Does Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Have A Boyfriend?

We’ve been out of action for a few months, while we were on the mend. That left us a lot of time to watch home shopping while the ol’ ankle healed.

Here are a few observations from along the way:

We always liked Chris Scanlon when she was an HSN host, and were happy to see she was returning to home shopping on a new net, Evine Live. But her product was a hanger that bore a remarkable resemblance to those that HSN Invention Queen Joy Mangano sells. Is Scanlon trying to be “Huggable”?

We will still hate the Evine Live name forever, but we think it was brilliant for the network to introduce its Top Value, Today’s Special or whatever else you want to call it at 10 p.m. each night, two hours before HSN and QVC. This change has us tuning in to Evine Live before midnight.

Why is Lisa Robertson smiling?

Why is Lisa Robertson smiling?

Kudos to the home shopping nets for their recent jewelry shows. Evine Live did a particularly nice job with its live broadcasts from Tucson. Wish we were there.

We missed the soiree that Evine Live held at the Plaza in the Big Apple during Valentine’s Day weekend, when the channel introduced its new moniker. Lisa Vanderpump, Paula Deen and playboy chef Todd English were all there, as was Giggy, who dresses better than we do.

But there was an uproar from fans of the Three Amigos — Chuck Clemency, Paul Deasy and Michael Valitutti — because they weren’t included in the festivities. Some viewers feared that Evine Live’s new management was sacking the dynamic trio. It was a tempest in a teapot, because these jewelry mavens appear to be quite secure, and deservedly so, as Evine Live vendors.

Talk show host Wendy Williams, who at one pointed lived in our town of Montclair, N.J., had a jewelry line on QVC that never got traction. In fact, former QVC host Lisa Robertson made several appearances on Williams’ show. Well, Williams has now joined the flock of ex-QVC vendors who have been picked up by HSN. But it looks like Williams is doing apparel for HSN, not baubles.

Speaking of Robertson, QVC viewers continue to be obsessed with her love life. She posted photos on Facebook of her recent vacation, which showed her with a younger man. He is apparently her trainer, Eric. Is her also her boyfriend? Some claim that Lisa said on Facebook that he is, but we couldn’t find any such comment.

Anyway, if he is her squeeze, good for her. If not, that’s cool, too.

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29 Responses to “Does Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Have A Boyfriend?”

  1. Sara James Says:

    Yes, I too have read little teases that La Lisa has posted and from those who have remarked,,, I myself could care less about who she is with… I do find it funny though, how she would put on the~ high society attitude~ yet she falls in love with a gym instructor, sort of like Cher and the Bagel Boy. Some have said she is dating beneath her class… I always looked at her as a, down home girl playing dress-up. Sometimes she did go a bit over the top, but that is her business I guess. I like her better the way she is now, not fake looking, very natural and down to earth. I think had she been more this way, than trying to be something she wasn’t, the company would have kept her. When you start thinking and acting like you’re “all that”, they usually show you the door. She still feels compelled to tell everyone her business, pictures , pictures, pictures/ Guess she isn’t afraid of all those stalkers she claimed she had. Maybe she feels this instructor is her private bodyguard. He really should change his relationship status on his FB page, if he is the proud escort of Lisa, they say it still says “single”
    I wonder if he realizes all these women wanting to be his FB friend is only because of him dating Lisa, so they can see what’s going on in their lives….
    Oh well, whatever she does, if she is happy, so be it.

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    i actually miss for her having a young hot boy toy, good for her. its really in to be a cougar.its nice to be in love or infatuated or whatever.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      I totally agree! Hope she is enjoying her life now. As much as people complained when she was there, QVC has become totally unwatchable now. They need a total rebuild IMO.

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Welcome back, Miss Moss.

    I did feel it was a bit of a diss not to have the Three Amigos on the remote from NYC. They, especially Chuck C and MIchael V, helped build the network. I don’t like the name, either, though ShopNBC was pretty lackluster. Time will tell, and speaking of time, I see Invicta’s hours sure haven’t been cut.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Glad to see you back and on the mend. I watched part of the evine live from the Plaza. I was surprised that Dimitri from SKINN was not there considering all of the skin care he sells on evine.

    • cara Says:

      I missed this. And I too am shocked that they didn’t include him. I use Dimitri’s products and they work very well for me. However, I bypass the rude and bumbling customer service at Evine (and its former names) and order from his website. His prices are the same. The only thing is that there aren’t as many “kits” on the website as on Evine. I stopped ordering from him on Shop NBC in 2010 and have enjoyed a much better experience from his website. The customer service at shopnbc/shophq/Evine has been awful for years. As for Skinn, the products are natural and safe, and they work well. I ordered from him waaaay back in 2000 when he was on HSN! His stuff has always been great.

  5. Peter Says:



  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    linda, i feel bad i never responded to your injury or the loss of your dad.loss of a parent leaves a hole in your heart that you just learn to live around.your ankle will heal but your heart will never be the same. just went through it also . mend well, be well

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks so much Carolyn. You are so right!

  8. Debbie Says:

    On an April 3rd entry in Facebook Lisa has a photo of Eric in Florida on the beach and in parenthesis after her post about whatever he was doing she wrote (I’m dating a lawbreaker). So she is definitely dating Eric. I wish them all the best health and happiness!

  9. marissa Says:

    No one dates “beneath their class”. That is nonsense, and personal trainers can make $$$$$$ with enough of the right clientele. Plus they are schooled in nutrition, physiology..and even a little psychology. If anything, he’ll eventually tire of Lisa’s primping and posing. I like her but with reservation…just when she seems cool and down to earth, she’ll say something airheaded or fill us up with selfies……and if she’s so worried about stalkers, why is she laying her life bare on Facebook? And if some fans are right about her, maybe Eric is just a beard! Either way, let her live and get your own life.

    • cara Says:

      I agree about the “dating beneath oneself” nonsense. If you like someone, they are not beneath you, no matter who you are. And I have a friend who is a personal trainer; he does very well financially. I like Lisa but the q is no better or worse without her. I think too much fuss is made over these people…they are not celebrities; they just sell stuff on TV. Or maybe I should say junk. With a few exceptions on all the channels, the quality of the merchandise has gone downhill at an alarming rate over the past few years. As far as Eric being a beard, recent Facebook posts strongly suggest otherwise. And Lisa really doesn’t have the vibe of being one of “the girls”. Hopefully she’ll enjoy the relationship, however long it may last.

  10. georgie Says:

    Looks like she does have a boyfriend. Good for her. Life is treating her well outside qvc. To me, she seems like a gentle person. And he has kids, so she probably is great with them.
    You never know how serious this is, or how long it will last. But I hope it’s a positive experience for her, and I wish them well. And qvc will do fine without her, although I’m sure she is missed.

    • Heather Says:

      Yes, Georgie, I think Lisa is a gentle person. However, very shortly after meeting Eric’s family, the relationship ended. No matter how nice/gentle/positive/caring someone is, sometimes the family of their significant other doesn’t see it. Not that meeting Eric’s family was a certain dealbreaker for Lisa; it just may have put their relationship in perspective. I hope they had fun and can look back on the memories and smile. I don’t think Lisa is someone who wants/needs a relationship or marriage to feel validated.

  11. jeannie Says:

    It looks as though Eric, the handsome personal trainer, might be out of the picture. Neither his Facebook or hers have mentioned or been in photos with the other for awhile now.
    For all you who think it isn’t our business, then why are you reading this? Also, if it’s a secret, and Lisa doesn’t want people to know, then she shouldn’t put it on Facebook. That said, it seems the newness wore off quickly and Eric moved on. I wish them both the best, either way.

    • maureen Says:

      I agree. I think Eric is out of the picture. Lisa has remarked that she’s starting to keep people close to her off social media because of stalkers- so why is she on there anyway?- but I think it’s an excuse. I think he’s gone and she maybe feels dumped, and doesn’t want to admit it.
      She is sometimes very with it and otherwise seems like a bit of an airhead. I don’t dislike her; I just think there’s a bit of unnecessary fuss being made over her. And all the TV shopping hosts, for that matter. It’s nice to check in on them on Facebook occasionally, but really, there’s a whole life out there beyond the web, beyond Facebook and twitter….you get the idea. Whatever happens, I wish them all well.

    • Angie Says:

      Yes Maureen….about 2 weeks or so ago Lisa was putting together a weight set, setting up a home gym. There was 1 previous post of her back in the gym, showing her torture of the day….am thinking it’s probably a small town, only good gym, and now, uncomfortable to work out there…for both.
      I do not go to gyms or yoga, etc., studios, I only work out at home. It works for me and is a good use for my seldom-used guest room. Now that’s me. Many people love to go to the gym; it keeps them motivated and gets them going. Lisa seems to be the latter. And definitely NOT the type to invade her beautifully decorated home space with gym equipment. I could be wrong….but I think it stems from a breakup.
      I do not think Eric is a “gold digger” or that Lisa is an over the hill cougar. I bet after the newness wore off, it just wasn’t a good fit any more. But I do think, since Lisa is tell-all to her fans on Facebook, she should own up to the breakup and quit trying to be mysterious or evasive. It’s funny, because whenever she posts, someone will ask “where’s Eric?” in the comments. It just gets ignored….people, Eric has been gone for over a month. End of story.

      • Paula Cassik Says:

        Lol…I saw the post about the home gym equipment, too…and wondered the same thing. I think that post was definitely the answer, people, to the question “where’s Eric?” He’s gone, gone, gone.

  12. carolyn simpson Says:

    some times a relationship is too hot not to cool down, but wowee wow wow how great is it when its all new

    • lola Says:

      Yeah, Carolyn….we’ve all been there. I think Eric is gone…if Lisa were so “concerned for those close to her” she would be keeping her sisters, etc, off Facebook as well as Eric. I think it was just as you described…fast, hot and now gone. She will “distract” us with her other adventures for awhile, then bring it up casually in the future. No shame Lisa, you had fun now it’s all done. Own up to it and move on.

  13. Janette Says:

    OK, the boyfriend is gone. People are still asking on her Facebook….good grief! More than half the people on there are morons. Every time she goes to the beach…they think she’s going to HSN! And they put HSN down. All those shopping channels are the same, people. HSN is just as good as qvc, if not better. But that’s beside the point. If she goes potty, does that mean she’s going to be a plumber? They keep throwing their projections on her. A couple seem well educated and intelligent. The rest need a course in preventing conclusion jumping and preventing speech before thought. Baaah baaah baaah.

    • Sandy Melvin Says:

      Although I think “morons” may be a little harsh, I agree with you. They can be like sheep. I like Lisa; she was a nice host. It is interesting to look at her Facebook occasionally. I’m surprised that there are so many seemingly uneducated people following her. And they really do project and jump to conclusions. It’s fun to follow the hosts sometimes. But their every move is not drawing me in; I think some of these people don’t have lives. Some of them call themselves her tribe. I wonder if shed recognize any of them if she was near them in a store, etc. It’s almost creepy and bizarre.
      Put the computer/phone/tablet down, people. Go outside and sit, or take a walk. Say hi to your own neighbors, whom you probably have more in common with. If Lisa goes to HSN, or moves to Merrakesh, or becomes a corporate lawyer……is of no consequence to you. You’ll still go to your job, cook for yourself and family, of it applies. You’ll still get the oil changed in your car, go shopping, get a paper cut on your finger, drop your freshly buttered toast………see? Life goes on. Say hi to Lisa now and then, (or any host) see what she’s been up to, then close the laptop and go make that chicken your kids love. If you get this, you’re healthy, sane, and well adjusted. Bless you.

  14. Leena Says:

    I’ve been looking here on and off since the thread started. I am not a big fan of home shopping, but do enjoy watching occasionally and making a purchase here and there. That said, I’m mostly an HSN girl, but do watch the q on occasion and did like some of Lisa’s presentations. So once in awhile, I’ll check in on Facebook and see what she’s up to.
    I agree with everyone who thinks Eric is out of the picture. The two posts about the home gym really are spot on, IMO. Who knows how/why they broke up, but since she’s avoiding the subject, I’m thinking he initiated the breakup and she’s trying to save face.
    She put up a post earlier today about a protein drink, claiming all the others upset her stomach. Uh, its whey, not 9 alarm hot sauce. But maybe some of those artificial sweeteners were getting her. Anyway, this LOV drink has a link to Eric on it. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure he has nothing to do with its manufacturing, or sales. Because he owns a gym, you can purchase it through him. So why didn’t she give a direct link to LOV? Why pay him if it isn’t over the moon expensive already?
    I think I just lost respect for her. She is playing games with her “tribe” as they call it….and reaching out to someone who dumped her, it looks like. Does she think by putting up his link to the drink, instead of the product direct one, he’ll come running back to her?
    I also get annoyed when people ask about him on Facebook, and someone says “none of your business. That’s Lisa’s personal business.” OK, if so, then she should keep it all off Facebook. I used to think she was insecure and looking for approval. Now it seems she’s a spotlight hog who will do anything to get attention. Go back to qvc, Lisa. I for one don’t want to see you on HSN…..and on the q, the spotlight is always on you.
    If you want people to respect you, do not play games.

    • Deb Says:

      While I can see your point, Leena, and you have a good one, I’m thinking Lisa isn’t playing games. I like her; however, like most TV personalities, she does love attention. She posts little bits of this n that on Facebook to keep everyone tuned in…..remember, this was the purpose of Facebook when she (and everyone else) was a host; to keep people interested and following her.

      Like most of the ex hosts, she’s keeping us following her, because in her next venture, she may need customers. I don’t think she’s playing games; I think she’s pretty straightforward.

      Except for the Eric business. And I think she’s figuring out how to break it to us, while trying to heal her broken heart. It was just a fling, and although there isn’t one single thing wrong with that, I believe she thought it was more.

      I think she’s a bit insecure, and therefore loves attention. Most pageant queens and kings have that in common. The ultimate approval. So follow her, or don’t follow her….but try to give her the benefit of the doubt until she proves otherwise. I think there is a decent person in there.

      Good day to all.

  15. Helen Says:

    To answer the question “does Lisa have a boyfriend?” No, not anymore, she doesn’t.
    It’s been awhile. She hasn’t mentioned him in a bit. I feel for her; the way she’s handling it looks like he ended it.
    Get out there and keep having fun, Lisa. There are many more out there, to meet and maybe fall in love with. It’s a small world, but sometimes bigger than we think. Remember to pack your parachute!

  16. Barbara Says:


    She used the word LOVE.

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