Billy Joel’s Ex-, Paul Deen And Todd English Hit Home Shopping Circuit

Something’s cooking at several of the home shopping channels. And it adds up to a lot of dollar signs.

Today HSN put out a press release noting that Katie Lee, Long Island crooner Billy Joel’s ex-wife, is coming to the network. The announcement was about the No. 2 home shopping channel’s 24-hour “Ultimate Cooking Lesson” on Sunday.

The cast of characters for that shindig will also include Curtis Stone, Robert Irvine, Lorena Garcia, Carla Hall, Ingrid Hoffmann, Jamie Gwen, Eduardo Garcia and Keith Schroeder.

“HSN is looking forward to hosting our first-ever cooking lesson with culinary greats from all over the country who will present innovative products during one of our most memorable cooking events ever,” Anne Martin-Vachon, HSN’s Chief Merchandising Officer, said in a canned statement.”HSN continues to redefine the shopping experience by offering highly entertaining events such as these that are fun and informative for our customers.”

The release says:

HSN’s newest personality, Katie Lee, will be launching Endless Summer Cookbook (Stewart, Tabori & Chang Hardcover), taking viewers beyond kitchen walls as she guides them through the complete dining experience: the atmosphere, the stories that ingredients tell and the company at the table.

And we’d be remiss not to mention what’s brewing over at Evine Live. Not only has it snapped up Paula Deen, who was dumped by QVC after the furor over some of the racist remarks she made years ago, but it’s got HSN remnant Todd English, the sometimes publicly inebriated celebrity chef, hawking his cookbooks and such on-air.

Why all all the food fury? It makes tons of money for home shopping channels. David Venable helped pave the way with the multi-million dollar empire he’s built for QVC with his cooking shows. It’s no chump change.


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3 Responses to “Billy Joel’s Ex-, Paul Deen And Todd English Hit Home Shopping Circuit”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    You know that Venable guy is a big happy dancing yeti, oh lord me and my friends love when he’s on because he’s like a 300 lb pale skinned cooking gorilla!

    Todd (moonshine) English and Paula (down south negro wait staff) Deen are coming to Evine, don’t hold your breath after seeing Deadliest Catch shows which aren’t half bad, until Incrapta comes on at the end with their “limited (ahahahaha) Edition” DC watch, OMG nothing they (Hong Kong) manufacture is a limited edition, joke!!

    Todd English has the face of a monkfish and it behooves me how he thinks he handsome.

    Paula Deens fake ass friendly façade might fool some, but these folks dance to the cash cow beat Y’aLL.

    Paula Deens chin meets her neck, she looks like a white goose you’d find on the Cratchett table, she shunned Tiny Tim cause he’s half black, you know, Tiny Tim his real name his Rallo.

    Looks like the same old crap 3rd rate (still non HD) shopping network with a new paint job, and the color their using is dingleberry brown!

  2. Judy Says:

    Just saw this and am wondering (can’t get home shopping without paying $$$$$$ in my area) if Deen and Todd are still on Evine.
    What the heck was Evine thinking?!?! Couldn’t they find chefs who aren’t a**holes AND attached to scandal?
    Deen has always been a phony put on, Y’AAAWLL. And there’s no excusing her racist remarks. And, Todd English is a big boozing skirt chaser with the on air personality of a piece of paper. He was most likely even sleeping with Joy I-cannot-stop-talking Mangano. Eeeeew…both of them……eeeeew! The mental picture makes me nauseous. Gordon Ramsey is hot tempered but he is, at least, entertaining. And he doesn’t cook heart attack on a plate food like Deen does.
    Anyway, I can’t imagine the reception for Deen or Todd is very good. And shame on Evine for recruiting those 2 pains in the butt!

  3. Janine Says:

    I rarely watch home shopping. The only thing I buy is from Evine- Suzanne Somers’ skin care. And I usually buy it online, from Evine or her website. After reading this blog, I had to go online to see if Deen and English were still on…and they are, for those of you wondering.
    I totally agree that they should not have been picked up by Evine; especially Deen. Her racist remarks rightfully got her canned from QVC. And English is a walking booze and sex scandal. No one is perfect, but in this case, Evine is really going low. But, from the website, it looks like people are buying.
    I agree that English has a flat personality. But, to me, he is much more easy to take than Paula y’aaaaaall Deen. I cannot stand her fake put on drawl. No, I don’t mind a nice Southern accent. But she puts on so thick. I was glad QVC let her go. Personally, I really like David Venable and prefer to watch him by himself. He’s like your favorite comfort chef and comedian all rolled into one. He’s sweet, goofy, silly. And his love affair with bacon makes him relatable. He has some good recipes, too.
    Anyway, to each their own, but I’m glad I haven’t really ventured past Suzanne on Evine. I used to like them but it looks like they’ve started going down…just like HSN has been for many years. I’m also glad Suzanne sells her products on her own website. Evine has some good prices but their CS is a hornet’s nest and they are frequently out of her products.

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