Is Mary Campbell The New Claire Watts At QVC?

QVC has promoted Mary Campbell to Executive Vice President of U.S. Commerce Platforms, reporting directly to QVC Inc. top banana Mike George.

We asked QVC, and never got an answer, as to whether Campbell is the replacement for Claire Watts, the QVC U.S. CEO who abruptly exited the channel in September.

It sounds like Campbell is, and if so, it sounds like another case where a woman gets a promotion but doesn’t get the title she really deserves. Just sayin’.

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Wednesday’s press release said that Campbell is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the company’s TV, web, mobile, tablet and social while translating the QVC brand across all platforms to drive customer engagement and e-commerce sales.

“Mary has been a driver of our success over the past two decades and instrumental in delivering a seamless, consistent and engaging experience to QVC customers,” George said in a canned statement. “Through her continued leadership and guidance, we’ll remain at the forefront of innovation in commerce by expanding our TV programming and maintaining our leadership in e-commerce and mobile.”

QVC’s mobile commerce business has grown steadily year over year, currently accounting for 37 percent of U.S. e-commerce revenue in the second quarter 2014. Additionally, QVC is the third-largest mobile commerce player among multicategory retailers according to the 2015 Internet Retailer Mobile 500.

Since joining QVC in 1991, Campbell has held leadership roles across the business, including Merchandising, Planning and Commerce Platforms.

In her most recent role as senior vice president of commerce p\Platforms, Campbell led the expansion of QVC’s broadcast by launching two new TV distribution channels, over-the-air and QVC Plus.

QVC Plus, which now reaches 47 million homes, offers the same programming as the main QVC channel with a three-hour delay along with unique live and pre-produced programming.

Campbell was also instrumental in enhancing QVC’s digital experience through the creation of the company’s first social shopping community, toGather, the redesign of the QVC for iPad application, and the implementation of responsive design for QVC’s website.

Campbell will continue to be based at QVC’s global headquarters in West Chester, Pa.


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5 Responses to “Is Mary Campbell The New Claire Watts At QVC?”

  1. Sally Says:

    I believe Claire had Merchandising Group also, good luck to Mary, she is a fine lady

  2. Keith Says:

    Good luck Mary, it will be a couple years before Mikey comes for you, couple of others to blame before you….good luck

  3. SUSAN Says:

    I had to laugh—Mike George keeps talking about delivering an engaging experience to QVC customers. Go to the Forums and read the mutiny, more and more customers are tired of the boring and repetitive program lineup. It seems that they now have 15 products that are rotated endless. They no longer show unique items, nor do they have a variety in the products and programming.

    The only reason that their e-commerce is increasing is that the TV programming is so boring, that the few brands that customers still like are purchased online because customers cannot stand to watch QVC’s TV programming. And the quality is going downhill in everything from clothing, to beauty, to jewelry to kitchen items too.

    QVC better find out who their customers are and what their customers want!!!! Mike George is CLUELESS!!!

  4. Pon Says:

    LOL Susan, Don’t Sell Mikey short, he has been a genius at making tens of millions for himself over the years being a bag holder for his corporate master. Unfortunately it has come at the expense of a once great company, dedicated employees and once loyal customers. Really a shame that a modern day snake oil salesman is running this company.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    QVC has a horrible website, always has. I suspect e-commerce sales are up simply because people might watch a presentation on tv, but then they have to go to the website to get accurate product information; that may be where they end up placing the order.
    I was fooled by a contest into signing up for that ridiculous ToGather, and was bombarded with daily emails for weeks.
    QVC likes to pat themselves on the back, but they rarely deserve it.

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