Lisa Mason Returns To QVC April 13 As Host

Yada, yada, yada. Lisa Mason has revealed when she is returning to QVC as a host.

Mason posted a blog on that warned, “I’m Back.” She makes her first appearance on April 13 on a Diamonique show with Jane Treacy.

Here it is:

Hello, my Dear Friends!

I am so very excited to share with you that I am returning to QVC as Host. It has been almost 4 1/2 years since I was a part of the QVC family and and I have missed you terribly! I have received the most amazing, warm welcome from the host team and everyone at QVC.

Lisa Mason and hubby Gino

Lisa Mason and hubby Gino

Gino, my husband, and I are transitioning back to Pennsylvania now. As soon as all is settled, I’ll see you on the air.

Here is what Mason’s mentor, Mary Beth Roe, had to say:

Don’t you just love seeing a long lost friend you haven’t seen in a long time? That’s why I’m so glad Lisa Mason is back as a QVC host! After a decade and a half of shopping with Lisa, falling in love with her sweet southern accent and her charming sense of humor, she wanted to branch out and try other things. We all understood, so she moved on about 5 years ago. She wrote a book, dabbled in real estate, did infomercials and was even a guest on QVC with Supersmile (one of my favorite products), and now we needed her back!

It’s like riding a bike…you never forget how. She will jump right in and take you shopping, and I’m sure you will enjoy her, laugh with her laugh, and fall in love with her, “Sugar”…”you sweet thing”… But also know that she knows her stuff. She knows the products inside and out, and she especially excels with jewelry, beauty, fashions, accessories as well as home goods. Cooking? I’ll find out from Gino, her husband! Welcome back, Lisa!

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22 Responses to “Lisa Mason Returns To QVC April 13 As Host”

  1. Joan B. Says:

    I am very glad to see Lisa Mason coming back to QVC. Mary Beth says above, “we needed her back”. Does that mean that a host or two is leaving QVC ?? I can think of a few whom I would not miss at all.

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    finally some good news!!! lisa is the best. hopefully, she will perk up the programming which has gotten so very stale .the newer hosts are so fake and gushy, the products are same old same old,

  3. Linda Says:

    She needs to lay off the botox, her eyebrows are near her hairline, Could never watch her and her BS religious crap and southern fakery.

    • Helene Says:

      I wasn’t crazy about the religious stuff either. Shawn is the same on her QVC Facebook page. I don’t think it has a place when you are selling to a mass audience.

      • Linda Says:

        You’re right and Marybeth is bad t

      • SUSAN Says:

        Barbara Bixby’s jewelry pieces center on her Eastern Religious Philosophy so I guess some of us should start complaining about that. And I’m sure some of these anti-Christian people think it’s okay to mention any other type of religion just not Christianity!….

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    i envy lisas belief in god. in her situation im sure it is a source of comfort.if i had a husband with brain cancer i would be praying too.there is nothing phoney about her. fyi most southern people are charming friendly and gracious.shame on you for being so mean and petty

    • terri Says:

      If you can’t say anything nice….keep your comments to yourself! It doesn’t matter why she came back to QVC. It’s not your place to judge her. It could be you someday with a loved one very ill!

  5. Helene Says:

    Lisa mentioned on her Facebook page that she was glad that she had been frugal all these years as Gino’s medical expenses were astronomical. My guess…. she came back for the 6 figure salary as he I doubt he can work as a personal trainer until he is well.

    • ladyluke Says:

      And quite possibly for access to the health insurance package QVC offers. What ever her reasons are, you do what you have to do when a crisis tries to destroy your family. I recently lost my husband on Feb 6,2015 after a 1-1/2 year battle to NH-Lymphoma. He was only 43. Thank God his employer offered excellent medical insurance coverage. This is the one battle we didn’t have to fight as we were out of pocket almost nothing. But that cancer and the chemo side effects put us all through a living HELL. Praying that Lisa & Gino have family and close friends that they can count on to help them both through this treacherous journey. Blessings to them both!

  6. Ellie Damaschke Says:

    I am so glad you are coming back. I love how you express your love for the Lord. You are an inspiration!

    • Linda Says:

      Yeah that magic man in the sky cured her husband…..;)

      • carolyn simpson Says:

        whatever happened to you that has made you so dont have to believe but you do have to respect

      • Lisa Says:

        I thought we would only see these types of comments from Isis sympathizers or something. Are you serious? What a bitchy thing to say.

      • ann h Says:

        You are a very disturbed person.Why would you say nasty things about someone who is dealing with a very ill loved one?

  7. Nancy singer Says:

    AS I LIVE AND BREATHE!! I’ll be so happy to see you back, sweet Lisa Mason!!

  8. SUSAN Says:

    I am so happy that Lisa Mason is returning! The hosts that QVC has recently hired are for the most part ill prepared, self centered and unwatchable! It will be so nice to watch a knowledgeable and witty host! WELCOME BACK LISA!

    And I don’t mind her sharing her faith, it is an important part of her life and that’s part of who she is, some advise, if that bothers you, then don’t watch her!!!

  9. Barb Says:

    I saw Lisa Mason on QVC the other night. I was listening to the TV and I recognized that sweet voice. I ran to the TV and sure enough, Lisa Mason is back! I’m thrilled. I love her!

  10. Patty Says:

    Oh so glad to c u back on QVC….u r genuine and sincere and I am delighted that u will bring class back ..u r the best and u know how to promote a product….with that being said, I aIso want to say that I respect ur expression faith…u don’t sell it, u embrace it and that is priceless….u go girl…..

  11. Linda Murphree Says:

    Glad to see her it was a surprise just haven’t watched much after Lisa Robertson left now I am back……….to watch Lisa m

  12. G. Kelly Says:

    WOW, Linda & Helene are you two atheists or what? You both seem like very bitter, critical & down-right nasty women! For you to
    talk that way about Lisa, is very disturbing, especially since she’s been going through such hard & stressful times with her husband. I think you both need some prayers said for you, to heal & repair that awful tongue; maybe then it will say kind & thoughtful words, than the garbage that has poured out so cruely! Why don’t you keep your opinions to yourselves & watch another would make everyone who watches QVC much happier, & sounds like it might help you both, too! I hope you both are not mothers; because you are not setting a very good example to your children. My mother, God rest her soul, always taught me to respect people & only say words that were edifying; & if I couldn’t, than say nothing & be silent!! Did you hear that…be silent!!

  13. Sue Leary Says:

    WOW, I just can’t believe that you women on these posts are knocking Lisa Mason down because of her beliefs,we need more people in this world like Lisa.It would be a friendlier existance if we were as kind and thoughtful as Lisa Mason is.If you don’t like her simply change to another shopping chanel and keep your foul traps shut and save those hateful comments from destroying good hearts and genuine loving people.

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