QVC Honcho Mike George Landed $2 Million Last Year

QVC Inc. President and CEO Mike George received $2 million in executive compensation last year, up from his $1.2 million in 2013, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday.

QVC’s parent company Liberty Interactive Corp. disclosed the information in its proxy statement. George’s comp in 2014 included a $1.1 million base salary and $841,400 in incentives.

While 2 million greenbacks is nothing to sniff at, it is way below George’s executive comp in 2012, when it was $18.2 million, but that apparently included stock options that kick in over the years.

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4 Responses to “QVC Honcho Mike George Landed $2 Million Last Year”

  1. Doug Says:


  2. SUSAN Says:

    With the BORING and REPETITIVE limited number of products being shown over and over (but with new theme days and music to try to hide the fact) I think Mr. George should pay the viewer for watching!!!! QVC has just gone down the drain, and I seldom watch or buy anymore.

    And their new shipping policy is a nightmare–you no longer get the shipping discount when shipping the same product to the same address. And t if you return something-no more returning your original shipping, plus paying the $6.95 return postage which now equals to a $10 “try me fee”, I wish the hosts would mention this instead of hawing the 30 day no questions asks return policy. In addition there’s the declining quality in their clothing, and inconsistent sizing (sometimes there are no measurements even online) .

    All they seem to show is Dyson, Shark, computers/tablets, Vitamix, Keurig, Clarks, Philosophy, IT Cosmetics, and their LOUSY so called “designers”-Graver, Logo, and Women With Control—YUCCK!!!!

    I wish some changes could be made starting with Mr. George to make it a viable retail option once again!!!! The 2 mill compensation really blows my mind!

  3. Sean Says:


  4. teresa Says:

    Always admired a man who is pained by these tough decisions…

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