Past and Present Evine Live CEOs Received $2 Million-Plus Last Year

There were some really sweet comp packages handed out last year at Evine Live, to the new managers that took over and the old team that was ousted, according to company filings with federal regulators.

Former CEO Keith Stewart, whose regime was overthrown by dissident shareholders, received executive compensation of $2.8 million last year. Stewart walked away with severance of $2.5 million paid in fiscal 2014.

He was terminated effective June 21, according to the proxy statement that Evine Live filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Stewart’s comp was more than the man who led the revolt against him, Mark Bozek. He got a cool $2 million last year, which included a signing bonus of $125,000 and annual incentive compensation of $382,000 earned under his employment contract.

Bozek also collected $115,000 in relocation expenses.

William McGrath was executive vice president and CFO until he was canned in March. He saw his comp drop to $462,000 from $992,000 in 2013.

Two other executives who were terminated last year walked off with more than $1 million each in executive comp. Former Chief Operating Officer Carol Steinberg got $1.4 million, up from $1.3 million in 2013. And ex-Chief Merchandising Officer Annette Repasch received $1.1 million, versus $921,000 in 2013.

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