ValueVision, ShopNBC, ShopHQ, Evine Live?

Honestly, we’re not sure if we remember all of the monikers that the No. 3 home shopping network has had over the years. And we don’t like the latest one.

It started out of ValueVision. We think it next changed to ShopNBC, but we may have missed a name here.

Then it was rebranded as ShopHQ under Keith Stewart’s reign, and we actually that was a pretty good name.


But on Tuesday the new management at ShopHQ, led by Mark Bozek, announced that it was renaming the network yet again, immmediately, as Evine Live Inc., “marking an important next step in the Company’s long-term strategy to become a true digital commerce company.”

Effective Thursday, the company’s NASDAQ trading symbol will also change from VVTV to EVLV.

“EVINE Live will focus on all things digital,” the press release said. “The ‘Es’ that bookend the EVINE Live brand speak to the ease, exclusivity and energy of this new entertaining consumer experience. The inclusion of the word ‘Live’ is all about real-time impulses to act and interact on all digital platforms.”

You got that corporate speak?

“On the heels of a solid third quarter, we strongly believe definitive change and innovation are necessary to build on our recent momentum and drive the Company to the next level,” Bozek, CEO of EVINE Live, said in a canned statement.

“We believe that fully embracing this new transformation will enable EVINE Live to forge new paths and new relationships that allow us to be far more competitive, far more creative, and far more disruptive on all our platforms,” Bozek said. “EVINE Live has the opportunity to be fearless in our strategies to transform the worlds of retail and entertainment while, at the same time, driving greater customer engagement.”

The network said that it expects to transition from doing business as “ShopHQ” to “Evine Live” over the coming months, with the complete rebranding planned to take place in the first half of next year.

Russell Nuce and Mark Bozek

Russell Nuce and Mark Bozek

In the coming months, the channel intends to introduce new proprietary brands from the worlds of fashion, beauty, jewelry, home and fitness.

“This new approach should enable us to build a stronger foundation for long-term growth,” added Bozek.

The company also announced that Russell Nuce has joined as its Chief Strategy Officer, reporting to Bozek.

“Russell has been a longtime colleague whose experience in strategy, licensing, corporate law and entertainment will help provide the architecture for all that comes next,” Bozek said.

We haven’t listened to the analyst call yet about this news, and the network’s third-quarter results. More on that in another blog.

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38 Responses to “ValueVision, ShopNBC, ShopHQ, Evine Live?”

  1. AprilD Says:

    Totally STUPID name. I bet they paid some idiot advertising company a bunch of money to come up with it. What a retarded new management team. HATE the new name and I shop there! This will be a total turnoff….might actually send me to another network. These people might be trying to disassociate themselves from the old management but this is NOT the way to do it. The ShopHQ name makes sense for this type of business. Better than HSN or QVC. I am totally astounded at their stupidity! The change will also cost the company a fortune. This is someone’s EGO at work.

  2. Helene Says:

    A couple of years ago, former QVC host Kathy Levine was touting EVINE as the new way to shop. She asked that people check back to the website for a launch. She even did a little promo on the website. She never mentioned it again so I assumed it wasn’t taking off.

  3. AprilD Says:

    Linda, I looked up the name thing…there was a channel CVN, in the same geographic area, which QVC purchased in 1989. Some of the hosts went to QVC, Mary Beth Roe, Judy Crowell, Dan Wheeler etc. the hosts that were not picked up by QVC started Value Vision (Pam and Wes McCoy included)…I have been watching this stuff way too long.

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    just how is it pronounced? sounds like a pill for erectile dysfunction

  5. Toby Says:

    This is almost going to be like a new shopping channel. It will still be home shopping, still your favorite vendors, and host but the look and interaction and procedure of shows will change. Shop HQ name happened because they couldn’t use the “NBC” name any more. No changes in the business happened, just the name. This new evine live is an overhaul of the business and give viewers a way to interact more live in the show. Often time post in this blog and comments there is a lot of understandable criticism on procedures and look of that channel as it is now. I would think readers would embrace this change.

    • AprilD Says:

      Shoppers are not embracing this change. Those of us over 20 are not interested AT ALL in either interactive shopping or entertainment shopping. Like we have said a million times, give us quality products at good prices and skip all the rest of the crap. It adds to the cost of the products we are buying (including celebrity endorsements) and we are not interested. If you are looking to dump the over age 25 customer you will succeed. Most of your customers can’t even stand those stupid live callers. The Facebook and Live Chat stuff is also asinine for anyone with an IQ.

    • Angelique Says:

      The reason that you all have to change the name so often is because you have the word’s worst customer service. It’s not about the consumer experience or anything else. By now you should be smart enough to understand that lousy customer service is what’s lost you business…and it doesn’t look as though anything whatsoever has changed in that regard

      • Christine Towle Says:

        I agree. I bought a ring once from when it was shopNBC, after wearing it three times, a stone fell out. I tried getting it replaced or refunded with no luck. That was my first and last purchase. I the other hand, I purchased something from qvc, it was stolen from my door step, they sent me a new one, no questions asked and apologized even though it wasn’t really their fault. I’ve been a faithful customer of qvc ever since. I like hsn too. They really missed the mark with their do over. I think there is a big market they are ALL missing, but I’ll hold my tongue and introduce a fourth player one of these days! 🙂

    • Barbara Says:

      The name is a big turn off.

  6. Carrie W Says:

    I understand the changes but goodness can’t they come up with a better name which makes some sort of sense? It’s means nothing to me the new name.

  7. carolyn simpson Says:

    wow, i agree 100% with everyone. i couldnt have said it better except for toby. i get the impression that toby works for the network.

  8. Linda W Says:

    Been with ShopHQ a long time. hate the new name. Not sure what changes are coming, but I bet some hosts will be fired . Wondering which product lines will be dropped as well? The statement issued was just corporate gobble-de-goop. Tell us in plain language what changes are coming.

  9. Coffeecup Says:

    I can’t stand the Evine name. It doesn’t say “shopping” to me at all. Sounds like ShopHQ is just trying to copycat other social media names; there is already a photo/commenting site called Vine. As for the hope that customers will “embrace” the changes, sorry Toby, I have ZERO interest in interacting live with the show. All I want to do is see the product, decide if the price is good, place my order and get outta there. I do NOT want any “disruptive” experiences. This Evine thing might just disrupt us over to the competition. Why ruin everything for the loyal longtime ValueVision, ShopNBC and ShopHQ shoppers by cluttering up the TV channel and website with juvenile social media trivia? I am so sick and tired of all this blather about Facebook and twitter, neither of which I use. I repeat: I don’t want to interact! I just want to shop. The company should stick to the basics: good products and good customer service. Have these corporate suits ever heard of core competency? It means, stick to what you do best.

  10. Rosereally Says:

    I watched an episode last night of “Bar Rescue”. The very smart John Tapper told the bar owner that 3 name changes in 3 years is a guarantee of customers leaving because the business looks like a loser. Wake up you decision makers. You are killing your company.

  11. Nite99 Says:

    AprilD said it all! My feelings exactly!

  12. Karla Says:

    All I know is this change so soon and still no new African American Hosts is not a good look. I’ve been shopping with them since 2004. I love the sheets with value pay. HOWEVER, I think they need to understand if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
    They really need to find some AA hosts. I don’t shop at JTV due to their lack of on air diversity. I will let this channel go as well.

    • jeweljunky Says:

      I think dropping a shopping channel because they don’t have African American hosts is ridiculous . Check the other shopping channels all black and white hosts. I guess I should drop all three channels because there are no Hispanics or Asian hosts. Yes I agree, would be nice if there was more diverse hosts but for all ethnic backgrounds not just African Americans.

  13. jeweljunky Says:

    …and yet another name??…I have been shopping and following this channel since it was Value Vision. Can someone explain what the name means? Is it an acronym and if so what does it stand for? Is it referring to vines as the little video excerps on instagram and YouTube? It’s going to take a while for people to embrace this weird name. Customers cannot connect with the name. I can’t. I don’t mind a little change but, why the name. What a shame. Please don’t change the name anymore!

  14. Jeff j Says:

    I agree, totally strange stupid name. Don’t like it at all, makes me want to quit shopping there.

  15. mykee Says:

    why not the other direction?
    ALL programs get prerecorded ? THEN WE GET JUST THE FACTS NO FLUFF NO FILLER & no call in’s OR tweets.
    NONE WERE EVER NEEDED in the past.
    i called to tell the on air host (& THEIR GUEST SHILLS)
    OPTIONS : we can STILL buy local. but do it while you still can.

  16. Twat Waffles Says:

    No matter how many times they change their name it’s still the same old desperate shill of a network.

    Overly pretentious?

    Transparent and shallow?

    Eyal Lalo is on the set?

    Allison Waggoner overselling big time?

    Daniel Green can’t flip his omelet with his 65mm Incrapta watch on his tiny English wrist.

    Elliot (I am a lawyer) Smith and his insincere delivery on all things technology.

    Crabs and mass produced watches and Tim Temple their own resident 6′ 6″ Horology gorilla. No Tim, you don’t try too hard to sell crap that you peddle.


    I got it!!!

    Their new name should be “We Suck Live”


    They would sell their own mothers ashes to make a buck!

  17. ToCorporateExecsInACloud Says:

    I agree with others. I don’t see why they couldn’t just leave the name the same. The name ShopHQ was perfect and the logo (with the HQ inside Shop) was cute and plenty trendy. We just got used to the last change. I hate it when other shows start splattering all those tweets, etc. on the screen. As AprilD said … just give us quality products at a reasonable price. One of the best parts about ShopHQ was that the shipping costs were good compared to others and now QVC is changing their shipping charges (to compete I’m sure). Hmmmm…. just gives me more reason to shop with QVC.

  18. Bob fountaine Says:

    Great array of morons making these changes and sure hoping it don’t come back to bite them in the butt and their return policy pretty much sucks now – don’t shop much on the channel much anymore !

  19. Carly Babcock Says:

    Shop HQ was my home for home shopping for years. The new name is off putting and reminds me of when JC Penney took on new management and changed the best qualities that had me shopping there online. New management ended up being sarcastic and defensive and saying ‘shoppers will just have to get used to our new ways of doing things’. Well, No we didn’t. We shifted stores and stocks tanked. Just saying. I am am warming up to HSN. Careful what your mind tells you what’s best and pay attention to how shoppers feel.
    Good luck. You will need it.

  20. Barbara Says:

    Changing the name was unnecessary. . A name change will not improve your sales. . Especially since it was already changed recently. .. plus a disconnected name like Evine. . The show hosts and products qualities is what sells. Another name change infers to the public that business is doing bad, and this kind of thinking reduces sales. . The name change was a mistake….but at least it should reflect its purpose which is home shopping.

  21. kathy Leggitt Says:

    I agree — don’t like the name – plus EVINE would not switch over my shopHQ credit card account (couldn’t find my account # and they wouldn’t provide for me), so I’m no longer a customer.. and I was a good customer.
    When I received an “I regret to inform you” email… with no mention of ‘sorry to see you go, or thanks for your previous business..’

  22. jeweljunky Says:

    Yes, the policy at QVC has changed and Yes the shipping and handling is lower but, customers no longer get it reimbursed when they return their items. QVC was the last home shopping network that reimbursed purchase price and S&H but are no longer doing that. That is why they are now lowering their S&H rates…and for the person who mentioned diversity in shopping hosts ahhh… take a look at the other channels..all white and black hosts. We need Hispanic and Asian American hosts to be more diverse..

  23. sickofItReallyAm Says:

    I hate the name,also it is not on any High Definition television prices are high.Why don’t they have an as is clearance like QVC?

  24. EarIene Nuzzo Says:

    Nothing but dissatisfaction on the ”I Iove My Margie Home” page on FB, which represents a great majority of Margie Cummerford’s items which are unique and come from aII over the worId: Damaged goods, return of damaged goods aIready soId once, being sent to another unsuspecting customer; and Iousy customer service with not enough empIoyees in the department to wait on the customer which incIude Iong waits on the phone, are onIy a few of the many compIaints. This has been going on for months, yet no one in any authority does a singIe thing about it. Evine, you’re going to Iose miIIions of doIIars worth of saIes, just from this one great group of customers! Do you care? SadIy, it does not appear you do!

  25. Irma Says:

    I go back a bit longer and sometimes, change is not good because it tells consumers a company probably had to declare bankrupcy, and that is why they change a company name. I think Shop At Home was one of the first names. Most shoppers don’t identify with a name like Evine. What does that mean? You lost me!

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