Libby Floyd Joins Host Exodus Out Of Jewelry Television

ShopHQ is losing yet another host, ShopHQ veteran Libby Floyd.

Floyd posted the news, which some had already predicted, on Facebook. She is heading back to Cali, and her handsome husband.

Libby Floyd

Libby Floyd

She wrote:

Busy packing all of my party dresses! Excited to be moving back to CA full-time! I’ve had a great year as a host at JTV and have loved reuniting with so many old friends and making new ones but I’ve decided to head back home to my hubby, my kitty cat and to the beach!

Nov. 13th will be my last day on the air at JTV and I’ll miss shopping with all of you but the surf and sand is calling me! I have lots of new ventures in the works and will post soon but first I will head to London for a royal family wedding! Thanks for all of your love and support!

Here is her blurb from JTV’s website:

Libby has been a jewelry host in the home shopping industry for 15 years. She enjoys everything about hosting – the customers, the jewelry, the live television experience; they are all so exciting and no day is ever the same!

There are no rules in jewelry but I feel a woman can’t go wrong with having a classic white pearl strand, a diamond or Bella Luce tennis bracelet and silver or gold chandelier earrings in their jewelry wardrobe.
my favorite gemstone.


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29 Responses to “Libby Floyd Joins Host Exodus Out Of Jewelry Television”

  1. Lovie Says:

    I called this back in August.

    See my comment on August 4th under Linda’s blog post titled “Former ShopHQ Host Libby Floyd Heads To Jewelry TV” from 11/2013.

    I like Libby, but I knew that she wasn’t going to work out at JTV. Too much of what they do is “on the fly” which is much different than the traditional homeshopping selling procedure where you actually get a chance to study and research products before the show. Libby’s great, but she’s not an “on the fly” seller.

    She has nice hands, but that white nail polish turned off a lot of people as well.

    My guess is that it was VERY much a mutual decision.

  2. Insider Says:

    Your guess is wrong, Lovie. It wasn’t a mutual decision. Libby decided to leave.

    • Lovie Says:

      “Mutual” means that both sides are fine with the decision. “Mutual” doesn’t mean “fired”, nor was I implying that she was fired. My guess is as good as anyone else’s who doesn’t work for the JTV HR Department (or who isn’t Libby).

      Relax. I’m not a Libby Floyd hater. In fact, I wrote to JTV directly (not through Facebook) and told them how much I liked her when she first got there. But the JTV sales format is obviously not her forte. It would be hard for most people to sell a tray full of jewelry after looking at it for only 5 seconds. THEN have extra stuff thrown in DURING the show. That’s not how it’s done at the major shopping networks and I can only imagine how stressful it can be to sell under those conditions on live television.

      Like I said back in August, I think that she would be great has a TV show host who interviews people. If she was in love with the home shopping industry, she wouldn’t have left it in the first place. Perhaps it’s time to stop beating a dead horse and move on to another career that’s better for her.

      Sometimes we go back to the past, because that’s what’s familiar to us even though our passion and our “nack” for it has faded. Look up “Libby Floyd Sports Reel” on YouTube. That program might have gotten canceled (not sure), but Libby seems a lot happier doing that than going on and on ad nauseam about jewelry for hours on end.

      When I posted my comment last August, it was obvious to me (and many other people) that she was running on fumes. I hope she doesn’t look back this time.

  3. Carrie M Says:

    That channel seriously needs help with the hosts. I know I sound like a broken record but there are hosts on that show who are such a turn off and so I turn off my TV and save money!!

  4. Abigail Says:

    Wow, she was the only reason I watched, now, will put that channel on skip, can’t deal with the loud, tacky hosts who seem to have no idea about what they are peddling, and, that non-stop cheap Bella Luce stuff they show day in and out along with those cheap looking pearls.

  5. Queen Celeste Says:

    I liked her on ShopHQ and was sorry to see her leave. Somehow I’m just not able to watch Jewelry TV, as much as I love jewelry. Hosts really make all the difference.

  6. Toby Says:

    Lets just say…. She is coming home in December………………..

  7. Patricia P. Says:

    Rumor confirmed!! Pamela McCoy is back on ShopHQ with her faux furs and leathers. Many women have been writing in the last couple years asking when she would have them again. I have 5 of her coats and jackets. I bought them several years ago, and they still look like new!

    I sure hope Libby is not far behind….would love to see her back there, too.

    Omigosh…Great News.

  8. offthehookarts Says:

    I love my jewelry and home shopping so much, I had a little fun with it…..

    Home Shopping Girls Gone Wild!

  9. offthehookarts Says:

    I love my jewelry and home shopping so much, I had a little fun with it…..

  10. Lovie Says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that JTV might be in the process of revamping their “Meet Our Hosts” page on their website. Reason being, they haven’t made any updates despite the fact that Libby and Kristen have been gone for weeks (and) Nikki S and Rebecca have replaced them. They usually don’t take this long updating that page. Heck, they snatched Erin’s picture down less than 24 hours after her exit.

    Heaven knows that their “Meet Our Hosts” is in dire need of a re-design. It wreaks of the 90’s. And the pictures of the JTV lifers look like they were taken on their first day. The picture of Casey Taylor doesn’t look like her anymore whatsoever. It’s hard to believe it’s the same person.

    Yeah, I think they might be in the process of a redesign. I’ll be surprised and disappointed if they’re not.

    I know it’s not a news-worthy issue. Just an observation.

    • Ana Says:

      What even happen to Erin and Kristen? Why did they leave?? Wasn’t one of the hostess’married with a baby to that host Jeff? I do not see her photo on the host page so I cannot place a face with a name. Who was the younger girl with all the cute haircuts and hair color. I really enjoyed watching her present jewelry.(im thinking it was Erin?)
      I have not watched Jtv for a little while(busy working) and was hoping to see the young lady who is entertaining at late night (one
      with the hair do’s-Erin?) Where did she go and why and when?
      now I am hearing some newbie drone,struggle and stumble.She couldn’t find her way out of a wet
      paper bag!! Whatever happened to London too?? Really liked her! I read
      somewhere long ago there was a site old josts post at. Anyone know of this?
      PS-I am probably the only person who is glad Libby is gone.Sorry folks just did not like her personality selling on either channel tho i wish her well.

      • Ana Says:

        That would be a website old jtv hosts posts at.^^

        also the jtv host page someone mentioned those are old photos???!! Here i thought the powers that be at jtv finally hired a stylist for some of those ladies! Thought everyone looked pretty great on the host site! I will miss the haircut/coor girl tho im glad nikki,misty,dawn and the pretty blonde brandy?? Are thete…now only if i will get to see them when i am available.I turned off the lady who is on!

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        Erin is gone

      • Lovie Says:

        Ana, you’re not the only person who’s glad that Libby is gone. Libby’s a nice lady, but I think she knows that she wasn’t cut out for it. That’s why she hightailed it out of there when her year was up.

  11. Ana Says:

    Hey all you beautiful talented ladies! jtv is taking apps for the job of jtv host apprentices! Not everyone who is a host on there is a gemologist etc. I looked at the basic info for the position.

    • Lovie Says:

      That position has been posted for months. With the luck they’re having, they will probably be advertising that position for quite some time.

  12. cliff Says:

    She’s selling real estate now lol. Google “Libby Floyd Coldwell Banker”

  13. Nancy Drew Says:

    Rebecca Moore and the New Nikki (Stanzione) are disasters.

  14. Patricia P. Says:

    It looks as though that poster is right about Libby now selling real estate. I found this:

    Maybe she got tired of taking all those airplane flights away from home. Selling real estate around L.A., she’ll probably make more money than when she was at JTV. Best of luck to her!

  15. Lovie Says:

    I’m glad to hear about Libby’s career change. I hope it turns out to be very lucrative and rewarding for her. I hope that she’s serious about it and not just doing it until some cheesy shopping channel comes knocking on her door.

    With this job she can (1) have set hours (2) have a NORMAL sleep schedule (3) do things with her husband (3) write her books in the evenings (4) focus on actual selling rather than entertaining people.

    Having established herself nationally, I think that her new business should be successful, *IF* she sticks with it. Like I said before, I hope she doesn’t look back. I doubt that she will.

  16. majordukefan Says:

    which jtv hostesses are smokers?

  17. chris Says:

    Libby is with TV on a new network and she is the number one hostess! They just got cleared in #1 market New York based on population size. Great to have her back on TV.

  18. healthy kids Says:

    Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is accessible on net?

  19. Terry BORDERS Says:

    Libby and Jennifer are hosts and were host. The rest doon’t really know what they are talking about and are the type you don’t to listen to. The men are terrible. Redue your so called hosts.

  20. Jim Says:

    Apparenty she became a realtor in cali but she was selling jewelry at tv on yesterday.

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