QVC Host Lisa Mason, With Gino Ill, Taking Hiatus

QVC host Lisa Mason, who returned to the network in April, is taking some time off. Her husband Gino has brain cancer, and no doubt her hiatus is tied to his health.

“I want to let you all know that I am going to be taking some personal time for a little while,” Mason posted on Facebook last week.

“Don’t worry, I am ok!,” she said. “I ask for your thoughts and prayers at this time and I also ask for you to be considerate of my privacy. I am going to take this time to get myself back on track and to be with my Beloved. God bless you all for welcoming me back to QVC in such a warm way, back in April. I will miss you all very much while I am out!!”

Prayers for her and Gino.


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3 Responses to “QVC Host Lisa Mason, With Gino Ill, Taking Hiatus”

  1. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    i am wishing for miracles for gino and lisa. i am in true and deep admiration of her strength and faith.

  2. gwyn Says:

    I am praying for you Gino deeply ! Fight like a hero that you are to Lisa love you both!

  3. Midge Johnson Says:

    God bless you, Lisa and Gino.

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