HSN CEO Mindy Grossman Chats On Bloomberg TV

For those curious to hear about HSN’s strategy from the horse’s mouth, take a peak at clips from CEO Mindy Grossman’s interview Wednesday on Bloomberg TV.

Grossman appeared on “In the Loop with Betty Liu” to discuss the key strategies on how retailers will be successful throughout the holiday season.

Here are some talking points from Grossman’s chat:

* Betting Big on Mobile
* Consumers Are Smart And They Understand Value
* Making The Shopping Experience Personal
* Entertainment and Celebrity Partnerships Drive Engagement

A replay of the video is here:



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5 Responses to “HSN CEO Mindy Grossman Chats On Bloomberg TV”

  1. Keith Says:

    Getting tired of hearing mobile as the new mecca of shopping especially as it applies to televised shopping. Mobile shopping is not additive. It is merely another way to order something you either saw previously on TV or that you viewed on the mobile’s internet ap. It is just a lame excuse from Mindy and others that want to appear hip and trendy but it really lends to little or no growth to the demographics that home shopping services serve.

    The rest of her comments are just rehashed comments that could have been made 20 years ago.

    Sorry but home shopping is a very mature business that will go the way of the catalog show rooms in ten years or so.

  2. AprilD Says:

    I totally agree about mobile shopping. I only purchase something on my phone or tablet after I looked at it online, tv or a brick and mortar. However, I think the tv shopping medium has a while to go as there are many of us old dinosaurs around. By the way, HSN has turned me off so much with their theatrics and hysteria I no longer watch and rarely shop there. It is also obvious they are going for the ethnic market. I wonder why she didn’t mention this?

  3. SUSAN Says:

    Mindy, Mindy, Mindy celebrity is NOT a way to keep the customers engaged it makes me RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!! Most of these celebrities just add their name to something someone else designed/developed…..the only one I know that was successful was Joan Rivers because she really cared about the clothes she designed and now she has passed away. The way to keep customers engaged is VARIETY and UNIQUENESS in your products and programming and stop showing us stuff we can buy locally cheaper without the shipping!!!!!

    • Bella mastrianni Says:

      I agree..lol, forgot to mention the celebrity fixation in my looong post. Celebrities are there to entertain. They do not influence who I vote for, how I live, or what I buy. HSN has become over the top celebrity obsessed! And one that backfired BADLY was Mariah Carey. Her wares were junk, and she had psychotic episodes each time she was on! I felt so sorry for Adam Freeman when he did her last preggers shoe from her home.I like Adam; he’s a nice guy. I wondered at the time if he was being punished. Some stuff is OK, but do they have to bring in all celebrity vendors….especially those who push junk?

  4. Bella masrtrianni Says:

    While Grossman has made sales better, there are many vendors who still push shoddy products. And she let go Rachel Huber.. and more I can’t think of, and kept a few that she shouldn’t have. The curations lady, in addition to being obnoxious, brings in over priced junk. I ordered a $300 bag from her…sold by Colleen Lopez, and with about a week of GENTLE use it was unraveling and the “suede” was so thin it was revealing spots of the underneath cloth. It went back, along with an outfit that was cheaply made and poorly sized. I won’t go on about the bad vendors; let me instead list the ones who are good. Some of those are ommited as I haven’t used/seen their wares.
    Antthony. Good workmanship; his clothes live a long time and are easy care. I have a top that I bought from him in 2001 or 2002….I’m still wearing it about once a month and it’s just beginning to show wear. And, it’s crushed velour. His clothes are good and well sized.
    Nicky Butler. His prices have gone up like the metals he uses, but the quality is still there. Again, pieces I bought in 2000 are still being worn and admired. Recent purchases have not disappointed.
    Andrew Lessman. The best supplements. Period. Then, and now.
    Jay King. Again, wearing pieces both sturdy and delicate from 2000. Love my recent pieces, too.
    Colin Cowie. A newer vendor, but quality products. I have a couple serving sets. A friend has some bigger things….his hanging fireplace for one. Both of us are happy with his items.
    There are more, I’m sure….I haven’t tried or seen at my friends’. One line that went downhill badly is Signature club A. Another vendor, now gone, who cheapened and downgraded her products was Suzanne Somers. Some of the products get horrid reviews but are still on there. Joy Manganos products are really flimsy and poorly made….the hook on huggable hangers doesn’t even rotate. Her steamers are terrible. I sent back 3 for not working or not working properly, then gave up. My sis bought a set of Iman luggage for her college bound daughter; it fell apart on the plane between L.A. and New Mexico. Unfortunately, she ate it….it was passed the 30 day return point by the time my niece took her trip. On HSN reviews, there are many similar stories. One of my coworkers was into the colleen fave things… the clothes were sized differently, and some fell apart. Her jewelry seems to be OK.
    So, Mindy is making a large percent of her suce$$ off selling crap to people who mostly get stuck with it. Read the reviews, and remember that most of your audience is 60+ years old. The newbies don’t have much disposable income. And one other thing…please ditch the heavy sets. If I’m looking at clothes, or electronics….or anything…I don’t want to see elaborate living rooms with clunky furniture or huge faux fireplaces. That’s why I never liked watching qvc! Go back to your clean sparse modern sets from late ’90s-earliest 2000s. That way the product being shown is the focal point. I see you’ve lightened some of it, please get rid of the living rooms and bulky stuff. I don’t buy anymore and don’t watch but very rarely. I was a good customer 15 years ago. Say what you will…there was better merchandise then. So Mindy Grossman can try to shove home shopping down the throats of the 20-and30-somethings; but she’s losing us 45+ with her screeching salespeople and junky wares.

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