heal and progress, knowing that so many are supporting you in prayer and loving thoughts.
    PamnLar in CA

  42. BOH Says:

    I am very sorry she is sick. I did not even realize she was missing. I do not care for her on QVC.

  43. Doreen Says:

    Doreen Says:

    Carolyn, seeing your smiling face today made me think everything is right with the world. We missed you.

  44. Ada Buhrmaster Says:

    Its so good to know you’re back, missed seeing your beautiful smiling face. I pray and trust you will get stronger and healthier every day. God bless you

  45. Audrey Stanislawek Says:

    So glad Carolyn is back and she is looking great. We will keep praying that her health continues to improve. God Bless you Carolyn.

  46. Patticake Says:

    I’m so very sorry to have just found out of your ordeal.I’m so pleased that you came through with flying colors,God Bless you.Good to see you back.I went 2 years without a mammogram, I know how stupid.I broke my hip last year,so I certainly could have had one while I was in rehab.I did have my mammogram recently and it came through just fine.Stay healthy,I’m an animal lover like you.

  47. Marie workman Says:

    Carolyn, you are in my daily prayers. I sure did miss you and your smiling face, take care, we all love you !!!! ❤

  48. Sandy Says:

    CAROLYN WELCOME BACK GIRLFRIEND ! QVC has not been the same without you and your wonderful voice ! You look fantastic !
    God bless you with continued healing and strength and know that we folks out here love you dearly and are rooting for you !
    Sandy Brewer/Dallas

  49. Sharon Says:

    Hi Carolyn, I am glad to wsee you back on qvc. A few years ago I had a lumpectomy & the radiation treatment and cancer drugs. It was a scary and challenging time, with God and all of the prayers, it really helped me to keep going. I was just checked again, and everything was clear. My husband and I are animal lovers also. I have had four guide dogs, and besides them, we whave h had two rescue dogs, a rotwiler and six cats, all of which lived full lives. We still have our male seventeen-year-old cat, Mr. Fluff, who thinks that he owns us. God bless you, and keep you healthy.

  50. Becky Palmer Says:

    Carolyn. My prayers are with you. I too went through breast cancer this summer. I had a lumpectomy,chemotherapy and 38 days of radiation. The worst was loosing my hair . I’m finished with everything and am doing well The Lord and lots of prayer will get you through. I feel a kindred spirit with you since we went through at the same time. I’ll think of you and pray for you

    Becky Palmer
    Knoxville Tennessee

  51. Sara Ann Norton Says:

    Catolyn, My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I learned you would be having surgery and on leave from hosting on QVC! I had no idea what type of surgery you had until your welcomed return on air. We are BC Sisters of a sort. I considered myself a BC survivor, having had lumpectomy, chemotherapy. and radiation therapy in 1996. I have always felt “Blessed” and positive about the experience knowing full well others had not been as fortunate. In July I had an abnormal mammogram (after 191/2 yrs.) and was diagnosed with a malignant 2 areas in same breast as many yrs ago. As a retired R N and very close to 72 y/o, I continue to be Blessed with faith, optimism, and humor! In Sept. I had a simple mastectomy and reconstructuion initiated; all new “stuff” to me. All has gone well so far, and I have faith that will continue. These experiences can be challenges and tests of our character, but with faith and love of family and friends, they also can serve as example and encouragement for others. Sharing your story in your upbeat and cheerful way, has been inspiring and encouraging to many! God bless you as you continue on your journey, Carolyn. I’m proud to call you “Sister”!

  52. Evelyn Says:

    May God continue to bless you Iam watching you on qvcnow. Iam a cancer survivor also keep smiling and have faith.God bless

  53. Dorothy Stein Says:

    Carolyn,just read your blog.Hope you are feeling well sweet lady.God bless you and your family and your pupkala so.

  54. Carleen Crowley Says:

    Just diagnosed with IDC….turned to you for help …mine is Er positive so said lumpectomy and rad. I am 80 in Aug. Love , CC Crowley

  55. Sandy Whitney Says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go threw this Carolyn my hugs and prayers to you ,I have been there myself and they have come such a long way now a days in mordern medicine .I wanted to write on Facebook page put for SOME reason it won’t allow me too ,but GOD BLESS you your a fighter like me ,you never mentioned if you went threw chemo I had 7 month’s of chemo and 64 radiation treatments was in stage four inflammatory breast cancer ,You are a survivor you can and will do it ,love you as a host

  56. Lawana Gordon Says:

    Hey girlfriend comma you hurry and get back I miss seeing your 🙂 on the show and hearing about your animals. God will be with you and all the angels will surround you for speedy recovery. God bless you for you being you and for all the love y0rou give to your animals. Nothing but the best for you and your family my prayers will be with you.

  57. Kay Tompkins Says:

    Carolyn …watch you all the time on qvc…..i will make thus short….i was very sick about 4 years ago…. all they wanted to do was surgery or steroids…i chose to eliminate gluten processed foods little to no meat little cheese just eat organic no gluten and no processed food. The wright will fall off if u too but most important the can we will not come back my son is cancer free for 3 years no medical intervention room just juicing organic carrots and smoothies etc. If you don’t get off that crappy food if will come back. Text me if u need help most doctors have not been taught about the power of food.

  58. barb Says:

    God be with You with every Step!!!!

  59. veronica Tricinelli Says:

    God Bless You Carolyn glad to see you back on QVC

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