Keith Urban Accused Of Trademark Infringement Over HSN Guitar Name

This sounds like a totally frivolous lawsuit, but country western star and “American Idol” judge Keith Urban and HSN are being sued for trademark infringement over the guitars he hawks on the home shopping channel.

The suit also takes a swipe at Urban by claiming that he is trying to piggyback on his wife Nicole Kidman’s name and fame.

Keith Urban and his HSN guitars

Keith Urban and his HSN guitars

Peter Beckett, a British songwriter, claims that Urban unlawfully took the name of his band, Player, and used it as the moniker for the the country hunk’s guitar kit. The package is called “Keith Urban Player.”

Patch and Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip column, both reported on the litigation.

Player had a hit in 1978 with its song “Baby Come Back.”

“Defendants’ use of the trade name and trademark Player … are likely to deceive and will continue to deceive the consuming public,” the suit says.

A Dec. 15 trial date was set on the case in LA.

In a low blow, Beckett alleges that Urban associated his guitars with Player’s name because “if not for his marriage to Nicole Kidman and if not for his appearance as a judge on the tail end of the now-cancelled ‘American Idol,’ defendant Urban’s fame would be limited to country fans for just a few more years.”

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One Response to “Keith Urban Accused Of Trademark Infringement Over HSN Guitar Name”

  1. Shari Sandford Says:

    So your one of those… But, if it wasn’t Keith Urban it would be somone else you’d be talking about. Pfff!!! I’ve been wanting one of those KUP guitars and now that I’ve seen your petty lawsuit I would really love to play Baby Come Back.!!!

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