Did QVC Recall Lamo Boot TSV?

Anyone heard about a recall of QVC’s recent TSV, the Lamo boot?

One of our readers told us that all the shipments have been recalled.

“All Q is saying is that there were product or packaging issues, which is pretty vague!” she said. “Did they have to recall all of the kazillion units that they sold that day, and why?”

You folks got any dish on this?


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8 Responses to “Did QVC Recall Lamo Boot TSV?”

  1. Lauryn Says:

    Thanks for letting me know! I ordered the Lamo TSV. Their website said it shipped Friday, October 31st. As of yesterday, their was no update on the tracking number(like it never left their warehouse). Then, this morning, I received an email stating that they received my return! How could I return it if I never received it? If it was recalled, then they absolutely should have sent an email stating that rather than this nonsense that I returned it. They aren’t being honest with their customers and I have a problem with that. I really wanted the Lamo boots, so I was going to reorder them, but they are no longer available. I hope they fully refunded the original shipping charges. What a waste of time!

  2. Gene Says:

    The same thing happened to me. Website said they were shipped, no tracking information for number given. Today I get an email saying they received my return. I went to QVC and got on a chat line with Customer Service. They gave me the generic reason for the recall. I asked why I wasn’t notified by email. They claim a notice was sent to me on 11/06/14. Auhh, NO email! They said they will be featured again and I could re-order. I asked if they would be on easy pay like the original. They said yes.

  3. Leila K Says:

    The same thing happened to me with the Llamo boots! I ordered two pairs as gifts and never received them. Then I got the email that said they had processed my return! What is going on? I got the msg about defective product and/or packaging. In the many years I have been a QVC customer I have never seen anything like this, and Lauryn is right, the boots are no longer on the site. I would appreciate more info, if anybody knows what prompted this

  4. Leila K Says:

    Ok, after I posted this I saw something on YouTube, of all places. Someone said they had called the Lamo CEO and they said it was an issue with a buckle. According to that post, over 70k orders were affected. At this time, I don’t believe Q has made any official statement about this weird recall.

  5. Lauryn Says:

    I finally received an email from QVC last night stating I could re-order the boots(same price as the TSV, including the $3 shipping) under the new item number A266218. They said new orders will ship by November 27th and you will not be charged until they ship. It also states you need to order by November 21st to guarantee stock. I wish the original email stated all of this, instead of saying they “received my return”. This email was still vague about what happened, citing a “packaging and product issue that caused the delay in shipment”.

  6. BrendaS Says:

    I am guessing it is way more serious than the buckle. I don’t remember the boot having a buckle. More of a huge PR dilemma as it has to have cost a bundle to do the recall. Maybe dog skin….they are made in China!

  7. BrendaS Says:

    My wrong. They did have buckles and are back on the website. I guess everything is fixed. By the way, I purchased some shearling Lamo boots at ShopHQ last winter for about the same price and they were really nice.

  8. Angie Says:


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