Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Named In Sex-Swap Suit

This is a juicy way to start off the New Year, and who’d have thunk it would involve upscale jewelry designer, and QVC vendor, Judith Ripka.

Celebrity stylist, ex-HSN vendor, old soul and often-hilarious Waynescot Lukas (a Jersey boy) had always lamented that the rich hate to pay their bills. This is the gorgeous man with the gorgeous mane who helps make Christie Brinkley gorgeous with his wardrobe selections for her.

Judith Ripka

Judith Ripka

Anyway, Ripka has been accused of just what Wayne talks about. Interior decorator Tristan Harstan, who designed Ripka’s Madison Avenue shop, is suing her, claiming she wanted him to give away his goodies so she could get free goodies for one of her luxurious dwellings, according to the New York Daily News.

Harstan alleges that Ripka told him to have sex with upscale furniture designer Nancy Corzine, apparently so she could get furnishings for her Palm Beach home, the News reported.

Ripka often swaps pieces from her high-end, non-QVC jewelry line for “goods and services,” the suit says, and that in fact she has given Corzine $3.4 million worth of baubles for furniture, fabric and lighting since 2005.

Harstan would not put out for Corzine, telling Ripka he wasn’t “a male prostitute,” according to the lawsuit.

The interior designer also charges that Ripka owes him more than $105,000 in salary.

Ripka sold her company for $22.5 million last April to Xcel Brands Inc., which owns the Isaac Mizrahi(another QVC vendor) brand and has an interest in the Liz Claiborne New York brand.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to cultivate our brand and reach our loyal followers in a new way,” Ripka, who served as the brand’s Chief Designer, said at the time. “We deeply value our relationship with Robert D’Loren and look forward to joining him at Xcel. I’m thrilled to be part of the Company and believe that we are well positioned for the future.”

According to the press release about the deal, “Judith Ripka Brand’s existing product lines are sold by independent jewelers in the U.S., abroad and online, as well as on QVC under the ‘Judith Ripka Sterling’ brand. Judith Ripka Brand is currently distributed in over 200 stores in the U.S. and generates approximately $140 million in retail sales.”

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11 Responses to “Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Named In Sex-Swap Suit”

  1. Sara James Says:

    Wonder if they will toss her ass out the door, like they did with Paula? I’m not surprise at all by this news. LOL…….

  2. Margaret Jones Says:


  3. Wayne Says:

    the sad illegal part is,.. ( and thanks for the compliments Linda ) if they “swap” jewels for furniture as the article says, it means they dont have to pay taxes on the furniture or things they get for swapping , no taxes paid like all us little people have to pay,… and the plot thickens 😉

  4. MaryAnn Says:

    Thank you Linda! Great scoop! Trading her junk for his “junk”! Love it! Ripka should be happy you printed the air-brushed, younger version of her. I like the New York Daily News real photo of the “warden”!! Lololol!!!

  5. Lovie Says:

    Love you, Linda, but that picture looks like it was taken in 1989. LOL!!! There aren’t any recent pictures out there that aren’t copy write protected?

    22.5 million? That’s all? I guess I overestimated her popularity.

    For all we know, this guy could be lying through his teeth, just to get back at her for something. Drumming up a sex scandal is the oldest game going.

  6. Helene Says:

    I live in Palm Beach County Florida. I looked up their property in Palm Beach through the property appraiser. The record is under her husband’s name. That is some house they have!

  7. Abigail Says:

    Wow, I guess its true, the rich are the cheapest and by hook or crook find a way to not pay taxes, wow.

  8. Queen Celeste Says:

    Great scoop, MIss Moss. Juicy indeed! My optometrist once told me the wealthy are the last to pay their bills, and I believe it. By the way, still miss Waynescot Lukas on HSN.

  9. carolyn simpson Says:

    ripka is a beast and her line on qvc is overpriced. at least with lisa gone we dont have to watch her gushing over the crap

  10. Roz Says:

    Judith Ripka always reminded me of a big mean jail warden and she seems like a cold barracuda. Her jewlery line sucks on QVC. I posted somethings bout this on LisaRobertsons facebook lag and she or her people deleted it rigt away. A bunch of phony soulless people.

  11. Lexy Rodgers Says:

    my oppinion is . judith ripca is a crook . ripca. short for rip of , she has the right name . her costum jewel is ,,is trashy cheap looking . junk . i wouldent give 5 cents for one of those trash pieces she peddles . the money she made . is stolen money . she ripped the costumer of 24-7 she herself is a piece of trash . to throw in the trash can and nail the lid shut..i hope peole stop buying that worthles junk .

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