QVC HQ Was The Scene Of ‘Swatting’ Incident

You have got to be kidding us. At our day job, we have written several stories, including one today, about incidents of “swatting,” where a knucklehead will call in a false emergency call to police, claiming they are holding someone hostage, for example.

These incidents are becoming more and more prevalent, and one happened at QVC’s HQ in West Chester, Pa., last week, according to the CBS station in Philly.

The story said that local responders went to QVC’s complex after getting a that someone with a gun was holding hostages in the facility. It was a hoax.

“The safety and security of our team members is our highest priority at QVC; this incident appears to have been a hoax, and we can confirm that our team members are safe,” the network said in a statement.

The morons who make such calls put emergency responders, who may rush to a scene where they think citizens are in danger, in harm’s way. And it also puts police and firefighters at one location when they may actually be needed to respond to a real emergency.


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One Response to “QVC HQ Was The Scene Of ‘Swatting’ Incident”

  1. Linda Wargo Says:

    They did this by us at a office building by our mall across from a Girl Scout office. I hope they find the bastards and throw the book at them, then
    see who’s laughing now.

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