Want To Be A JTV Host? Go To Vegas

Jewelry Television, which seems to be shedding quite a few hosts lately, is holding open auditions for on-air talent in Las Vegas at the end of the month.

We’re told candidates must have a passion for jewelry and gemstones, “although extensive knowledge is not required upon hire.”

Another requirement is “the ability to talk on camera about JTV jewelry and gemstone products, unscripted for up to four hours.”

Wow, that’s a tall order, make no mistake about it.

Those chosen will be invited to enter JTV’s host show apprentice program at the network’s headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., for product and on-air training.

Auditions will be held May 29 to 31 at Courtyard Las Vegas South.

Interested candidates must set up an appointment; more information is available at JTV.com.

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4 Responses to “Want To Be A JTV Host? Go To Vegas”

  1. Roberta Jacobson Says:

    Perhaps you have time to squeeze this in now that you only work four days a week.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Are you talking to me? I work 5 days!

      • Lovie Says:


        Michelle Lau had a “Monday One Day Sale” yesterday evening (6/22). Later than night, I noticed that her picture was snatched from the “Meet The Hosts” page. So far, her facebook page in silent. Have you heard anything?

        Perhaps her picture is just being updated, (which I doubt because her previous picture was brand new and very nice!)With all the people leaving, it’s making me wonder.


    • Lovie Says:

      Never mind. I found Michelle’s personal facebook page. She posted this message yesterday.

      “Life took an unexpected turn yesterday and I am no longer with JTV. Please continue to follow this page and “share” it, please! I love you guys and look forward to seeing you on the air again soon!
      Love, Michele xxx”

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