Evine Live Sees 4 Percent Sales Gain In Fourth Quarter

Newly christened Evine Live, formerly ShopHQ, posted a 4 percent increase in sales in the fourth quarter, up to $201 million.

The company Wednesday reported adjusted net income of $3.7 million, a rise over $3.4 million in the year-ago period.

Mark Bozek

Mark Bozek

For fiscal 2014, the home shopping channel racked up sales of $675 million, up 5 percent over fiscal 2013.


“Our fourth quarter results were solid,and we are pleased with the progress we have made in strengthening the organization and repositioning to a digital commerce company,” CEO Mark Bozek said in a canned statement.

“Most importantly, at this early stage we have created a high level of enthusiasm and competitiveness that has not existed at this company in a long time,” he said. “We have begun a range of brand partnerships and digital commerce initiatives that we believe will help drive long-term sustainable growth in sales and profitability. We look forward to hosting an investor day at our headquarters on May 28th, where we will share more on our progress.”

William McGrath, EVP & CFO of EVINE Live, also chimed in.

“Our adjusted EBITDA margin of 3.4 percent for fiscal 2014, reflected a 60 basis point annual improvement. We are committed to continuing to improve our profitability levels and to enhance our liquidity. At the end of the quarter, we had $21.9 million in cash, including restricted cash. On March 6th, we increased our revolving credit facility with PNC by an additional $15 million. This expansion provides the company with greater flexibility and liquidity to support future growth.”


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4 Responses to “Evine Live Sees 4 Percent Sales Gain In Fourth Quarter”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    Well good for the Bozek clan!

    It doesn’t matter how much revenue they make their still 3rd rate and without the new talent (used loosely) influx they’d be less off in the capitol gains dept.

    What kind of cable crap network that makes money after all these long yrs still for the life of me doesn’t have a high definition feed???

    It behooves me to no end! What a low budget presentation disguised as fresh n’ new and I call BULL!

    Let’s take into consideration the Todd (monkfish face) English latest cookware, let me tell you all the adoration on the phone lines just to speak to him, then does anyone ever even consider literally how many 100’s of thousands of dollars are saved in production when they “cleverly” leave out of the live demos the RIVETS!!! That’s right, latest tech but are those rivets titanium or stainless and are the outside rivets base metal? What erodes into your food through the yrs as you cook with them?

    Look at the seafood from DC, c’mon now hasn’t anyone done their math per lb?

    Look at the Waterford Crystal and the overselling and the “collectible” to very collectible seeds they plant, it’s NOT collectible Waterford! Wake up!! It’s like saying this Tiffany & Co “style” lamp is highly collectible or this Invicta limited edition watch is highly collectible, it’s all smoke n mirrors, oh and $$.

    No matter the fresh new name or look or guests, it’s the same old same old, and Mr. Bozek you listen to me you parasite, get an HD feed and at least broadcast in HD 24/7 and “try” to look like a top network you major douche!

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    love it!!!!! i could not have said it better!you go twat

  3. Abigail Says:

    Wow, you summed it up very well Waffles, what a JOKE, and, all those ‘ex’ other networks will only last so long, although I do wish them luck, since, they like the major ones seem to peddle the same stuff week in and out, and all the ones who get canned from the other two need a new place to peddle even lower quality stuff, don’t get me going on those awful ‘hosts’ they make the JTV ones seem like day time Emmy winners, who I do watch, but, tire of them as I do Wendy on ShopHQ with the nonsense term ‘congratulations’ on a purchase, umm, I paid for it, and, its not all that rare, who why not just say THANK YOU, oh yeah, that would mean manners and sincerity something phonies can’t muster….

  4. Twat Waffles Says:

    Thank you Carolyn, and thank you Abigail. 🙂

    Well wishes for Dallas Prince and her hubby btw.

    I appreciate that you guys recognize what I’m going for when I post my thoughts, sometimes I tend to show my teeth a bit because I can see right through the transparent TV sales game.

    All I’m doing is a mixture of common sense and what my many years of watch collecting has taught me as well as from other forums and whistle blowers out there.

    I don’t hone in on the host and really not the vendor/guests, actually it’s the products technology, time in the business, innovation (if any and not guised in some marketing bologna) and origin…etc.

    I’ll give you a perfect example, Rolex, we all know them well and they stamp on their dials “Superlative Chronometer”, MY ASS!! There’s nothing superlative and or special about it, it’s just a certified chronometer but for marketing purposes they use “Superlative” and it fools many. All watch movements that are cosc certified chronometers are just that, a certified chronometer and nothing superlative about it.

    Rivets in cookware to me are the most important as whether it’s the rivets on the inside (where your food touches) or the outside at the handle anchor is looked over, go ahead and take a look at your pans, most if not all companies skimp over and use a material known to break down in time and god knows what leaches out of them into our food, thus meaning shorter life span from a structure standpoint.

    Now to the hosts, IMHO the Value Vision/ShopNbc/ShopHq/EvineLive hosts are just terrible, but they are a sell sell sell breed with vendor quotas at the forefront.

    When you get a salesman like Daniel Green wearing a hubcap sized 65mm mass produced Invicta on his 6″ wrist and he’s looking into the camera and says he can pull it off is a down right lie and a shame. Allison Waggoner COULDN’T BE MORE FAKE of a host, my lord it’s an act, zero sincerity is zero integrity in my book.

    Here’s another excellent example, Colleen Lopez, beyond FAKE! My lord she showed her true colors many years ago when she said something to the effect during an interview as “We could sell dirt and the people would buy it”, that speaks volumes about character and she can suck it!!

    In todays high tech pressure sales shop at home world (in a shit economy) us normal humans would like to do business with “real” people! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Bozek!

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