JTV To Debut New, Deeper Green Prasiolite

We are a fan of prasiolite, a pastel-green quartz that is sometimes called green amethyst.


Anyway, Jewelry Television Monday said that it is debuting prasiolite from a new mine, La Capilla Prasiolite, during its annual Jewelry Fest, which ends June 7.


JTV said that a single Uruguayan mine, which “has produced some of the finest amethyst and citrine in existence, has yielded yet another important gemstone, decadent green prasiolite.”

The press release said:

La Capilla Prasiolite, which derives its name from the tall and slender amethyst crystals resembling the chapel steeples of Uruguay-Brazil, begins life as amethyst but is transformed into deeply saturated green prasiolite after a carefully monitored enhancement process.


Once the rough crystals are mined and processed, they make their way to Brazil to be fashioned into stunning gems by renowned Brazilian lapidaries. Each gem has been examined and hand selected as worthy of carrying the La Capilla brand name, which is proprietary to JTV.

“Each gem personifies the finest qualities of prasiolite and is sure to surpass the expectations of the most discriminating gem lover,” JTV Vice President of Marketing Jill Johnson said in a canned statement.

“While a majority of the prasiolite gems in the market are a lighter, minty green color, our La Capilla gems are among those with the deepest color in in the market today.”

JTV’s CEO also chimed in.

“Less than 2 percent of prasiolite from this mine yields gems of such saturated color after enhancement,” said Tim Matthews, who is also a graduate gemologist. “From 200 kilograms (roughly 440 lbs.) of rough material, only 3 kilos (6.6 lbs.) are designated La Capilla Prasiolite quality.”

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One Response to “JTV To Debut New, Deeper Green Prasiolite”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    A fellow prasiolite fan here, and this color is beautiful. I’d love to see more green gemstones on the channels.

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