‘ET’ Host Nancy O’Dell Coming To Evine Live With Clothing Line

“Entertainment Tonight” anchor Nancy Odell is the celeb du jour who is bringing a clothing line to a home shopping network: She’s coming to Evine Live, Women’s Wear Daily reports.


We don’t buy what Evine Live CEO Mark Bozek said in the interview, namely, “Gone are the days when you can just be famous and go on television to sell works. Now you have to be passionate about the product. The customer can see through that if you’re not. Nancy has a great sense of style and is passionate about design and fashion. That’s really what we look for when we launch a personality-based brand.”

What we are hearing from our readers is that they want quality fashions with a consistent fit at a reasonable price. They seem very wary of garments sold by celebrities.

The collection will debut in September, and like every star, O’Dell claims she is intimately involved in designing the pieces. She told WWD that she plans to wear the clothes on “ET” and that viewers often ask her where she gets her wardrobe.

The price points on her Evine Live line range from $49 to $99.

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4 Responses to “‘ET’ Host Nancy O’Dell Coming To Evine Live With Clothing Line”

  1. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    mark bozek is a boob and an insult to my intelligence and common sense. he should hang in the background and keep his greedy mouth shut . nothing against nancy .but really now, who doesnt know that a stylist dresses these women.

  2. Elise Says:

    I don’t have a reply I have a question Where is Connie Kunkel of Evine Live and all the old Models the ones that have been there from the time it was ShopNBC I miss them all. Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance

    • Carolyn Simpson Says:

      its been value vision, shop nbc and now evine. all the firings and hirings have left the viewers confused and annoyed. we all like to see our familiar people selling things on air.new faces undermine our confidence in the product at the deepest psychological level and evine doesnt get it i didnt realize connie kunkl was gone, that would be a huge mistake, she is so relateable and fun to watch perhaps if some of the powers at evine read some of these posts they will get it

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Nancy O’Dell’s voice gives me the heebie jeebies, I’m afraid. I do enjoy watching Carson Kressley and Warren Donner with their lines, not to mention The Countess! However, I don’t need celebrities or passion, just style, fit, and quality at good prices.

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