Party Planner Colin Cowie Exits HSN

Thanks to our Facebook friend Mary, we learned that wedding-and-event guru Colin Cowie is leaving HSN.

Yesterday he posted on Facebook that he was doing his last shows ever in the evening on the No. 2 home shopping network.

“It’s been a great 7 years and this is the last opportunity to buy my fabulous holiday product,” he wrote.

Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie

Again, we’re a little lost because we are not big home decorators or home entertainers, but Cowie’s fans were moaning about his departure.

They posted:

Have you noticed HSN vendors are leaving in droves? What is HSN doing to these fine people?
Good luck Colin.

I will miss you so much….you are the highlight of HSN…when you’re on tv I love watching all your items…they are so posh and gorgeous I will miss you my lovely.

Wow. so jumping ship to QVC, I see

Is there any truth to your comment about him going to qvc or was that just sarcasm??

We’ll see if in fact Cowie lands at another home shopping venue.


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2 Responses to “Party Planner Colin Cowie Exits HSN”

  1. Lauryn Says:

    I have purchased many of his items. I think they are good quality, but still overpriced. Wait until they go on clearance and you will be pleased with your purchases. Didn’t Ellen just join QVC for home items? Wonder why they would need to poach Colin(though I will NOT be buying anything from Ellen’s line).

  2. A Casual Observer Says:

    If he goes to another shopping network, I’m putting my bet on ShopHQ. In any event, hope we haven’t seen the last of him on tv. I only ordered one clunker, out of many other great products, and that was a Christmas CD remix produced by one of his friends. What was I thinking! It’s just awful.

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