HSN Readies New Model Host Amy Bravo For Duty

HSN has a new host coming, one with apparently Hispanic roots.

She’s Amy Bravo, who has previously served as a host for HSN’s “Boutique” on segments on Univision, the Spanish-language broadcast giant. Bravo has also been a model on the English-language HSN.

Amy Bravo

Amy Bravo

On Facebook veteran HSN host Colleen Lopez posted an item about Bravo.

“I could not be more excited to introduce you to our newest HSN Host in Training – the beautiful and talented Amy Bravo!!!” Lopez wrote. “As one of our fabulous models for many years, Amy is already part of our HSN family – I’m so proud to watch her spread her wings and fulfill her dreams of becoming a Host. Much love and congratulations, Amy! ♥♥♥”


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One Response to “HSN Readies New Model Host Amy Bravo For Duty”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I recently watched Amy cohost with Colleen and she did a great job; however at times she is difficult to understand. Her accent is heavy and I’m sure doing shows in English will help her modify it a little. Under colleens wing she will become another shark, oohing and aahing over expensive junk to sell it to hapless viewers.
    Colleen is worth over 5 million dollars, and she got that through selling inferior junk at high prices. A handful of vendors on hsn have quality items. But Coleen’s line…clothes and jewelry, leave much to be desired. A few people luck out when they order and get OK stuff. But that is the minority.
    Hopefully Amy will have more of a conscience. Or not; they all do and say anything to move their junk. And the other shopping channels are no different. People need to go out or check online and compare prices. And shipping from the channels is high. Anyway, good luck Amy.

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