Ex-JTV Hosts Libby Floyd, Erin Moseley Find Gigs In Real Estate

Two Jewelry Television alums have found news careers — as real estate agents.

First Libby Floyd, who was on JTV for a brief year after a long tenure at ShopHQ, has joined Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage as a Realtor in Cali. Venice, to be precise.


In fact, here is one of her pitches:

“Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage represents the most expensive home in America….it’s a cool $195,000,000. Any takers? I’d be happy to show it to you!” she posted on Facebook.

LIbby Floyd

LIbby Floyd

That would be a tidy commission.

And former JTV host Erin Moseley has a new gig at Alliance Sotheby’s International Realty, as an affiliate broker/Realtor in Knoxville, Tenn.

Curiously enough, Moseley’s bio on the company website doesn’t mention her recent tenure at JTV.


It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Floyd and Moseley to do sell real estate. After all, they were sales people in the home shopping world. If you

Erin Moseley

Erin Moseley

are a good sales person, you should be able to transfer those skills to sell any product.

We say the same thing in the journalism biz. If you’re a good reporter, you should be able to cover any beat.

Good luck to both these classy ladies.

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65 Responses to “Ex-JTV Hosts Libby Floyd, Erin Moseley Find Gigs In Real Estate”

  1. Lovie Says:

    I’ll cut and paste some of what I wrote before….

    I’m glad to hear about Libby’s career change. I hope it turns out to be very lucrative and rewarding for her. I hope that she’s serious about it and not just doing it until some cheesy shopping channel comes knocking on her door.

    With this job she can (1) have set hours (2) have a NORMAL sleep schedule (3) do things with her husband (4) write her books in the evenings (5) focus on actual selling rather than entertaining people.

    Having established herself nationally, I think that her new business should be successful, *IF* she sticks with it. Like I said before, I hope she doesn’t look back. I doubt that she will.

    I don’t blame Erin for not allowing them to mention JTV. She didn’t get enough paychecks from JTV for them to deserve free advertising from her. With a husband and two little boys, she doesn’t need to be working those funky TV hours. I’m glad that she didn’t stay there long enough for it to get in her blood. I hope she enjoys her new job. I think it’s going to be a better fit for her.

    You have to be a certain type of person to be a shopping channel lifer. It’s definately not the type of job for people who like normalcy and balance in their lives. It might seem glamorous at first, but I bet it gets old really fast. Working crazy hours under those blazing studio lights with 1/2″ thick make-up on. Not being able to have a normal sleep schedule, so you’re mind is delirious. I won’t say the names, but two the JTV hosts who claim to be in their late 30’s look closer to 50. Pretty ladies, but you can tell that that lifestyle is taking a toll.

    That being said, I’m glad that there are people willing to do that job. Homeshopping is great background noise in the house and they even convince me to buy something every now and then.

  2. Carrie W Says:

    I’m so happy these two ladies have moved on….they are too good for the staleness of JTV and I agree with “Lovie” above. The job loses it’s luster after a while and the crazy hours can surely make someone batty. Much success to them both.

  3. Nancy Drew Says:

    Libby’s bio also doesn’t mention JTV. Says a lot, lol.

  4. MaryAnn Says:

    Still can’t believe JTV terminated Erin and replaced her with someone as horrendous as Rebecca! One of the most annoying, unwatchable hosts to ever grace a shopping network!!

    • Lovie Says:

      Rebecca might be a little rough around the edges, but I think she’s trying her best. That being said, if she can’t make the phones light up to JTV’s satisfaction, she won’t be there long. We just have to wait and see what happens.

  5. Joan B. Says:

    Congrats to both of them for landing on their feet and hitting the ground running. Best of luck, ladies, and make a pile of money and show everyone that there IS a life after TV shopping networks !!

  6. Lovie Says:

    Come December 26th, JTV will probably be the only channel not selling workout equipment and weight loss products 24/7. That’s one good thing I can say about them. You always know what to expect. No matter what time of the day, week or year, they will always be selling jewelry. They still haven’t added Rebecca or Nikki S. to the host page. My guess is that the jury is still out on whether or not JTV will keep them on board. Seems they’re still in the “audition” phase.

  7. linda Says:

    EX JTV host? LMAO, Lubby was selling on the inbred channel for about 2 seconds.
    She was in serious need of a makeover, good gawd her hair and makeup..lol

  8. Lovie Says:

    12/26/2015 2:59pm CST
    I think Misty Mills just disclosed that she got engaged over Christmas (unless she was reading something off of facebook).

  9. Nancy Drew Says:

    Nikki said that Matthew, Misty’s fiance, is her (Nikki’s, lol) baby cousin. Girlfriend Friday is such a hoot. They should extend it to three or four hours instead of two. Misty started talking about her “shitzu” and Nikki goes, “Oh gosh, I always get nervous when she says that….”

    I wonder if Rebecca has any romantic relationships. I think those popping eyeballs would scare off any man, though.

    • Lovie Says:

      Naw… GFF is quite long enough. JTV is about more than just Misty and Nikki. They’re on the air more than any of the other show hosts. I’m sure they’re the top producers (due to being there since Methuselah was born), but it’s nice to see the show hosts who had a life before JTV. Personally, I think they provide a more well-rounded sales presentation due to being able to share things about their jewelry career outside of JTV. Nothing against Misty and Nikki, but they seem to bark a lot of orders during their presentations. Saying “Stop what you’re doing” every five minutes and barking orders at the studio crew makes me want to change the channel sometimes. Nice ladies, but they just seem a little rough and gruff to me sometimes.

      So, no. The lovely Misty and Nikki get enough airtime already. If they get anymore, JTV might as well fire the rest of the hosts and just call it “The Mikki Channel”.

      As far as Rebecca’s romantic relationships, perhaps she’s single by choice. Maybe’s she’s “been there and done that” and doesn’t really need or want to be on anyone’s arm. She’s a pretty enough lady. I think she could have a man if she wanted one, in spite of her quirkiness. Maybe she likes doing what she wants and going where she wants without having to check in with someone else. I can certainly relate. 🙂

  10. Nancy Drew Says:

    I know what you mean, Lovie. It’s hard to imagine Nikki and Misty apart from JTV, lol. And even though I enjoy their genuine friendship and chemistry, my favorite host was always Libby, precisely because she did have a life apart from the station, even though Libby did give her all while she was there. You always knew her real life was back in California, her upscale Marina Del Rey condo and the British hubby. Loved her low-key sales approach and soothing voice.

    The New Nikki (Stanzione) certainly doesn’t fit the JTV mold and I appreciate that, but seeing a few of her shows I’m not sure she knows anything at all about jewelry. She doesn’t add anything to the mix, judging by her co-hosting. I don’t think they’ll let her go solo any time soon.

    I can relate to Rebecca too, in terms of being a single woman.
    So many jerks out there, I’m frankly glad to be alone right now, lol.

  11. Lovie Says:

    1/10/2015 2:41 CST

    Good grief. Misty just said that her engagement is canceled and that she deleted the picture of her ring off of facebook.

    She said that, “She’s good with it…. Better now than later.”


    That was fast. Perhaps they had a little spat and they’ll work through it. Maybe not. Look before you leap is what I always say. Breaking up is a whole lot easier than getting a divorce.

  12. Nancy Drew Says:

    I missed the first two hours of that special Girlfriend Friday (with the new inappropriate New York City backdrop set) but watched the remainder and did hear a fleeting reference from Nikki about the break-up. That sure was sudden. I think Nikki prayed that it wouldn’t happen, lol. I got a strange jealous vibe from her previously when it was announced that Misty was engaged.

    • Lovie Says:

      I don’t like the new studios either, Nancy. It looks like JTV is trying to be something it’s not. Why not use a nice backdrop of the Knoxville skyline? Everybody knows that JTV isn’t in New York. (rolling eyes) The old studio had a more personable and homey feel. I’m sure this is their way of trying to attract younger viewers, but they will have to do a lot more than that to get people under 40 to shop there. Nothing against the hosts, but they would have to change the cast entirely to accomplish that. The hosts they have now are a little too “mature” and too set in their ways, as far as their appearance is concerned. It will take more than a new set to get the younger crowd to part with the money they have stashed away for the next Rihanna concert.

      What they need to do is update that “Meet The Hosts” page and take down those cheesy pictures that were taken in 1997.

  13. Lovie Says:

    Looks like JTV hired another new host?

    A Sheree Henry has been added to the “Meet the Hosts” page. Was she a JTV host from the past?

    This is odd considering Nikki S. and Rebecca haven’t been added to the “Meet the Hosts” page and they’ve been there for over 2 months.

    Are you gonna post something on this, Linda?

  14. Nancy Drew Says:

    Did you see how they immediately put back the old cozy set just one week after Misty had asked her FB audience to post Yeah or Nay on the new one? The negative reviews were overwhelming,
    along the lines of “It seems like JTV is ashamed of being located in
    Knoxville, Tennessee”. Glad TPTB embraced local pride and realized that the girls, sophisticates in their own unique modern Southern way, deserved to be back in their own hiply girly-girl milieu.

    I caught a few minutes of this Sheree Henry with Scott, and took
    an instant dislike. She bantered about with him but very rarely
    made eye contact with the audience. Not my cup of tea at all.
    I do find it odd she’s already listed in Meet The Hosts while Rebecca and Nikki S., who have been there since October, aren’t.

    I have yet to see Rebecca comb her hair.

  15. Nancy Drew Says:

    Just perused Misty’s FB page — there is yet ANOTHER new host coming aboard — Brooke. Didn’t mention her last name;
    apparently she used to work there (like Sheree Henry) Misty posted photos of her and Brooke.

    Misty is getting complaints from posters about Rebecca and Nikki S., lol. They’re both pretty hard to take.

  16. Lovie Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that they switched back to the old set. Like I said in my 1/12 post, it looked like they were trying to be something they’re not. They’re in Knoxville. They need to own that instead of putting up a skyline of a different city. That was in very poor taste.

    My guess is that “Sheree” got signed on with JTV directly, while Rebecca and Nikki S. must be on some kind of trial run. From what I can see, Sheree’s knowledge and presentation skills aren’t superior to Rebecca’s or Nikki S. Yet she gets put on the “Meet the Hosts” page immediately? Hmmm. Doesn’t make much sense at all.

    Despite the fact that Misty’s posting pictures of her and Brooke on her Facebook page, I doubt that she will have anything to do with breaking her in on air. Seems like Jennifer, Sharon and Robert always get that lovely task.

  17. Lovie Says:

    I just heard Misty say (on the YouTube playback) that she will be working with Brooke. Wow. I stand corrected. They must be pretty tight for Misty to share the spotlight with her though. And I mean really tight. I don’t watch JTV 24/7, but I’ve never seen her work with anybody except the pearl guy and outside vendors. Never other hosts, except Nikki of course…. and that wasn’t until recently.

    Rebecca, Nikki S. and Sheree filled the gap left by Kristen, Erin and Libby. Was Brooke hired to replace someone else who’s on their way out? I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

  18. Nancy Drew Says:

    Wow, things are really in flux at JTV. I can’t see Misty hosting with anybody but Nikki, Creepy Mark Brown and Boor Charles Winston…. You’re right, I always see Jennifer, Sharon and Robert being the “breakers-in”.

    As much as Rebecca annoys me, I have to say she does have
    jewelry cred and it’s apparent she knows her stuff; also, she enjoys being in the spotlight. I’ve seen Nikiki Stanzione solo and she too is improving, but (even though I’m originally from New Yawk) her local accent is driving me crazy, isn’t that weird?

    I’m not fond of Sheree at all — she’s trying too hard and is just not
    my cup of tea overall. Too much a Dixie “good old girl” or
    something, I don’t know. I prefer a more “New” South vibe, like from Misty, Nikki, Jennifer, and Sharon. (even though Nikki says there’s
    nobody more “country” than her; still, she’s relatively young and

    Yes, I guess we’ll find out soon enough what’s going on….

    • Lovie Says:

      Oooh, Nancy. You hit the nail on the head when you said “Dixie gold old girl”. I’m from the south, but I too prefer modern country folks.

  19. Nancy Drew Says:

    My favorite thing about the South is the food! Oh my goodness! Just thinking about this raises my cholesterol, lol, but it is so good.

    I’m really getting into Girlfriend Friday. Alone Misty and Nikki aren’t really much fun to watch, but get them together and they’re so funny. The Southern-ness also appeals to me because I’m originally from da Bronx. I love their conversations; i.e.

    Nikki: “I had a dog named Paul — you remember him, Misty — he used to sleep in my flower pot. (pause) But then Paul met his fate….”
    Misty: “Well, he just loved walkin’ down the main highway too much”

  20. Lovie Says:

    GFF seems to have a huge following and that’s a good thing for JTV and the customers. I’ll check it out from time to time, but personally, I can take it or leave it (and I’m southern). I very, very seldom watch Nikki Rouleau’s shows. I’ll watch Misty on Sundays if I don’t have anything else going on. She discloses her tenure at JTV so often that it’s starting to seem a little self-aggrandizing. Opening every single show with “I’ve been here 18 years…..almost half my life”, is getting a tad old. I’m also not crazy about how she treats Charles Winston when they have shows together. She doesn’t seem to respect him or what he has to say …. that is, when she allows him to get in a word edgewise. She kind of treats him like an annoyance, not like a vendor who is offering a great product. With all due respect to Misty, he’s probably forgotten more about the jewelry business than Misty will ever know. I don’t dislike Misty. She can be cool to watch sometimes. I can defiantly see what people see in her (and Nikki). Misty just comes off a little arrogant sometimes. She was just lucky enough to get in when the station was in its infancy. While the other show hosts were having lives before JTV.

    Personally, I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog. I know Rebecca isn’t popular on this blog, but I’m still kind of pulling for her. She hasn’t been in front of the camera as much as the other girls, but that’s what makes her humble and not so slick. She has nice fingers with natural nails. Her hands look nicer than most of the hosts who are younger than she is. Yeah, she’s kinda quirky at times. But I’m hoping she makes it. And if she doesn’t, I hope she finds something better.

    Some of my other favorites are Sharon, Heidi, Jennifer, Cheryl, Tommy and Scott.

    Scott is the only one who actually looks better with more weight on him than in his “Meet the Hosts” picture. I like to watch him and I’m not even in to loose gemstone. Same goes for Tommy. He’s cute!

    I love how Cheryl says, “Where do you think you’re going!!!” when a gemstone goes flying off the turntable. LOL! I love her. She looks so pretty when she wears that brown sequin outfit.

    Sharon doesn’t have a huge ego and she doesn’t have to dominate the show when she co-hosts with someone. She treats whoever she’s on TV with as an equal and I like that.

    I watch Heidi when I need help getting drowsy. Not that she’s boring! She’s not. But listening to her relaxes me for some reason. I like watching her over a glass of wine. She’s funny when she says “There’s nothing in it for me” while trying to sell you something. I guess she’s not on JTV’s payroll? LOL!!! She’s cool though.

  21. Nancy Drew Says:

    And Nikki always keeps telling us she’s been there in one form or another for 27 years, since about the age of 15. I wonder what Nikki and Misty would do without JTV, lol.

    Actually I don’t think anybody at the station really likes Charles Winston — his personality is somewhat, um, I guess an acquired taste, lol. I remember, however, that Libby treated him respectfully and with some genuine affection, because she knew how to communicate with all kinds of individuals. I think I can explain MIsty in relation to this — she once said on-air that she was really a shy person and that people had a hard time thinking of her like that from watching JTV. But I can definitely see it when she has to make conversation with vendors — Misty does come across as aloof and brusque with someone like Charles, and I think it’s because when she’s not with someone very familiar and on her “level”, she finds it hard to be sociable and outgoing. Instead, Misty comes across as rude when I really think she’s not like that. She’s one of those people who have strong, deep emotions but don’t wear them on their sleeve. You can see this on Girlfriend Friday — Nikki is the
    emotional one, and Misty is tough and strong, but inside I just know she’d go through hell or defend to the death her close friends. It’s just that her manner is “cold”. She did say “You don’t want to see me when I’m angry!”

    I don’t watch the loose gemstone shows but I really like Tommy’s voice — smooth as honey. Scott waives his arms around too much but he seems sweet. Robert is looking more bored every day, lol.
    I don’t think his heart is in the jewelry anymore, just my gut feeling.

    Michelle Lau drives me nuts — she never draws a breath and it seems like her two or three hours is just one long sentence. Must
    have lungs of steel. I did, however, see her co-host once or twice
    with Robert and I think Tommy, and she actually slowed down a lot.

    Wendy has that gig for life, unfortunately. That voice was NOT
    made for televison.

    Her sister Heidi is much more palatable in the voice department.
    I too am very soothed by it. I do notice that when Heidi gets excited she lapses into the very fast speech patterns of Wendy, lol, but then
    catches herself, lol.

    I like Sharon — she’s a warm and genuinely stylish presence. She could sell ice to Eskimos, lol, a rather pushy sales technique but for
    some reason it doesn’t bother me because I love her particular Southern accent. (as opposed to Wendy’s)

    Jennifer is one of my favorites — I think I trust her the most with jewelry choices. She’s a perfectionist and it shows, in a good way
    Very thorough in her descriptions. (the opposite of Wendy, who just keeps flashing the rings in front of us without giving undergallery views; very lazy, hey, her brother-in-law assures she’s got a job
    for life, and I guess sitting in front of a television audience hawking jewelry is easier than being a lawyer)

    Cannot stand Mandy or Kim. Just….ugh.

    Cheryl used to frighten me, lol, but now I really enjoy her. Again, I’m not a fan of the gemstone programs, but she’s fun. “Come here, you little monkey!” That always makes me laugh.

    Jeff is the perfect cure for insomnia is all I’ll say about him, lol.

    As for Rebecca, I don’t know, I’ve seen some arrogance from her but she’s so genuinely quirky it’s hard to read her really well….
    I just WISH she’d comb that hair!

  22. Lovie Says:

    Regarding Wendy and Heidi: Yeah, it must be pretty nice to know that you can’t be fired and that your “boss” is just a figurehead who doesn’t have any real power.

    Regarding Wendy. Just because you have enough snap to pass the bar, doesn’t mean that you will have the mental stamina to be a lawyer LONG-TERM. I used to work at a “Big Law” firm and I rode up in the elevator with two associates who said that were able to go home early the night before and they seemed as fresh as a couple of daisies. They left at 11pm! Yep. That’s what they consider “going home early”. That’s why they’re on their second or third wife by the time they make Partner. Granted, Wendy might not have worked in Big Law, but it’s still very, very hard work regardless. You have to be cut from a certain cloth to retire as an attorney of any kind.

  23. Lovie Says:

    Oh. And ITA about Robert. I like his dry sense of humor and I think he’s a smart guy, but he seems tired of his job. Maybe be should transfer to another job within JTV or just leave all together. Life is too short to hang around if he’s not happy. Personally, I think he’d be great doing commercials and voiceover work for various companies and brands. That way, he isn’t stuck talking about the same old thing everyday.

  24. Nancy Drew Says:

    Agree completely with all you say about Robert, Lovie. I can definitely see him behind the scenes as it were doing those
    commercials and voice-over work. I think even he gets tired bringing out the plastic globe and talking about moldavite (“Imagine my fist is a meteorite crashing into Earth”), chrome diopside (his favorite gem) and being hit by Mandy (she’s mean to him) with a ruler, lol.

    On GFF Misty was talking about how Charles Winston imperiously snapped his fingers (she even demonstrated) to get a calculator. Misty said “He should be lucky I didn’t hit him with it”. Nikki then said “We love Charles, but he’s crazy” and Misty said they act like that with Winston “on and off the air”. All the hosts tolerate him, lol.
    His jewelry is nice but oh those puns and horrible jokes! Even Sharon and Jennifer get a bit impatient with him at times.

    I guess I shouldn’t blame Wendy for being seduced by sparkly
    gems rather than continuing in law, in which I think she was doing
    some sort of “concilatory” work in that field.

    I may be changing my mind about Kim Prentiss. I’ve been seeing her hosting apart from Jewel School — which I’m not interested in — and she seems to be very knowledgeable and not as weirdly grating as I initially found her.

    But Mandy will be a hard sell for me. I find her smug and she treats poor Robert like dirt. He gets back at her, but I dont care for her
    attitude, plus that pile of make-up with the dark lipstick that makes Mandy look like one of Count Dracula’s vampire wives.

    Update: Misty said today that returning host Brooke will not be hosting with her anytime soon; instead, Brooke will get re-broken in by Robert. Misty acted like she just found this all out at the last minute; very odd.

  25. Lovie Says:

    Not surprised that Misty found a way out of breaking in a newbie. Robert gets stuck with the job again.

    The reason I don’t watch Mandy is because she talks like that infomercial huckster from the 90’s, Don Lapre (now deceased). In case you need a refresher, look up the old videos of him on YouTube. Then watch Mandy on JTV’s YouTube Channel. She talks just like him. That’s what makes me unable to watch her.

  26. Nancy Drew Says:

    Oh my gosh you’re right! Mandy sounds JUST like him!

  27. diana brown Says:

    I watch JTV at different hours of the day and I sometimes notice when they have previous recorded shows. That in it’s self is not a problem for me, what I don’t understand is why they do not post a “previously recorded” across the screen to let us know. Seems like they are trying to be a little sneaky.

    • Lovie Says:

      Absolutely, Diana. I agree 1000%. They did that a little over a week ago with one of Misty’s previously recorded shows. People got on facebook wondering why Misty was saying the wrong day of the week. I’m with you. I don’t have a problem with it either. Things happen sometimes which require them to roll a tape. I totally get that. BUT BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT. Sneaking in a tape without a “Previously Recorded” banner is not only deceptive, but very unprofessional. Especially when the host is saying it’s Saturday when it’s Tuesday. That’s just sloppy broadcasting.

  28. Lovie Says:

    Misty’s niece has inoperable cancer and will be starting chemo tonight according to Misty’s FB page. My prayers will definitely go out. Only 17 years old and such a pretty little girl. 😦

    • MaryAnn Says:

      Per Jennifer this a.m., Kristen is returning to JTV. Apparently her cruise ship position was not as enticing as she thought it would be.

      • Lovie Says:

        Really??? Wow. Thanks for the scoop. I have a feeling someone is getting ready to get the boot. All of the people who left have already been replaced prior to Brooke getting there. Now Kristen is coming back?

        Yeah, I think somebody might be going to the chopping block. We’ll see.

  29. Nancy Drew Says:

    Just saw Kristen this evening, co-hosting with Sharon. Yay!!!
    They had a boisterous, marvelous reunion. Wonder if Nikki S. or Rebecca will get the boot. Brooke is a sweetheart; she should stay on.

  30. Lovie Says:

    We’ll see what happens. The way I see it, nobody is really a host until they get added to the “Meet the Hosts” page. And so far, the only person they’ve added is Sheree. Heck, Rebecca and Nikki S. have been there over 3 months and they haven’t been added yet. I’m just wondering what it is about Sheree that she gets billing on the website, but none of the other newcomers do. It’s like Sheree actually “signed” with JTV and the others are temps who have to prove themselves first.

    So, no. I don’t consider anyone as being “back” until JTV gives them billing on the website.

  31. Nancy Drew Says:

    I have to say that even though Rebecca might be an acquired taste, she’s really proving to me what an asset, quirky or otherwise, she is — confident, knowledgeable, dependable, and apparently selling a lot of jewelry. I think JTV would be wise to let her stay; but as you say, Lovie, a host is not a host until officially sanctioned by the billing. Why Sheree Henry has been given this honor still totally eludes me. Nikki S. had cannily done a lot of brown-nosing in my opinion to be permanently embraced within the corporate fold, but who knows….

    • Lovie Says:

      Too many people are coming on board all at once. Either someone is getting ready to move on voluntarily or someone is going to be let go. I’m pulling for Rebecca, but in spite of all of these people coming in after her, she hasn’t been promoted off the graveyard shift. That makes me worry for her a little bit. Oh well.

      Sheree doesn’t rub me right, but obviously she cut a better deal than the other newbies. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

  32. Nancy Drew Says:

    Kristen Keech had that graveyard shift but was very popular; in fact, posters on her FB page are telling Keech they want her back at that hour but she says she’s doing day shifts now. They’re almost unanimous in their dislike of Rebecca and think she’s a “usurper” of Kristen’s spot.

    I just heard Rebecca say “If I ever get married again….” so she had already taken that plunge.

  33. Nancy Drew Says:

    Good news, Lovie — no sooner did I write the above post than Rebecca just announced she’d be leaving her late-night shift and will be on daytimes “for now”, starting this Sat. at 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.
    I’m happy for her. So perhaps tptb will return Kristen to her old post.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      I have to comment about JTV lately. As a big-time shopper of their jewelry, I am having problems with many hosts. Misty & Nikki R (particularly Nikki) have become so overbearing lately, I can’t even tune in when they’re on. And I simply cannot abide Mandy(never could)! The new Nikki S seems to be trying too hard and knows nothing about jewelry! I’m finding new enjoyment of Kim Prentiss who is knowledgeable, funny and humble. Dawn is a terrible host, acts like she would rather be anywhere but there when shes on air. Love that Kristen is back. And enjoy Casey, Jennifer, Robert and Michelle Lau. Brooke seems like a sweetie( she’s expecting, I believe).

  34. Lovie Says:

    Mary Ann, I know that you were responding to Nancy and not me, but I can’t resist responding.

    Misty and Nikki R aren’t my favorites either. I’ll watch Misty when I have nothing better to do and I almost never watch Nikki R. They have a big following (amoung southerners), so that’s why JTV makes a big deal out of them. I’m a southerner as well, but I’d rather watch someone a tad more refined like Heidi. She used to do pagents, so she has a little more poise than Misty and Nikki R. Heidi has been there longer than Misty and Nikki R, but she doesn’t go on and on about her tenure like they do. Her husband is one of the founders, so she doesn’t have anything to prove anyway.

    Misty and Nikki R. seem to make a very positive impact on JTV’s bottom line, so I doubt they will be going anywhere anytime soon…. probably never. What else would they do?

  35. Nancy Drew Says:

    Hi, MaryAnn, I’m also slowly getting fed up with all the strident “Stop what you’re doing!” schtick from Misty and Nikki during GFF. It’s fun when they just shoot the breeze, southern-style, so when they start braying and doing the hard-sell, it’s becoming a real turn-off for me. I wish I could enjoy Michelle Lau but her voice gets in the way, lol. I’m not being sarcastic when I say I wish I knew how she maintains that tremendous lung power.

    Thanks, Lovie, I didn’t catch Rebecca’s mention of a step-son.

    I was watching the tail-end of a Heidi show where she made some comment about how people in her area were running to the grocery store two or three times a day (in reference to the weather, not sure) and she said “I’m not a foodie. You won’t find many groceries at our house. We eat out all the time”. I’ve heard her sister Wendy say something similiar, “I can’t boil water”. For all their talk about family, etc. those two don’t seem to spend any time in the heart of the home, their kitchen,lol.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      Robert, with Brooke this a.m., just announced that yet another new host is coming on board. Her name is Morgan. Host room must be getting pretty crowded huh? 🙂

      • Lovie Says:

        Good lord. If they aren’t planning to give anyone the axe (which I doubt), my guess is that they’re doing away with solo hosting. This would certainly explain why Misty and Nikki R. have finally been required to share the spotlight with other hosts.

  36. Nancy Drew Says:

    Jayne Brown and Pat James Dementri from QVC are starting their own version of Girlfriend Friday tomorrow. Not that I’ll watch — imo they are very boring hosts, individually or together.

    Considering that the Q seems to be going to the dogs since the
    departure of Lisa Robertson, maybe they decided to borrow JTV’s format. But Jayne and Pat are no Nikki and Misty. Can’t think of two people less freewheeling and interesting to watch than Jayne and Pat, lol. (unless it’s Dan Wheeler and Dan Hughes, zzzzzzz)

    Another new host at JTV? Oh, lordie….I’d love to see Nikki Stanzione (the Lisa Rinna lookalike) go bye-bye.

  37. Joanne Tracey Says:

    What happened to Cheryl?

  38. Nancy Drew Says:

    Don’t know why Cheryl left; it should have been Jeff, lol.

    Rebecca Moore finally made it — she’s listed in Meet Our Hosts.

    New guy on board, Matt Someone. Very sweet, and paired with
    Sharon “I want to buy everything I sell!” Scott for training.

  39. Nancy Drew Says:

    I guess I got my wish — Jeff is gone from JTV. Didn’t even notice his photo was missing from the host page — that’s how boring Jeff always was to me, lol.

  40. Julie Says:

    What happened to Cheryl?? Please let me know your thoughts. Rumor has it, she was fired. I find that hard to believe. Nikki S. needs to comb her hair…it looks like a bird’s nest..she is too young to be lazy with her hair. I think she needs a hair make over! LOL

  41. Nancy Drew Says:

    Michele Lau is leaving.

  42. Lovie Says:

    Well we know that Libby is selling Jewelry again on TVOn.com. And she hasn’t posted anything on her Coldwell Facebook page in over 2 months, so it doesn’t look like real estate worked out for her.

    Now Erin Mosley’s Sotheby’s website has been taken down. I wonder what she’ll do next. She has small children, so perhaps she just decided to stay home. Not a bad idea. At least until her kids get older.

    Real Estate can be a tough business. It’s very much a word-of-mouth business where the oldtimers dominate any given area… leaving crumbs for the newbies to fight over. 😦

  43. Lovie Says:

    Libby has been removed from the “Show Hosts” page at TVOn.com.

  44. Jersey Girl Says:

    As of 2/13/16, Libby is on the Create and Craft channel broadcasting out of London.
    Channel 222 on Direct and Dish.

  45. Lovie Says:

    I’ve been watching Libby Floyd on the Create and Craft channel. She’s done some bouncing around since she left JTV, but she seems to actually like what she’s doing at her new channel. She’s admits to the viewers that she’s not a crafter, but she does a really good job interviewing the guest-crafters and creating excitement about the merchandise. She said on the Create and Craft blog,

    “My first day on air, I knew that I had found my dream job. It was the perfect fit for me…”

    She seems to be able to really study the products before going on air, instead of selling on-the-fly like they do on JTV. And she gets to use her interviewing skills with the guests. Selling crafting supplies is not as glamorous as selling diamonds and pearls, but this gig seems to be a good fit for Libby. Hopefully she can “nest” there like she did at ShopNBC.

    By the way, The TVOn gig was a tad low-caliber for someone with Libby’s experience. I’m glad she didn’t waste much time there.

  46. Lovie Says:

    After watching for a few weeks, I figured out that Create and Craft is not “live”. Libby wearing the same dress for 2 weeks tipped me off. LOL!!! It appears to me that they tape new programs once a month. No wonder Libby called it her “dream job”. It’s basically pre-recorded infomercials for different crafting manufacturers. I wouldn’t call it a real “shopping channel”. I’ll admit, I’m a tad disappointed, but I’m still happy for Libby that she found something that she likes.

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