ShopHQ Honcho Bozek Calls Us ‘Bitter,’ ‘Bitchy’

It didn’t take too long for our honeymoon with ShopHQ’s new management to end. In fact, the network’s head honcho Mark Bozek called us “bitchy.”

Sticks and stones, Mark!

We’ve done several recent blogs critical of CEO Bozek’s plans to rebrand the No. 3 home shopping network as Evine Live. We really can’t make head-nor-tail of the name change and the meaningless management-speak that Bozek and his new crew have used to explain it.

Our buddy Mark Bozek

Our buddy Mark Bozek

And we have written as much.

We also blogged recently on ShopHQ’s debut of a food line linked to the Discovery Channel reality hit “Deadliest Catch,” a show that one of Bozek’s boys created, producer Thom Beers.

(As our friend Robin pointed out, perhaps it’s not a good idea to associate a seafood line with the name “Deadliest Catch,” but we digress.)

Beers is also on ShopHQ’s board. WE MADE A MISTAKE (Bless me father, for I have sinned, through my fault, through my fault …) when we read a recent ShopHQ SEC filing, and thought that Beers had left the board.

We were wrong, as a testy Bozek informed us in a curt email. The subject line said “Check your facts.”

“It’s okay to be bitchy and bitter in your ‘reporting,’ Linda,” Bozek wrote. “But get your facts right. Thom Beers is still on our board of directors.”

So there!

Mea culpa for our error. But here’s the thing. We are writing a blog, which means we are offering our opinion. That is basically by definition what a blog is. For someone who claims to be trying to turn ShopHQ into a digital dynamo, Mark Bozek doesn’t seem to have a clue about an Internet basic.

And Mark Bozek, if you think we are bitchy and bitter, you should take a look at sites like “Gawker,” or “Television Without Pity”‘s home shopping forums — and pray that they never take aim at ShopHQ.

And by the way, Bozek wrote us an email expressing his displeasure with us right after his new management team took over at ShopHQ. We had written a blog saying that ShopHQ vendors and hosts must be nervous wondering what their fates to be.

Bozek essentially told us to knock it off, not to make his people nervous. Dude, new management usually brings in its own folks, makes changes. That is what Bozek promised when he set out to ouster Keith Stewart.

We let that pass, but no more.

As we blogged, the New York Post wrote a glowing puff piece on the rebranding of ShopHQ to Evine Live, saying that Bozek is out to revolutionize home shopping or some crap like that.

We fear the emperor has no clothes, and he doesn’t like it when someone like us points it out.

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25 Responses to “ShopHQ Honcho Bozek Calls Us ‘Bitter,’ ‘Bitchy’”

  1. GinaC Says:

    His response comes across as if he is a bit “nervous” . The new name is not “catchy” enough to be effective. This channel needs more than a new name. How about better programming (I like watches but not “hours” worth); hosts that are trained to give more details on products; how about a shopping cart that can be saved for more than a second. Digital dynamo….just give us great products and great customer service!

    • Lovie Says:

      You are sooooo right about the watches! I’ll continue to call ShopHQ “The Invicta Channel”, no matter how they rebrand themselves. Good grief. There aren’t even enough people still wearing watches for them to be trying to cram them down our throats the way they do. Enough already!

  2. Twat Waffles Says:

    With a name like Bozek (which is close enough to the street name for a condom Bozak) he should keep his ugly mug shut!

    Look at his face, no lips and a smile like he’s thinking of man-meat.

    Look at him and look he plucks his brows, I’m a guy and I don’t pluck anything.

    Bitter & Bitchy sounds like this blog has upset him (or maybe his revenue #’s) either way what a maroon to even make the remarks.

    My HD tv CRINGES when their channel comes on as it can’t decipher if it’s crap in a box or crap in a can. Sometimes we watch Invictards for laughs and to catch their outright bogus claims during presentations.

    Am I being bitchy and bitter Mr. Bozek? I guess with a name like Twat Waffles I should be eating breakfast with a naked Swedish babe.

    Look at his forehead it has Frankenstein appeal. What an ugly man, I bet they had to get his mother drunk to breast feed him.

    Bozek is so ugly kids ring his bell on Halloween and throw candy at him.

    ShopHq is the land of misfit toys!! What a CHEEZY network. Ohhhh damn I could crap myself with laughter just thinking of them.

    This man is a BOZO!

  3. AprilD Says:

    Bravo Linda. Great comments. I think he is a high priced, no talent, no idea what he is doing a—hole and he will destroy ShopHQ. Which I reiterate is a great name. I shop there almost daily but it is getting harder and harder. No interest in the “Deadliest Catch” and I am passing on all his new crap. I am planning to just totally tune them out once all the “improvements” come in. By the way, like I said before, I have shopped there since the ValueVision days and I liked Kathy Levine at QVC back in the day. No longer interested in seeing her on air or online in ANY capacity. That ship sailed a long time ago!

    • Lynette Says:

      They need to bring in quality products and not fake TV celebrity products that are junk. Consumers are slowly becoming savvy and are getting fed up with lies and inferior products. ShopHQ needs somebody who gets that. To me these Cso’s etc etc are insulting to the consumer.

  4. LINDA Says:

    Why do you always say we and us? It’s just you…..

  5. Kim Says:

    “Other” Linda–she says “we” and “us” because we read her–duh! Anyway……….Bozek sounds like a sensitive jerk. Keep up the good work, Linda!

  6. Sara James Says:

    Mr. Bozek.
    Take the stick out of your ass, its not making you any bigger than you think you might be. I have spent a great deal of monies at ShopNBC, however since this is what you think of the customers, especially Linda, then I think its time to move on. From what I can see now, you are searching for straws to get viewers. You hire hosts who are, sloppy thirds at this point,plus you have a disgusting attitude. I will take my monies elsewhere and you sir,,,,well you know where you can go………………………………

  7. yourbestfriendornot Says:

    He’s right. Or do you only allow Robertson-type sycophancy here?

  8. dianewargaarias Says:


  9. Carrie M Says:

    Look like he’s a bit sensitive! And by the way – the new name SUCKS and makes zero sense. Stoo-pid….

  10. Marmalade (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Hi Linda great job exposing him misogynists need to be exposed to sunlight. I posted about what you did to which is part of which is part of Gawker. I can confidently say we at groupthink have your back. Here is the groupthink link

  11. Carrie Roemer Says:

    We…isn’t he…”SPECIAL?”

  12. Les Says:

    Did anyone really think Bozek was special. Do you really think he wants to be in MN. for the long term. Look he was a junior player at QVC, one of Diller’s boys, then Diller got him to be the CEO at HSN where he basically failed. Now he teams up with a bunch of smacked-ass corporate raiders. Do you think it is because he loves ShopNBC err. Evine, or its employees. Please he is no different than our boys Keith or Mike at QVC, or Mindy who want to perceived a benevolent leaders instilling great values and expertise but in reality they are very shallow individuals who value greed above everything. Screw the employees and their families, who cares about the customer. Get the most money for themselves in the shortest time possible before their lack of talent gets them fired.

  13. Brent Durr Says:

    What a clown this guy is. With a near dead entity like he has he should be kissing every back side he can.

  14. Queen Celeste Says:

    “Bitchy and bitter” do sound like misogynistic comments, as Marmalade noted. I hope this doesn’t mean things won’t bode well for the female hosts. As a watcher since 1990 or 1991, I’m worried about it all.

    By the way, I noticed that the American-made line Sweet Romance is all on clearance, and I hope that doesn’t mean it’s being phased out. Shelley Cooper has been with all incarnations of the channel, so I trust she is shown some loyalty.

  15. Kate Says:

    Doesn’t the relationship between Beers and Evine (he’s on their board and there’s a product line based on his show?!) seem a bit too cozy?

  16. Lynette Says:

    Maybe he needs to rethink the current vendors which imo are CVS and Dollar Tree level and not good at all. Also the hosts are like watching paint dry. That host who debuted Pamela McCoy’s new line needs to go. They need Charla back and possibly get some of the former QVC and HSN hosts who ppl have come to know. As long as Suzanne Somers and Invicta are there I refuse to turn that channel on

  17. Lynette Says:

    Boxes will ruin what’s left of shopHQ. He also should start by bringing in new products and get rid of the junk they sell now. Does he read the reviews on the products?!?

  18. carolyn simpson Says:

    tell bozek to eat shit and die

  19. Keith Says:

    What’s troubling is Bozek is such a fraud that he believes he is qualified to be a CEO. So far from it. He is a modern day snake oil salesman. First he conned Diller at Fox, then he’s a low level guy at QVC and then again for Diller the CEO at HSN before he’s pushed out. Flubs around for years doing nothing but burning through money and then cons the Clinton Group to go after Shop. Then sells he’s flunky name to Shop for money and drives the stock in half. Why is this guy still there. Where is the outrage.

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