Pamela McCoy ‘s ShopHQ Diamond Ring A Real Sparkler

OK, we’ll give credit where credit is due.

We weren’t fans of Pamela McCoy’s diamond line for Jewelry Television. But the former ShopHQ host has returned to the No. 3 home shopping channel with a new diamond collection, and the Today’s Top Value, and we think it’s a winner.

Pamela McCoy

Pamela McCoy

It’s a 1.95-carat diamond round and baguette 14K gold ring. It came in white, yellow and rose gold, but white and yellow have already sold out. the price tag is $1,290, or six ValuePays of $215.

The sparkler is modeled after a ring that McCoy had made for her. We remember admiring the ring when McCoy posted a photo of it on Facebook.

Last night McCoy said that a ShopHQ buyer also saw the ring and wanted it duplicated for the network.

McCoy also said that that the TTV’s diamond quality is better than her original ring. The color grade is H-I and clarity is I1-I2.


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3 Responses to “Pamela McCoy ‘s ShopHQ Diamond Ring A Real Sparkler”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Have to give her props, her pieces seem divine and of much higher quality than most of what they sell on this channel, a friend of mine ordered a couple of things, will see how they look in person and then might get some for myself!

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    Sorry I missed her present her ring. It was good to see her back with her faux furs a few weeks ago. By the way, tonight Suzanne Somers was signing the praises of Mark Bozek (sp?). Time will tell!

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Just watched the video–what a stunning ring!

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