HSN Hops On Cinderella’s Coach

It’s a marketer’s dream: HSN is getting a ton of national press for its tie-in with Disney’s new release, “Cinderella.”

The Washington Post added to Bill Brand’s press clippings this week with a story headlined, “What $4,595 ‘glass slippers” say about Disney’s princess sales machine.”

HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter and Bill Green meet Prince Charming, Richard Madden of "Games of Thrones" fame

HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter and Bill Green meet Prince Charming, Richard Madden of “Games of Thrones” fame

No, those shoes aren’t being sold by HSN. The story is referring to the pricey glass slipper that upscale shoe line Jimmy Choo did for the movie.


But HSN’s flock of Cinderella offerings include a $600 “I Have Arrived” crystal necklace and a $200 “Enchanted Castle” pin, both by Heidi Daus. And model Coco Rocha is doing apparel as part of the collection.



The Post article discussed how much of the Cinderella-related merchandise is aimed at women, not kids.

HSN is prominently featured in the story, with a quote by an HSN spokeswoman.

“Our target consumer is female, age 35 to 55, which is what Disney was looking for,” said Gigi Ganatra Duff, a spokeswoman for HSN, which plans to run a 24-hour live event and two prime-time specials to promote its “Cinderella” collection. “Our girl is sophisticated; she’s fashionable. She doesn’t want it to scream ‘Cinderella.’ She wants it to scream the essence of ‘Cinderella’: Fairy tale, dreamy, beautiful.”

Even hop MAC makeup jumped on the bandwagon, and its Cinderella-themed makeup has already sold out, or so our sister Karen told us. She and my niece couldn’t find it in stock in retail or online.

HSN has done a number of movie tie-ins, but it looks like this one may prove one of its most successful.

HSN hosts such as Bill Green plastered Facebook with photos of the home shopping network’s posse at the LA premiere of the film, rubbing shoulders with the flick’s star.


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