Posh Lisa Robertson’s Farewell Show On QVC

We just started watching Lisa Robertson’s swan song on QVC. She looks gorgeous in a long black evening gown.

QVC has set up a nice going away party for Lisa, and we’re waiting to see if there will be any water works when the show ends.

Bye Lisa Robertson

Bye Lisa Robertson

Viewers seem to either love or hate her. Ultimately, we think she was a class act, although we still can’t believe it when she says she owns virtually every item she sells on the network.

The big question, unless we missed this earlier, is where is Lisa going?

The vendors are out in force to wish her well, including Laura Geller and Dennis Basso.


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75 Responses to “Posh Lisa Robertson’s Farewell Show On QVC”

  1. Michael Lee Says:

    Yes, but where were some of her biggest supporters- Tova Borgnine, Judith Ripka, Bradley Bayou, David Dangel- aka pilot fish who was made rich and famous by the ever talented late Joan Rivers who definitely would have been on Lisa’s final show, And more importantly not one member of the QVC executive team. That sums it up in a nutshell. May Lisa find personal fulfillment in her life; a career is a wonderful thing to achieve and she has, but completing your life is what makes one’s life rich and rewarding.

  2. MaryAnn Says:

    I thought her last show was gracious and dignified, as was Lisa Robertson. However, I thought it curious that in the course of tributes to Lisa at the end, many long time hosts and vendors did not participate. No parting send-offs from Jane Brown, Pat, Susan Graver,the Dopey Dans or Leah to name a few! Again, very curious!

    • Lynette Says:

      Yep many are talking that something was up with that and why no execs or longtime hosts were there. I recall when Mrs Levine left they actually stopped selling for an hour and just did a full show tribute to Kathy but Lisa they really didn’t do that.
      It all seemed kinda shady imo

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    It was an elegant, lovely farewell, but I’m with Michael Lee and MaryAnn; where were those vendors and other QVC hosts? Very curious. She looked beautiful in the gown and gorgeous coat– anyone know who designed that coat? I wish her all the best. It will be interesting to see where she’ll show up!

  4. Ava Says:

    I thought Lisa was a class act to the end. QVC is such a low rent operation it’s time for Lisa to go on to bigger and better things. The last few times she did shows from remote locations she was outside in a parking lot getting blown around. She would be a great brand ambassador for a designer. She was always a lady, very sweet to everybody. I wish her the best of everything.

    • SJ Says:

      Qvc is the largest electronic shopping network and has channels from the UK to Germany to Asia. You want to see low rent, look at the seta, hosts and lot of merchandise at the others. People love to speculate on what they don’t know. The industry is a lot different than when Levine. I’m sure not everyone likes her. None of you know her off the air, except she wouldn’t be caught dead with a lot of the tacky clothes and shows geared to old fat women. She posted photos on Facebook at parties with other hosts, friends, models etc

  5. BeatleStone Says:

    I have to admit I didn’t watch Lisa’s final Christmas show with QVC last night. I think the home shopping channel will take a big hit in the ratings with her departure with viewers/customers. Lisa is a class act along with being a very cool, classy, sexy, beautiful woman 100%.

    • SJ Says:

      Plus many hosts now have a career opportunity to move up since Lisa pretty much dominated prime time hours and became the high profile face of qvc fashion. A weekly gig with your name on it, a regular slot with PM style or Friday night beauty is what many of the younger hosts want while the older ones take more afternoon slots and aren’t interested in climbing the corporate ladder anymore. Now those working 3am may be able to get other shifts if they desire. I assume someone like Gabrielle may like those hours as she never seems to be in other slots. Alberti is being groomed to be the male hist who can do beauty and fashion and the gay boy with the flamboyant clothes seems to be popular… The old ladies like their gay boys.. Hopefully he won’t act as silly as David with his idiotic faces and dances – but thats what Q watchers like and what makes them buy. Alberti, don’t gain Davids weight. His six pack days on gay cruises are over

  6. Snark Says:

    She looked ridiculous

  7. Susan Says:

    I can’t remember QVC throwing an on-air party for any of the other hosts who have left the network in the ten years I’ve been watching, but Lisa’s last day did coincide with her last show so it was probably convenient. And, if Ava is right about QVC being a low rent operation, it was convenient and inexpensive! And maybe grudging. I think BeatleStone is right. I think QVC will take a big hit in ratings and sales with Lisa gone. Their merchandise has become increasingly boring and Lisa added some panache where it was needed.

    • Lynette Says:

      Oh heck yeah sales and ratings will decline for sure. Lisa was not the average host she reached all demographics unlike the others who mainly appeal to a very conservative person. Also they did spend close to an hour celebrating Kathy on her final show and stopped selling for that hour and all the hosts came out and sat and talked about how great she was. With Lisa they really didn’t do that on Friday and I felt they should have.

  8. Estrogen Says:

    QVC couldn’t remove her fast enough from the host page

  9. LindaSonia Says:

    Thought the whole event was pretty anti-climatic, actually, given her status and following. They’ve had shows before where there was a party off set. Could have been any day, any time, any one. Just a lot of background noise so it didn’t make a lot of sense.

  10. Sara James Says:

    It was a joke. She couldn’t just leave like other hosts before her. Even Levine, as big as she was there, knew how to make an exit. I saw Nick Chavez in the background at one point and I asked myself, “why was he there?” She has tossed him away when Golden Boy showed up with his greasy ,pump pump pump, bottles.Lisa really thinks she is a star, maybe on QVC she was told that but out in the real world, she isn’t going to be greeted in such gala. I’m very happy she is gone, now perhaps, the others can get their just dues. QVC isn’t going to die because a host has left and those of you who think this, well , you have to get out in the real world. She is gone, thank you Santa!

    • Susan Says:

      Just a minor point with respect to Sara’s comments. I don’t think the hosts make the decisions about which vendors will or won’t be featured. So to conclude that Nick Chavez was tossed in favor of the Wen guy by Lisa probably isn’t true. The shopping networks have to make as many dollars per air time minute as they can. If Nick’s products weren’t selling as much as Wen’s, he wasn’t going to get the air time. I don’t think the hosts have any say about it.

      • Sara James Says:

        Susan,,,,When Lisa was on with Nick, her hair looked fantastic,,,even the fake hair…. When golden boy came on,,,she couldn’t brag enough about him…Yet never did she ever show her real hair and for the most part, what we did see, that was her own, was as greasy as his. Nicks products are good and at least from what I have seen, the hair looks clean, not flat, dull and a mess… I would love to see Chaz boy, style someones hair and not rely on the backstage help to style the models hair and for heavens sake, let him shampoo his locks. He isn’t a good ad for what he sells. It would be like the lady who sells Rowenta Irons, standing with wrinkled clothes, claiming it was the best ..

      • Susan Says:

        Sara, I think Nick’s products are great and I use some of them. I can’t use the Wen products because I am unable to do any hands over head work without getting severe headaches. I did try Wen once, though, just to see what all the shouting was about and, honestly, it didn’t do much for my hair. So I wasn’t disappointed that my disability kept me from the “pump, pump, pump” activity as you so hilariously described it! I was just in “accuracy” mode. I really don’t think the hosts make the vendor decisions. A documentary I once saw about QVC seemed to indicate that it was all about numbers – literally how many dollars per minute (or something like that) the products were bringing in. But I could be wrong (and often am!).

  11. LINDA Says:

    The only reason Lisa was so popular and lasted so long is her looks, she is very attractive and has a nice voice. BUT, she was a robot on air and never had any substance to her on air talking, Repeating the same tired words over and over and over and over, She has horrible nails, looked like a fool with the fake hair, tan, horrible 80s style lined lips, but again, she is pretty and people loved her. She is so far from a fashion expert, she is a fashion don’t.

  12. BrendaS Says:

    I don’t understand all the vitriol. If you didn’t like her, you don’t watch her. You don’t follow her on Facebook and ignore anything to do with her. That is what I do with the hosts that I can’t stand, and there are plenty. All I see is jealousy in these comments. Very sad people. Get a life!

    • Lovie Says:

      Yet you still return to this blog over and over. You’re not a newbie here. You know everybody doesn’t like Lisa and will post comments that reflect that. If all you wanted to read were praises and well-wishes you could have gone to Lisa’s Facebook page. But you came here to be entertained by people’s varying opinions of Lisa. With all due respect, The very fact that you are here leaves very little room for you to judge others, regardless of what they might say.

      • BrendaS Says:

        I come to this blog because I am always curious about the comments. I really do not understand the hatred for
        Lisa. I could either take or leave her. I am also entitled to my opinion about others who post here.

    • Sara James Says:

      LOL,, thank you for the laugh, Brenda…..Is our time out over now? Now calm down honey and go take your chill pill,,there is life without La Lisa.

  13. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    I liked her. She oozed style and class. I wonder who is taking over PM Style on Mondays. I assume Shawn Killinger is. I would put in Sharon Faetch. She needs to move from the cooking segments. Actually I would pay and lure over Sarah Anderson or Heather Hall from ShopHQ.

    • Lynette Says:

      I think Courtney will be the one to take over. They seemed to really be focusing on her a lot lately and I heard QVC paid TLC to feature Courtney on their Wedding series to get her face out there

  14. endorphina Says:

    A great silent cheer went up throughout the building. The “classy” one would drive over AND back up over her grandma to get her way. Her greed drove colleagues out the door and she was only publicly tolerated by others. Vendors sucked up to get sales, period. Q created a monster and then got stuck with it for two decades. What viewers saw was a complete artifice. Complete. A real ugly nastiness resided under a very thin veneer.

    • Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

      Who did she drive out the door? Was it hosts? Its odd since they rarely leave and once get hired stay for many, many years.

    • Lovie Says:

      That was bone chilling.

      I don’t know if it’s true in Lisa’s case, but it’s indeed the case with the top money makers of most companies. Top producers inevitably become some of the meanest and most entitled people to work with. I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my day and it’s the same everywhere. The one who rakes in the most money is the one who makes likes life miserable for everybody else. …. and they get away with it because they know it will hurt the bottom line too much if they get fired. It’s their world and everybody else just lives in it. That is, until they jump ship for a bigger payday somewhere else. Yeah, the peasants might throw an obligatory going away party for the tyrant. But trust me, the REAL party starts when that person exits the building.

      Again, I don’t know anything about Lisa. I just find this to be the case in general.

    • Friend of pete Says:


      She is “NOT” so “PERFECTLY NICE IN THE BOYFRIEND” or “FRIEND” Department!
      ASK “PAUL KELLEY”! He dated( “Meal Ticket Male Friend per La Lis”) her for two years then “TWICE” asked her to MARRY HIM? HER REPLY, “2” trips to Plainfield, CT. ( so she could see her “SPECIAL SOMEONE”, any Guesses “WHOM”??? YEP “PETER FERREIRA HONORABLY DISCHARGED U.S.AIR FORCE VETERAN & Stalker # Three!)
      They MET IN “MAY 28, 1982”!!
      He was barely in the USAF 6 months, 10 days shy, & “19” YEARS OLD & Lisa was the “16” Yr old “PROM QUEEN” in Maryland, Washington DC “SUBURB”!
      Interesting “EVENING”!!!
      I & Pete still like to have the TRUTH, of “WHAT PROM QUEEN LISA DID “WITH/TO” AIRMAN BASIC PETE”, “IN” HER Parents Bedroom, “ALONE”,”ON” her Parents BED? Pete was SUFFERING FROM “SEVERE ALCOHOL POISONING” & was “UNCONSCIENCE” for several hours!!!

      Pete also said “LISA” had her Younger Sister plan & arrange a “PRIVATE WEDDING CEREMONY” for April 15, 2012! Everything went ACCORDING TO PLAN “UNTIL” PETE ARTIVED & DIS WHAT LISA WANTED HIM TO, Then HER FAMILY ” MUCKED EVERYTHING UP”!!! Note PETE’s FAMILY: 1) NEVER MET LISA YET! They saw her at the TRIAL on 10/11/2013, she wore “6 inch” HEELS & WALKED LIKE SHE WAS DRUNK!(Pete’s best description)
      2) WAS “NOT” @ the WEDDING!

      Why? He went to the Beach Rental House where he was to be HELPED to get Ready but the Woman that answered the Door said “HI PETE! YOUR EARLY, COME BACK LATER”??? HOW MUCH LATER?? WHO ARE YOU? Pete wanted to know!
      Then tge “LIMO” Lisa & her Sisters were in dropped off someone at another Rental then LEFT BACK TOWARDS Charleston, THIS HAPPENED ON ISLE OF PALMS, SC.!
      Pete then went to where the person whom got out of the Limo went to knocked on the Door, Lisa’s BROTHER-In Law Anserwed said “Can I help you” then closed the door and ghe OTHERS IN THAT APARTMENT “LAUGHED” & SAID RUDE COMMENTS as Pete walked down the Stairs! He heard them all!
      He then went to his car got a drink of Water then went to the Beach & a young “COUSIN” of Lisa’s was at the exit to the beach & when Pete passed they “GIGGLED”!
      After that Pete removed his shoes and started walking down the Beach “AWAY FROM THEM”!!
      Obviously they did “NOT” get Married!
      That “still” BOTHERS & HURTS PETE “TODAY”!!
      He wanted Lisa to FLY BACK DOWN & TRY IT AGAIN “WITHOUT EVERYONE ELSE”! BUT LISA BEING THE “VINDICTIVE BITCH FROM HELL” after Pete had a MISUNDERSTANDING with a Realtor @ an open house, she called the cops on Pete??? Disgusting WEALTHY PEOPLE!!
      He talked to the Cops & they “KNEW” whom he is from Lisa’s Brother-In Law & SISTER! They did a check for wants & warrents, “NOTHING” BS’d for 20 minutes, the Realtor old hag was watching so tgey gave her a “SHOW”!!! LMAO

      Lisa Was working with the BUYERS IN”ITALY”!! When she was texted by her Sister(?) of what happened Lisa “Threw her iphone at a wall & OBLITERATED IT”!!!
      She was FUCKING FUMING!!!
      Here is the “KICKER”: at Pete’s “PRE-TRIAL (Magistrate) Lisa testified then left but as she left the courtroom waiting area she yelled at her” Security &Entourage” : “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME”!!!! Then RAN DOWN THE HALL “CRYING”!!! The Sheriffs Deputies said “THEY NEVER SAW HER EVER DO THAT WITH THE OTHERS”!!!! They went into the Courtroom after & Told everyone in rhe back, Pete was Still there!


      YOU BET IT IS!!!


      Here is what puzzles me, & Pete’s Family & Friends:

      He still “LOVES & CARES ABOUT HER”????
      Go MEET HIM & ASK!!
      See his PAIN, HEARTBREAK, Fear for her safety & “LOVE FOR HER”!! NOT THAT “TV IMAGE”!!!


      He already has a title for a book “IF” they can get together to “Co-Write it”! He said What “GOOD IS ONE HALF OF THE EQUATION”??? NEED “HER SIDE & WHAT SHE EXPERIENCED ESPECIALLY THAT DAY Q EXECS ASSAULTED & CONFRONTED HER IN FEB 2004!!! Before that they had “NO CLUE HE EXISTED IN HER “LIFE””!
      HE ADMITS HE “FUCKED UP”!! Sending e-mails to her QVC.COM MAILBOX from January 2004 till March 2004!!

      The title: The Airman & The Prom Queen!

      • Bambi Says:

        We know what you’re saying above is clear in YOUR head. But on paper, it is poorly written and very confusing. Numerous misspellings also lessen credibility.

        Write in short, simple sentences. Otherwise, it is hard to digest.

    • Horseyak Says:

      This is an interesting comment. I’ve been studying handwriting analysis for about 25 years and , when the Q was still doing it, I’d get a Christmas card every year signed by all the hosts. Lisa had something in her signature that showed cruelty and I always wondered how accurate my observation was. From your post and her (
      To this day) incessant need for attention she surely sounds like a narcissist.

  15. Estrogen Says:

    endorphina says: how do you know this to be?

  16. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    I wonder if it was a coincidence that Pamela McCoy returned to ShopHQ same night Lisa left QVC.

  17. Susan Says:

    Endorphina, it sounds like you are closer to the situation than most of us. Can you tell us how you came by this information? Lisa’s self-deprecating humor may have deflected other interpretations of her personality. A good cover? Or is there a disaffected co-worker in the picture?

  18. Lovie Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if endorphina was right. People are very rarely what they seem to be on television. TV personalities are acting the majority of the time, if not all of the time. I can picture them griping about their job in the employee lounge just like everybody else does.

    No doubt Lisa managed to win a lot of people over during her career at QVC. Mostly women of a certain age who longed to emulate her. (Not sure why.) If any of us saw Lisa on the street, I doubt she’s give us the time of day. She might answer fan mail every now and then when she’s got a spare nanosecond, but my guess is that she’s like everybody else when the camera stops rolling.

  19. Pat Says:

    I also don’t understand the personal attacks. I do understand that she was not everyone’s cup of tea. No problem! Since I don’t know her, I don’t know if she was nice in person or not. I do know she was a good moneymaker for Q V C. I thought she was attractive for a nearly 50 year old woman and did her job well. Ps and by the way, I thought she looked thin, classy and confident last night.

  20. Ava Says:

    Pat. I agree with you. She was very professional and all of the big name designers at QVC wanted to work with her. Joan, Dennis, Laura, Judith, WEN. I saw her with that woman who sells argon oil and when they answered a call the caller was an elderly woman and Miss Argon was laughing at her. Lisa grabbed her arm to shut her up and never missed a beat. She was good at what she did. And I’m sure everything she did and said was scripted for her. None of them wing it.

  21. Joann Says:

    One thing I have to say for Lisa is that she knew her stuff and did her homework on the products. She was a big fish in a little pond at QVC and had many followers. I’d rather watch her that Shawn, Jane or Courtney. I change the channel when they come on. QVC will get another star, they’re not done yet. Whatever Lisa will do and I think she’s going into business with her B F F she will do well because she is that driven. At her age and stage in life you’d think she would want to take a breath and enjoy herself. Oh well, different strokes for different folks!

  22. Lynette Says:

    Lisa was probably the best and most entertaining home shopping host and she will be missed. I always loved watching her but I think she was tired and needed a break. It seemed to me watching her over the past couple of years that she just looked bored to tears.
    QVC won’t be the same without Lisa and I know everyone said that when Kathy left but Lisa was in a class all her own.

  23. Lynette Says:

    I also heard some rumors that there were contract issues and negotiations that QVC didn’t want to give in to

    • Susan Says:

      When there was no announcement of where Lisa was going next, that was the first thing that went through my mind. She had taken on at least one new large project (the GILI line) in the last year, and seemed more and more involved with the buying aspect of the Italian jewelry. She seemed to be spending a lot of business time in New York (which could have been related to GILI design and production) and she may have felt she should have a larger piece of the pie. Lynette’s suggestion makes more sense than anything else. If Lisa were going to join Leslie or Judith Ripka or another vendor, we might have heard of it as part of a publicity build up for the line since she still would be part of the QVC “family”. That QVC execs weren’t at the send-off, as many of you noted, seems more significant in light of Lynette’s comments.

      • Lynette Says:

        Yeah and it’s also odd that they had new GILI items all up until her last show, usually they would have slowed that down long before Lisa left.
        The only other thing is Lisa got an offer from someone/someplace that she couldn’t refuse. She’s 50 and in that business of entertainment your not valuable over 35 and Lisa knows that, so either she did land something better or negotiations fell through at QVC. When she announced she was leaving on air it seemed odd to be and abrupt. I guess over the next year we will know if Lisa got a better offer somewhere.
        Personally if I were making her kind of money at QVC no way would I leave at 50 without a better offer.
        I wish her luck because she did a great job on QVC and enjoyable to watch and she seemed like a nice person, all this talk that she’s a diva and arrogant off camera I just don’t buy.

  24. Estrogen Says:

    There is an online sight that lists the net worth of public figures. I have no idea if they know what they are takking about or they just guess, but they have her new worth as $5 million with a yearly salary of $1 million. If it’s true or even close to true, and I have my doubts, she can afford to take some time off from her next job.

    • Lynette Says:

      I heard that too. Now QVC brings in billions a year and Lisa was the top selling host and I’m not surprised that she would be making seven figures a year. Her home is said to be worth 800,000 when she had it built several years ago ( why a single woman needs all that house is beyond me) and I’m guessing over a million in today’s market. Colleen Lopez is said to have a net worth of 5 million also and she’s HSN’s top selling host, so yea Lisa could afford to do nothing if that’s true.

  25. Friend of pete Says:


    Lisa Robertson “NOT” leaving of her own free will!

    Liberty Inc. Back in March 2012 informed QVC it would “NOT” be Renewing her contract!
    Peter Ferreira incident in 2004! (this was BEFORE the latest legal lie Pete had against him by her employer, SHE IS A COWARD!)
    Her on going “LEGAL MATTERS”! Men & WOMEN harrasing/Stalking her! Over 10 @ last count!
    Why pay “1” HOST OVER $500,000 “PLUS PERKS”!
    Big in the “TEAL WORD NOW”! Growing 500% FASTER THAN WOMENS & CHILDRENS!
    Courtney, Kerstin, Nancy, Sandra & more for CLICKING TO THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS!
    Something Lisa can NOT do! She is all “1980’s”!

    Jacqui G. Is the “MOMMY HOST”! Need say more?

    I liked Lisa until I saw, verbally defamed then “LEARNED” about PETE FERREIRA FROM HIM & WHAT LISA “DID” for her “FAME & FORTUNE”!!!
    Betrayal, BRIBERY, PERJURY, GREED & most importantly her being a “COWARD”!!
    QVc in 2004 stated to the Westown Police “WE HAVE BEEN OBSERVING HIM SINCE JUNE 2003”???
    Yeah RIGHT! That is why you waited till April 2004 to DEFAME HIM & WRONGFULLY ACCUSE HIM THEN “RAILROAD” HIM IN YOUR COURT!
    See my previuos post for the details of WHEN & HOW PETE & LISA LANNEL ROBERTSON AND HER FAMILY MET IN “May 1982” & what Happened in 2003 @ the Miss Tenn. Pageant & Easter Sunday 2004!
    I have “MORE”!

    Pete’s PROBLEM!

    What a “TRAGEDY” for FAME & GREED!
    Pete is one of the NICEST PEOPLE YOU MEET, HONEST, CARING & ETHICAL! He does “NOT” want or Need to hurt or Harm anyone!
    As for Lisa:
    She has “ALL OF US FOOLED”!!!

    Just a TRANSPLANT, Lived in mostly Northern States until 1982, WHO IS A Georgia & TENN. BEAUTY QUEEN!

  26. carolyn simpson Says:

    lisa is too old to start another tv career.that ship sailed. i do believe what petes friend is saying. he has insider information that only a person would know if they were involved and from the area.. but really, who cares what lisa did or did not do? i like albany. she is natural and seems sincere

    • chare Says:

      Carolyn, don’t believe petes friend’s rants. that is the nutcase that was convicted of stalking Lisa. I remember his ranting style on other shopping message boards and blogs.

      • Friend of pete Says:

        Besides, LA LIS “WAS” last weeks news!
        She is “ONLY” a SALES PERSON!
        And VERY GOOD AT THAT!!
        You agree “CHARE”??
        I wish Lisa The Best!
        She is “ENTERTAINMENT”, between Stalkers, Fans & her own foolishness! Love reading the “DRAMA” on her Facebook page.
        In the “END”, we are NOBODY TO HER or PETE! “GOD” will be the Final Judge, NOT US!

        Peace be with you CHARE & others!
        HAVE A HAPPY, SAFE & MERRY HANNAKAH,(appologize for any mis-spelling) CHRISTMAS, KWANZA AND A JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

    • Friend of pete Says:

      Thank you!
      You are right!! PETE “LIVED THROUGH IT”! Whom else better to know!
      Truth hurts people even when it is right in front of them!
      If you talk to Pete, you will know he is honest about Lisa & what occured between them. Besides Lisa is “ONLY HUMAN” like the rest of us! Like to see a picture of Lisa @ 16? Seen Pete’s Air Force Portrait! He was a lot Thinner then! Its on his Facebook page but he is EXTREMELY PRIVATE! The photo Nancy Grace used, Was “ILLEGALLY OBTAINED” from his Facebook Profile!

  27. Friend of pete Says:

    Hey Linda,
    You met La Lis! What do you think?
    Pete lying or Victim? QVC is a very Wealthy & Powerful Corporation, they could Bully, LIE about, Control & Intimidate Pete, Lisa & how the Case ends! Money buys anything, including Cops & Judges, WE ALL KNOW THAT! Lisa is a lot Wealthier as Pete is a convicted Felon.
    This is what gets me! He is convicted because of Facebook posts? Why did Q not “BLOCK HIM” when they set up the account or he started posting??
    He came up again in February till June 2012?

    • MaryAnn Says:

      Yikes!!!! I think this guy is off his meds!!!!

    • carolyn simpson Says:

      friend of pete, are you pete? you are so angry and tormented by all of this. i can feel your pain and your rage

    • carolyn simpson Says:

      i forgot to mention that i dont use facebook or any media beside this one(because i admire linda and its fun) i am not so self absorbed as to believe anyone would be interested in my daily doings. nancy grace is a media whore i would never follow her. anyway, pete or petes friend, remember that you being happy is the best revenge. lisa will go on desperately searching for her fountain of youth an everyone will forget her.our world is teetering on self destruction, who gives a flying fuck about lisa robertson. i am buddhist i believe in karma

  28. Sammy Smegma Says:

    But will anyone miss her batting her eyelashes every other second?

    • MaryAnn Says:

      For those of you who trashed Lisa Robertson, last night QVC had “Fashionably Late With (Arrogant) Jane Brown”. Ugh! I already miss Lisa!

  29. Susan Says:

    I am no defender of Lisa Robertson (and she certainly doesn’t need my defense), but I’ve noticed that people who wear contact lenses (as Lisa does) are constantly “batting” their lashes and moving their eyes around. She also wears heavy duty false eyelashes, which probably makes the contacts even more uncomfortable. But I am really more interested in MaryAnn’s remarks about the “Fashionably Late” show last night. (I didn’t watch it or know it was on.). I haven’t seen Jane Brown on QVC very much, but I’m wondering what MaryAnn found “arrogant”. Just interested in your impressions. I have no opinion either way. The one thing I have noticed is that I don’t tune in to QVC any more after a quick check of the current show. And I am a big customer (since I can no longer drive or shop locally). I’m wondering just how much of an impact Lisa’s exit is having. If nothing else, I think she offered some “glamour” (terrible nails and all) to a format and merchandizing that has become dated.

    • Lovie Says:

      Despite the nay-sayers, I think QVC will survive just fine. They might experience a slight drop in viewership while Lisa’s fans cry in their beer, but they will emerge from their mourning eventually. In about six months it will be like Lisa never worked there.

  30. Barbara Says:

    Elegant? Seriously, people. She had THREE months, yes three months to prepare a well thought out farewell and what did she do? Nothing. It was handled like an unprofessional amateur. She had three months since she was given a six month notice that her contract was not going to be renewed in March, 2015 and stood there like a fool. “That is all I can talk”? What the hell was that???

    She did not leave on her own. Wake the hell up and connect the dots.

    • Lovie Says:

      I don’t know (or really care) why LR left QVC, but you’ll never convince her die-hard fans that QVC wasn’t begging her to stay. They just can’t fathom that maybe, just maybe, her time was simply up at QVC. It happens. Nobody is indispensable. Heck, look at what happened with Charlie Sheen. He WAS Two and a Half Men and they still didn’t have a problem giving him the boot when they got fed up with him. Ratings be damned. … and he was actually a real celebrity, not a shopping host.

      I’m sure QVC and LR will both land on their feet. Life goes on.

  31. Twat Waffles Says:

    Not even trying to be mean, but every time I channel surfed and would pass her doing a presentation I had to change the channel quickly due to all the eyelash batting this woman did.

    If my wife ever did that I think my eyes would go crazy!

  32. Barbara Says:

    I used to watch her for the snark. She was the best source, admit it. I taped her last four hours. After watching her on a regular basis for years and seeing her morph into a self absorbed narcissist with no vocabulary and then, not seeing her on the air for six weeks, I decided to take a look at those last four hours.

    She looks like a monster and sounds like an idiot. The obvious contour make up, the lip liner that Puerto Ricans don’t even wear any longer and those cut in half false eye lashes? The orange leather-like skin? The limited and repetitious product descriptions?

    QVC made the right decision to shit can her and Claire and should have done it AGES ago.

    • Susan Says:

      And yet, for better or worse, we can’t quite let her go! She’s been gone from QVC for weeks and more than five posts surfaced today – some about Antoinette Nester taking her spot on the Italian remotes, some about her batting eyelashes and the last one provided by Barbara above. I’m beginning to think that our comments about Lisa say more about us than they do about her! It would be interesting to have a psychologist’s reading on the whole phenomenon. On my own behalf, I do feel that something has gone out of QVC with her exit. I certainly had my own boatload of critiques about her performance (and someone needs to tie Shawn done and remove the word “monied” from her brain with any instrument that is a hand. The other hosts have been smart enough to avoid picking up that completely vulgar description). I don’t know what it is, but the Q seems flat and uninteresting without Lisa Robertson to kick around any more (as a famous ex-president once said). I’m trying to figure out what is missing for me at the Q these days. Maybe some of you have some thoughts of your own. It would be interesting to hear.

      • Barbara Says:

        I just commented because I got an e-mail notice. The word “moneyed” came from Lisa and Shawn is using it. (Bad move, Shawn.)

        QVC is boring because of what they have allowed the company to turn into. They have no products of any interest. Lisa was not able to come up with new ways of selling the same old crap. Everything was amazing, stunning, moneyed, Madison Avenue, etc. and that is only one of the reasons she is toast.

        As for her being kicked around? The money she raked in made it all worth it.

      • wallymarcel12 Says:

        I’m not a psychologist but I’ve done extensive research on narcissistic personality disorder and the reason anyone is obsessed with the topic of Lisa R is because these people, if you want to call a narcissist a person, have a way of taking up tapeworm status in your brain. Somehow through years of learning how to manipulate people they figure out how to do this. Even trained therapists wrestle with this phenomenon. My theory is that somehow, we take on the narcissist’s self obsession the more time we spend with them. If you watched the Q for as long as she was on, that’s a lot of years.

      • Jose Says:

        Lisa becomes a topic when it’s time to go back to Italy. They did not go this year so it’s a moot point.

  33. jessica Says:

    WOMEN need to learn to be team players and value one another’s, success stories instead of tearing successful women down. This woman is a success story! We need more successful women and less jealousy! WORK hard and find you own success.

    • Barbara Says:

      No, you are sadly mistaken. Lisa was NOT RENEWED. She was told in September that when her contract expired in March, 2015 she was DONE. Seems Lisa had a huge ego and believe it or not, a potty mouth. Too many people complained and she was let go ALONG WITH Claire Watts. Both were told at the same time.

      As for QVC’s prices? Mistaken again. Everyone has better prices than QVC does!!!

      As for women have some sort of obligation to automatically support other women? You must be joking. Who came up with that lame rule?

      My support goes to PEOPLE that deserve it. If you are a woman and you are doing something silly, you are going to hear about it. Granted, I will be labeled with something nice like “basher” or “jealous”, but I’m not at all.

      Too bad so many women end up looking so silly when they blindly support other women when the do not deserve it.

      Stop loving Lisa so much and wise up.

  34. RichgirlCA Says:

    Lisa grew out of QVC. Jealousy and angry coworkers were her end. She was the favorite for many years then GILI came along and that’s when it all began to change. Lisa had all the prime selling time slots/shows and remote gigs, which earns her the most Top selling hosts makes the most! Replacing Lisa on Friday night with arrogant Jane and fatso/boring/fake Pat is a huge mistake!!! QVC needs new talent all together. The majority of the hosts are age 40 and older. Both Dan’s, Both Jane’s, Marybeth, Pat, Antonella, Albany, Nancy Hornback, Jennifer Coffey, Carolyn Gracie, Leah, actually almost every one of them. Lisa will succeed wherever she lands because she has drive and is a savvy business woman. QVC sucks but they basically have a monopoly, so good luck finding consistent, lower prices elsewhere.

  35. Barbara Says:

    Nice comments. So much for “women supporting women”!!!

    Lisa cannot find a job, dear. She is also NOT a businesswoman. She was a sales clerk for twenty years. Her college degree is obsolete.

  36. Susan Says:

    April 2015 and I thought I was “just lucky” not to have to see Lisa Robertson on QVC. Just found out she was fired. YEEAAA!!!!

    The fake tan, fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake hair (extensions), Eminem’s wife’s 10 shades too dark lip liner to go along with the 10 pounds of makeup caked on her face. Can you imagine how she smelled with the everyday self tanner? And I feel sorry for her skin and pillowcases, because you KNOW her vanity would NEVER allow her to remove her caked on makeup. Complete nightmare. Halloween.

    What truly grated my last nerve was her CONSTANTLY looking at herself in all the monitors. It got so predictable and old. We had a drinking game – each time LR looked at herself in a monitor, we had to drink. We would be drunk in 20 minutes.

    Finally some intelligence and professionalism. Good riddance and happy day for viewers.

  37. Debra halcrow Says:

    After several months following Lisa Robertson’s departure, QVC has survived and new hosts have filled in the gaps….a lesson,about life, no one is irreplaceable….

    • June Bug Says:

      The funniest part of her not being there? Her fans said they were not going to buy from QVC any more. Well, if she quit, why is that QVC’s fault? That proves how stupid they are. Not to mention clueless.

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