QVC Alum Kathy Levine Joining Pam McCoy On ShopHQ

Well, there’s plenty shaking in the home shopping world in Minnesota: Not only is Pam McCoy returning to ShopHQ, ex-QVC host Kathy Levine is joining that cold crew.

Levine, known for her love of “big honker” jewelry when she was on QVC, appeared in a video clip on ShopHQ Tuesday night to announce that she was coming to the network, soon-to-be-rebranded as Evine Live, as a “roving reporter.”

She made it clear that she is not going to be a host.

Then, bitch claimed that she had her first scoop for Evine Live, that former ShopHQ host and vendor McCoy was coming back to ShopHQ/Evine Live with a clothing line.

Girlfriend, we already blogged that! You ain’t got no scoop!

McCoy appeared in the video, as well. She comes to ShopHQ Dec. 12 and 13, and frankly seemed a bit put off by Levine’s fat mouth. So were we.

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25 Responses to “QVC Alum Kathy Levine Joining Pam McCoy On ShopHQ”

  1. Sally Says:

    Wow talk about new and exciting!!! I thought is was the History Channel with these two dinosaurs groping each other. Great inspiring programming.

  2. Joe Says:

    I’ve always liked Kathy Levine in the past. Good to see her back in the home shopping world. However..I thought that Evine video was wretched. Just awful. I almost thought I was watching a parody.

    Btw, didn’t Kathy have some sort of jewelry or clothing line called “Evine”?

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Somewhat surreal. Is it wrong to say I’m so sure that I’m looking forward to seeing Kathy Levine on a regular basis?! I do look forward to Pamela and her coats.

    And yes, you had the scoop, Miss Moss.

  4. Abigail Says:

    Irvine Live needs some new PR people, this stuff is sounding to sound so scripted and phony, that its as believable as reality TV.

  5. Susan Says:

    Gosh, I guess the “Nasty Girls” reside on this forum as well. I thought it was just on the QVC “forums”! I guess Sally has time for both of them.

  6. BrendaS Says:

    We are going backwards not forward. There goes the last decent shopping channel. I will have to find something else to watch. I am not looking for entertainment here. So sad.

  7. LINDA Says:

    I can’t believe this channel is still in business. The worst show hosts, products and sets. They are a distant 3rd place shopping channel and I’m afraid this new venture will end up like the great WORLDWIDE SHOPPING NETWORK that most hosts left for and it went bye bye a month later.

  8. A Casual Observer Says:

    It’s all wonderful!

  9. Lisa Says:

    If you are looking for catty comments this is the best place ever.

  10. Mark Says:

    Ok, but so what about Donna Salyer are her Fabulous Furs? Donna is such a pro, but I do get a kick out of watching Pamela for some reason….

  11. LindaSonia Says:

    Am I the only one curious about the name of the channel changing to Evine Live and Kathy returning (NOT as a show host) and her last name is LEVINE????? which is almost like LiveEVINE?? wassup with that? or did I miss something?

  12. Queen Celeste Says:

    Can’t help wondering where all this leaves Carmela Sterling. I hope she stays and is seen on air as a show host sidekick, or whatever the term is. To me she is the heart of ShopHQ, not to mention a co-founder.

    • carolyn simpson Says:

      carmela is wonderful. she should have her own show.she is soft spoken and so knowledgable. she made value vision worth watching

  13. Kelly Says:

    From what I heard Kathy will pop on every now and then and the idea sounds distracting and silly.
    she should just return as a host and be done with it instead of thinking she’s too good for it. Trust me after a few months she will disappear from the network like she did with her clothing and jewlerey line from hsn and QVC. Nobody likes or watches Shophq and this new idea will fall flat because hsn and QVC have the market covered

  14. Kelly Says:

    Who the heck is that old woman selling cheap fake fur coats? Is she designing for drag queens or women?

  15. JOE Says:

    Retreads, just like all the X QVC employees

  16. Lynette Says:

    Well I can honestly say the network has a chance but they have to get rid of their current vendors. 99% of the products on Shophq look like Dollar tree junk and dated. Suzanne Somers is nothing more than a crook and I met one of her backup dancers friend and he told me when one of Suzanne’s dancers contracted HIV Suzanne fired him and wouldn’t even accept his phone calls or respond to his letters and sorry but that tells me who she really is. I also saw a Dateline episode a few hrs back and they said Suzanne refused to do a charity event unless she was paid to show up and major demands. Very very bad ppl her and her huckster husband

  17. carolyn simpson Says:

    was so happy to see pam mccoy back. her coats are beautiful . i hope she brings back her tissavel line,she looks great by the way,now levine is a different story. she had work done too, but she is still unattractive .plus,she is a mouthy and arrogant and never seems to know when to shut up

  18. Marianne Malec Says:

    I really like Shop HQ. It is the only network I watch anymore regarding shopping. The other networks show the same products over and over. Every time I watch QVC it is the same Susan Graver fleece jacket from 10 years ago. Are you kidding?

  19. R. Imes Says:

    Shop HQ needed someone to revamp their shopping network. Who better than Kathy Levine who with Bob Bowersox took th first shopping network and transformed it into the multi billion dollar network it is today. If she is working part time in front of the camera, I don’t doubt she will be working her retail magic behind the scenes.

  20. Joan Toto Says:

    What happened to host Connie Kumkel?
    Suddenly she was not there snymore.
    Also don’t see Libby on Jewelry TV anymore.

  21. marie Says:

    take that shop show off

  22. Rae Says:

    Changes are good, SOMETIMES! I forgot about Karen talk-a-lot!
    She left eons ago to do her own entrepreneurial thing, what happened?
    I don’t even watch this shopping channel, and haven’t for long over 10 years, I flipped thru channels and saw EVINE? I watched for maybe 10 minutes – not impressed whatsoever. Before all the changes I looked forward to watching….. bunch of crap .

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