JTV Starts Search For Jewelry Designers And Manufacturers

Jewelry Television is launching a new initiative, “JTV Invites You,” “asking amateur and professional jewelry designers, as well as jewelry manufacturers, to present their collections …for retail consideration,” the home shopping network said this week.

Interested companies or individuals may complete a brief online application and submit images of jewelry designs or sketches on JTV’s website now. Executives from JTV’s merchandising team will review applications and issue invitations.

Those who get an invitation will get the chance to visit JTV headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., for a one-on-one meeting with JTV buyers. The network will then choose designers or companies whose products are a good fit for JTV audiences and work with them to sell their goods. JTV plans to continue this program on an ongoing basis.

“It’s not often that jewelry designers get this kind of opportunity to advance their careers,” said Kris Kulesza, JTV vice president and general merchandise manager. “We’re providing artists the chance to have their collections sold on national television, and manufacturers will have an opportunity to grow their companies.”

To learn more about the ‘JTV Invites You’ initiative or to submit an application, visit jtv.com/connect.


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