QVC Vendor/Vionic Chairman Vasyli Allegedly Killed By Wife

We’re not big fans of the Vionic (with Orthaheel technology) shoes on QVC, but there was a shocking revelation during one of the product’s presentation. We didn’t know what to make of it when we saw it, but several of our smart readers clued us in.

We don’t even know the name of the Vionic presenter who was on with host Jane Treacy, but all of a sudden he got very emotional and teary when he referenced the fact that company founder-chairman-podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli had passed away. QVC actually cut away and went to blank air for what seemed like minutes but was probably seconds.

It turns out that in a horrible tragedy, Vasyli was murdered, stabbed to death in his home in the Bahamas on March 23. He was only 59!


Our two trusted readers had done their reporter’s legwork and found stories on the Web about his death, and forwarded them to us.

Thanks ladies!

And in yet another terrible twist ins his case, Vasyli’s 54-year-old wife Donna has been charged with his murder.

He was an incredibly handsome man, and obviously a smart business person. A millionaire, he was slain at his luxury home in the Bahamas.

His own website announced the sad news.

“The Vasyli family is deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of Phillip Vasyli, who died this week at his home in the Bahamas,” it said.

Vionic’s CEO posted this on Facebook.

A Message from Chris Gallagher, CEO:

It has been a sad and unsettling week for our organization, with waves of emotions that come and go. Our founder, Phillip Vasyli, was a warm and genuine colleague and friend, and his presence in our lives will be greatly missed. A familiar sight around our San Rafael office, Phil’s charisma and larger-than-life personality never failed to light up a room.

Phil had a deep and profound belief in the people he worked with, and it is this confidence that gives us the strength to move forward, though we do so with heavy hearts. The same drive that guided him as a podiatrist, a healer and an entrepreneur will guide us in honoring his legacy. Phil’s vision is integral to the Vionic philosophy, and we will continue our efforts with his goals at heart.

In recent days we have experienced an overwhelming outpouring of support, for which we are very grateful. These kind words have reaffirmed our dedication to Phil’s mission, and Vionic will strive to achieve it every day going forward.

Thank you.

Condolences to his poor family.


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2 Responses to “QVC Vendor/Vionic Chairman Vasyli Allegedly Killed By Wife”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    yee gads, he must have really pissed her off

  2. Trina Dade Says:

    Wow! His wife arrested! That is a startling twist! Vasyli seemed like such a nice guy. It seems very odd that he could die by such violence. I’m with you, Linda, on his shoes. Not a fan. I bought three pairs and they hurt my feet terribly! I should have bought only one to test them. I fell for the very excellent sales pitch and Vasyli’s sincerity. The company will have a tough time going on without him, I am sure.

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