Management Bloodbath Hits Evine Live

Evine Live had a bloody week. Formerly known as ShopHQ, the home shopping network has done some spring cleaning, sweeping out many members of the former management team — including the president.;_ylt=A0LEV790zhZVLxsAiJ4nnIlQ

First, the network appointed Tim Peterman its executive vice president and chief financial officer, replacing Bill McGrath.

Peterman’s resume includes stints at Synacor, E.W. Scripps Co., IAC and Tribune Co. He will report to Mark Bozek, CEO of Evine Live Inc.

Bob Ayd gone

Bob Ayd

“Tim’s extensive experience in finance, retail and media makes him the ideal executive to drive Evine Live’s performance going forward,” Evine Live Chairman Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement. “We are confident that his proven ability to execute will be a tremendous asset as we continue to drive efficiencies and gain momentum with our strategy.”

But here is the blockbuster buried in the press release: “The company continues to transition its approach in all areas of the business, Evine Live is consolidating leadership and announced it is eliminating President Bob Ayd’s position.”


Another casualty was Teresa Dery, senior vice president and general counsel. Her interim replacement is Chief Strategy Officer Russell Nuce.

And here is Bozek’s “don’t-let-the-door-slap-you-in-the-ass” quote:

“We appreciate the contributions Bob, Bill and Teresa have made to the company and wish them all the best in their future endeavors,” he said. “We believe that our new leadership structure will allow us to be more nimble in all areas of the business and further cement a strong foundation for long term growth and profitability.”


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14 Responses to “Management Bloodbath Hits Evine Live”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    “Oh say can you see by the rotating doors light
    What so proudly Bozek hailed at his twilight’s previously recorded streaming”. (At 2am they often have pre-recorded demos LOLOL)

    I don’t need any special credentials to know that the FIRST step for this merry-go-round 3rd rate network’s proper rebirth is a HIGH DEFINITION 24/7 FEED!!! Dopes!!

    BTW, Bozek’s parting words for his former minions hit’s the mark, rather nimbly, LOL!

    EvineLive or whatever their called is like that old funny colored wart on your grandma’s chin, one day it looks okay but most days it’s a freaking hairy puss oozing ugly blemish! That’s what this network is, and their confused completely. Led by a guy that’s a nimrod and Ms. Levine with all her powers will have an uphill climb with this (yet another) facelift.

    No secret money and profit margins are the coal for the cash train but I think they’ve got too many internal locker room problems and are just throwing crap at the wall to see if any dung sticks.

    How many times in a such a short period of time can a 3rd rate entity reinvent themselves over and over and over???

    Invicta might be their #1 selling brand on the network, hence the ENORMOUS air time, but in fact it’s Invicta’s air time IMHO that is poisoning the network from truly evolving. Bozek you should take a page out of the other networks, if a non respected mass producing sucky reputation of a watch company sells a PLETHORA amount of watches well under the $200.00 price point, then what are you really moving as far as revenue is concerned?

    It’s like this network can’t for the life of them find their true identity and niche and actually do it well with longevity.

    Hey Mr. Bozek and Ms. Levine, take it from me and lose ALL the riff raff from the network (after you invest in some high definition cameras) and then why don’t you guys try for a change to use all your wonderful backgrounds and diplomas and degrees and actually scratch out a real game plan!!

    I will do you a favor and structure it out for you free of charge!

    1- Take a real chance and move Invicta’s airtime to ONLY 10Pm or later.

    2- Replace Invicta’s normal daytime airtime with FOOD! Be known instead of a shitty watch network (cause those Invicta’s are horrendous like their customer service is known to be and REAL collectors don’t collect shopping channel watches) and be known as the “Shopping Channel Food Network”.

    3- Lose Elliot Smith and that English guy for electronics and replace with more engaging salesman that keep people awake.

    4- STOP using hosts that never do watches all of a sudden doing watches, awful and it shines through the camera.

    5- Taking a big chance with Paula Deen and Todd English and if your going to do food pots or pans maybe pick some talent without the publicized negative baggage. People have long memories!

    6- Sorry but “Chef” Daniel Green barely makes a convincing health chef on your network let alone the Food Network. Get rid of all the English accented hosts this isn’t London or Birmingham!! It cheapens your already cheap visuals with cheap audio.

    I’ve been watching you since 2003-04 and not once have you looked like a #3 network, more like a supped up JTV.

  2. Abigail Says:

    Still not going to help, watching all 3 of them yesterday for the misnomer then all had ‘fashion day’ and not one actually had anything fashionable, that said, the Q and HSN sold over 100k of their TS items, and, ShopHq had the last time I looked sold 11k, just not how sure you can make a profit with such paltry numbers, no matter who is in charge!

  3. Twat Waffles Says:

    Guess my original post was too long to post. LOL

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    its really hard to keep up with all the rolling heads at evine live,what they really need are some savvy buyers to bring the fashion into this century and upgrade thequality.pam mccoy does a nice job, but some of the other lines are poor quality and overpriced,that being said, qvc has to stop pushing isac mizrahi crap, i think he should go back to target and take killinger with him. lori goldstein is another one. can you believe the prices for abaggy tee shirt and she wants us to layer them. newsflash lori, thats what all the bag ladies do. go away lori im sick of you. excuse the spelling and punctuation errors. i type with one finger

  5. Twat Waffles Says:

    Mizrahi and Killinger would gush over a piece of walrus stool on a hot July day!

    My (long) post was never posted here, Hmmmm. Well I’ll try it again and make it short n sweet.

    Evine should realize 2 important things (Mr. Bozek should be listening at this point cause he’s so nimble) #1 get an HD feed and broadcast in hi-def 24/7 to look the part, that way new and old watchers don’t change the channel so darn quickly. #2 Realize Invicta is the main cause of the networks inability to evolve and or compete.

    Push Invicta’s airtime to “only” 10pm or later, selling a ton of crap made massed produced Hong Kong specials under $200.00 isn’t gonna make the proper type of revenue needed to compete or stay near the top.

    Bozek, become known as the “Lux” shopping channel with accessible pricing and bring in better jewelry, and also be the “Food” shopping network as to offer more food shows while Invicta takes over your late night hours.

    Get rid of Elliot Smith (please) and any host/guest with an English accent (this isn’t Liverpool or London) as IMHO it cheapens the presentations and feels like Anthony Sullivan for Oxy Clean at 2am.

    I’m NOT saying this because I’m a well seasoned watch guy and I loathe the unscrupulous Invicta folks, Invicta is the main reason this network is where their are, period end of story!

    Find your own niche, Evine!

  6. Trina Dade Says:

    Carolyn: I have got to agree with you on that Lori Goldstein stuff! It is so unflattering and poor quality! I do not know how they get any repeat customers on that line! In my opinion, the prices on it are outrageous for the quality. I definitely click off when that line is on.

  7. Twat Waffles Says:

    I guess my long winded remarks meant a hill of beans, LOL. I tried!

    Wish someone would post Eswine Live’s revenue #’s so I can gauge just how much in the shit they really are and or have been.

    I still say Invicta is the cancer, selling Skymall $59.99 watches all day, and all week doesn’t echo high consistent revenue to me.

    My TV has a hard time when we put them on cause they look so 1995’ish. Like a cloudy stinky film on an old family portrait, except the figures are talking and moving around.

    Maybe they should downsize the whole spectrum and do only internet streaming?

  8. Greg Says:

    My wife collects from Evine and she feels the same way as Carolyn feels. She’s sitting next to me right now and she likes Pam Mcoy and Dallas Prince so I have to type this in, lol.

    Happy wife, happy life!

  9. Bichon Daddy Says:

    If Jim Skelton came back he could save this network with his amazing talents!

  10. TV Shopper Says:

    Wow Twatt Waffles.. Bitter your table for 1 is ready!

  11. Twat Waffles Says:

    @TV Shopper,

    Yes your amazing deduction is spot on! đŸ˜‰

    I am bitter because I know the game and know it well, this network is a disease and also very unscrupulous as it’s many cheesy vendors, so I like to call them out on it.

    …Stupid your table for 1 is ready!

    • Adam Flowers Says:

      Dude, you obviously don’t know the game and you sure as hell don’t know it WELL. Were you fired from ShopHq or what’s going on with you? You’re way too much of a sour grape to just be a normal watcher. You did say one thing that was correct in that Invicta is the only reason this company is where it is. You just said it in a negative way meaning this company is failing b/c of Invicta, but I believe it’s the other way around. I believe that if not for Invicta, other companies wouldn’t have even bothered with trying to fix ShopNBC or ShopHQ. If Invicta wasn’t doing something right with them, they wouldn’t continue to run their shows all the time. I agree, most of Invicta’s watches are crap, but they’ve been a huge moneymaker for….I guess I’ll call them Evine live. You said it yourself, they sell a TON of crap made mass produced Hong Kong specials under $200. You’re right, they do. They also sell a ton of crap made watches for way over $200. They’re mostly crap made so there’s not a lot of money going in them, yet there’s a huge profit margin. That equals turnover, you have to know that much…or maybe not. As a watch guy, I don’t appreciate this so much, but if you’re trying to make money, that’s the way you do it. I really wish they would have more watch shows of the other brands like back in the ShopNBC days when Jim Skelton was there, but there’s not enough revenue in those brands for them. It was so much more entertaining to watch back then. And it sounds like you need to get a new t.v. if Evine live looks as bad as you say it does. On a decent t.v., Evine live doesn’t look bad at all. Also, what’s so bad about Elliot Smith, he’s one of the few there that really knows what in the hell he’s talking about. He’s a smart dude and there’s really no reason that you would be hating on him like you are other than if before ShopHQ fired you, you tried to give him a blow job and he turned you down. Oh shit, that’s it isn’t it? You were canned for sexual harassment weren’t you? Damn dude. Daniel Greene had a part in getting you fired too didn’t he? You tried the same thing with him and he didn’t bite. That explains so much. It’s all so much clearer now.

  12. Twat Waffles Says:

    Adam Flowers you little frivolous imp!

    Your a complete disaster, and I know better than to work for ANY home shopping channel you halfwit!

    Adam you can suck it cause your an all day sucka!

    You don’t have the inside track on your own life let alone what I post you parasite!

    I bet your the type that wears Invicta watches to the mall thinking you look good when in fact you look like a 1st class clown…

    Adam is your hub cap sized Invicta watch compensating for something tiny on your body?

    FYI, Incrapta only survives on “new” customers, because after a short while the old ones wise up, and then a new cycle dumbass!

    Daniel Greene, Elliot Smith? LMAO YOUR SO OBVIOUS Adam, you probably work for EswineLive, lmao!!!

    Camera man? Coffee Lackey? Mop boy? Ass kisser?

    Only Adam “no brains” Flowers is DUMB enough to defend a 3rd rate transparently cheesy unscrupulous and inept entity like them Eden Prairie shills!!!!!

  13. linda Says:

    They way we were treated im sure we are not only one to treat vets so bad they need to learn how to talk to customers this will be posted on all veterans. Web sites we will never order anything else.

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