QVC Shocker: Veteran Host Lisa Robertson Leaving

We never thought we’d be writing this, but QVC host and resident glamor puss Lisa Robertson is leaving network!

Lisa Robertson is exiting QVC

Lisa Robertson is exiting QVC

We are on vacation and were down at the shore, not checking or Facebook very often.

We got back late yesterday and it wasn’t until tonight that we sat down at our computer for any amount of time. It was on Facebook that we saw Robertson’s post and blog about leaving the home shopping network, effective in December.

Here is part of Robertson’s blog announcing her departure:

Over my last 20 years at QVC I have had the most amazing opportunities met the most wonderful people and gone to the most beautiful places. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel. But there comes a time when you have done what you can do and it is time to see what else there is. And that is where I am.

After a lot of soul-searching I have decided that I will be leaving QVC. It is time for a new challenge and a new adventure. Although it is a little scary to leave what you have always known, I am very excited about what lays ahead.

We can’t help put wonder whether Joan Rivers’ death played any part in Robertson’s decision.

One of our gracious readers also notified us on Facebook of Robertson’s exit and suggested that the stalking nutjobs that have plagued the gorgeous host may have played a part in her decision to leave. That could be.
So where will she land?

Via her role on QVC, Robertson has appeared on a variety of TV shows, so maybe she will find a job at one of those programs. QVC will survive, as it did the exit of hosts such as Kathy Levine. But Robertson’s departure represents a big loss. She worked on the design of the network’s G.I.L.I. line, and was of course a real fixture on QVC.


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426 Responses to “QVC Shocker: Veteran Host Lisa Robertson Leaving”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    That *is* a shocker. I remember shortly after Lisa came to QVC. she was on a late night shift and mentioned feeding the birds in the winter. I sent her a card, thanking her for her compassion for animals. She answered with a lovely, handwritten card. I wish her all the best and hope to see her on TV in the future.

    • mississippiauthor1 Says:

      Lisa Robinson would do Joan Rivers proud on Fashion Police!

      • grace Says:

        please…what does she know about fashion? that GILI line is all copies of high end stuff, and looks so cheap.

      • Carol Says:

        Aw Grace – still haven’t sought treatment for your Lisa Robertson obsession? I’m sure medication could help. We could take up donations. Do you own any GILI pieces to be able to make a qualified opinion? You just speak out of your nasty butt and unfortunately you’re making me nasty too.

      • BarBaraAnn Says:

        I think GRACE is so obviously jealous….she designs the bags and picks the most beautiful leather….now if you said Jill has to be in on everything and put her fingerprint on it, I would be with you….that is most annoying and caused me to stop watching her greed….BUT, LISA….SHE IS A WONDERFUL PERSON….think she had it when she was stalked and had to go to court to get the man away from her….

      • Bomba Says:

        Lisa is not fit to host any fashion show. The excuses you people are making for her are insane. QVC did not renew her contract. Plain and simple.

        She DID NOT design a thing. GILI is all knock offs.

        Wise up.

    • Howard George Says:

      She was as fake as a counterfeit two dollar bill. Her sincerity was as real as a mannequin. And she could not say an adjective just once… it was always two, three four times as in amazing, amazing, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and she love, love, loved everything.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Agree. Everything was “amazing”. She was so phony but a beautiful girl, physically. Is she lesbian? Everyone says not. She probably just couldn’t find anyone RICH enough that she would marry.

  2. lucille tikoian Says:

    A sad day for viewers, but at some point things must change. Lisa is a beautiful & wonderful person. Maybe her next move will be the movies, Who knows. Wishing Lisa all the Best. She will be greatly missed !!!!!!!!!

    • Loretta Says:

      Lisa Robertson is almost 50 years old. While nothing is impossible & people can reinvent themselves, I doubt Hollywood is calling Lisa to become an actress.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yeh. She should have done that years ago because she sure had the looks! Maybe she did try from some reports and just couldn’t act or maybe even remember the lines……who among us has a clue! Certainly not me. All we can do is surmise and wonder. Lol!

    • Howard George Says:

      To Lucille,
      Did you know her on a personal basis? Of course you didn’t. So your comment …. she is a wonderful person is strictly your imagination.

    • Howard George Says:

      To Lucille, if, as you suggested, her next move maybe in movies… she would be perfect casting for a remake of The Picture of Dorian Grey… the title character would be changed to a woman. She would also be perfect casting for a slew of horror movies [playing the psycho killer] especially at Halloween time. She could play the woman who had too many facial surgeries trying to regain her looks from 25 years earlier with the last one having gone horribly wrong… so she goes on a killing spree against all the surgeons who operated on her and at the end she finally realizes that it was her own inflated ego that drove her to become the monster that she is.

      • ShoeGirl Says:

        She certainly is an old hag! Her selfies of herself are laughable, and in each picture you can see the newest plastic surgery that she got. Her smile is PHONEY, just like everything else about her! Your days are numbered Lisa!

      • Howard George Says:

        Well said and all true.

      • Jason Stevens Says:

        Howard, why don’t you keep your jackass comments to yourself!

      • Howard George Says:

        Jason, your opinion is worth about the same as one of Lisa’s proclamations… “I love this, love it, love it, love it.”

      • Anonymous Says:

        Howard, u do know Joan Rivers is the reason for Lisa’s plastic face & probably sev other hosts! I talked to Joan on the show one night about one of her pins I was purchasing. I wasn’t impressed w her but some of her over-priced pieces were really beautiful but no more than anyone else’s. I quit buying her stuff because of her foul mouth. I saw Joan on QVC about 4pm when kids were home from school & could be watching/listening. Do u know QVC let her talk about Napoleon’s private parts being pickled/preserved in a jar?? Only she called them by their biological name!!!I didn’t think she was funny–just crude & rude to many people all for the sake of trying to be funny & get a laugh! Sad…

  3. Patricia Says:

    I like Lisa as a host she will be missed. I wish her much luck and happiness in the future.

    • Raxhel Says:

      Some people have said on different message boards that Lisa wanted a higher pay during contract negotiations and that’s why she’s leaving

      • Howard George Says:

        If that was the situation, then she truly had a more inflated ego than most of us thought she had. She is as replaceable as a kitchen sponge.

      • Bomba Says:

        She was not renewed due to complaints about her ego. Fellow hosts, behind the scenes employees and guests ALL complained for ages and they finally canned her ass. She had no idea it was coming. They told her in September and she did not “announce” it until October.

  4. Anne Says:

    I wonder if Lisa is moving to E’s Fashion Police?

  5. Kelly Says:

    QVC won’t be the same without her. Yes Kathy Levine left but Lisa and her popularity went beyond Kathy and she appealed to a wider age group where as Kathy appealed to older women.
    I’m sure Lisa has better opportunities and that’s what helped make her decision to leave but still I won’t be able to watch as much as I did before.

    • cindy Says:

      If she does have a better job, its ONLY cause she is friends with someone, no one would hire her now… old for fashion and beauty

    • anonymous Says:

      Now I don’t mind watching the Q. That annoying P. Riley departed…ggood. Lisa was a phoney and i felt bad for the viewers that also tpld her how pretty she was; I thought what must they look like, where is there self esteem? QVC pumped her up more than any other host and frankly she was just annoying. No Shawn and Jane are following suit.

  6. lisa williams Says:

    I will miss Lisa so much on the Q. I’m just shocked. She’s leaving not only QVC but all her friends and her beautiful house. But I wish her the best. I’m sure I will see her on some show God Bless. Lisa.

  7. Sun Says:

    I doubt Joan’s death has anything to do with her finally leaving. When Lisa came to the Q she was so down to earth, she was a joy. She also didn’t have a pot-to-piss in, she admitted it herself. On the exit of Levine, she was groomed to fill her shoes. She may have stepped into them, but Kathy was a tough act to follow, lets just say, there was “still room in those shoes”. I can’t help but feel somewhere along the way that someone filled her head with ideas that she was something really special and that is when all her down home girl ways, fell to the curb. So she became this wannabe star, out came the fake nails, fake tans, fake hair and at times, fake tones of voice. She had to make sure everyone knew her every move and posting pic’s of everything. Lets not forget her stories of stalkers. Most women would keep those secret, only allowing authorities to handle things. However , Lisa felt the need to go to the media. “She lived in fear in her own home”, she claims, yet the pic’s continued , did we really need to see her in the gym working out and every other place in the world? If you are really scared about a stalker/stalkers(she claimed to have many), one would think posting pic’s would be the last thing on her mind. I mean come on, its not like she was some movie star that people were dying to see. She was a sales person who made her , good living, talking you into buying items that she claimed to “love, love love”. I have to admit, it was funny to listen to women wanting something because she claimed she owned it, really? You can tell I am not a fan, never was and I know many will post remarks about my opinion, that is life. I think now QVC should start giving others the recognition they have deserved for so many years. Lisa was not QVC, there are a host of others who deserved the same treatment they gave her and just never got.

    • Peg Says:

      I agree Sun.

      • T Thompson Says:

        You made some very good points. You are not alone; I’m sure many feel the way you do do. One thing you left out. Her “love life and rumors of her sexuality”. It is odd how she talks about everything under the sun, from her plastic surgery to botox; but never her romantic/ social life. Once she slipped and used the wrong pronoun regarding making pineapple juice for someone. She first said she , then changed it to he.

        She also can be verbally abusive towards herself; I can only imagine what she says behind close doors of others or what she is truly thinking. You can tell she has to watch what she says; being careful not to offend anyone. However, she has slipped a few times, with a false apology afterwards. She was hoping to get the Kelly Rippa job on Live with Regis and Kelly. I’m sure she was disappointed. Kathy Lee Giffords recommendation may have hurt her chances. All said I do wish her luck moving forward.

      • cindy Says:

        YES Wanna be star sums it up, and it never happened for her
        and she looks like she is trying to hold on to the last bit of youth she has left, for a 50 yearold she looks crazy, trying to had…makes for a crazy looking sad lady,

    • Jules Says:

      I can appreciate your honesty !! I will agree with your outline of Lisa’s decisions! It’s tough… and we all make mistakes. I hope Lisa finds her “down to earth” again, in her new venture.
      I think Lisa was getting burned out and full of dislike with her FB Fans and their discrentaled posts. The evening that Lisa “called out” posts which she did favor, ON AIR… I lost “all” professional respect for her.
      Big Mistake !
      Glad she will find something that will be a new challenge for her 🙂

      • cindy Says:

        most of the people that like her, are fat middle aged women, do you really think a hot young 30 year old will copy her..LOL so that’s not saying mush about her fans

    • Patsy Says:

      I agree!

    • Loretta Says:

      The bulk of people who are stalked ARE NOT high-profile people in media, entertainment and sports, they are your everyday working people i.e. students, secretaries, nurses, housewives, teachers, waiters/waitresses, etc. And men are also stalked. The media pays more attention when high-profile personalities are stalked. Sadly, the media focuses on the everyday person who is stalked when the stalker hurts or kills the object of their obsession.

    • di Says:

      I completely agree with Sun! Lisa is so stuck on herself. She continually watches herself in the TV monitors and that in itself is disgusting. She is not the queen of QVC, she is a fake and a snob. I can not imagine Fashion Police wanting anything to do with her.

      • JJ Says:

        I agree with ” di “. LISA IS FOREVER WATCHING HERSELF IN THE TV MONITORS. WHY???????. It is so annoying. When she is talking to customers who call in, she is constantly glancing in the monitor at herself. I have not seen any other show host who does this….that makes me think Lisa is sweet on herself. I went so far as to call QVC customer asking them to ask Lisa to look out to the cameras so we…the customers feel she is selling to us and not herself. Must not have told her cause she is still admiring herself in the monitors. I am happy to know I am not the only one who has noticed this. Someone needs to let her know she is not all that she thinks she is. Another thing, I have always wondered why she is the only show host who does the Italy shows.

      • JJ Says:

        JJ I watched Lisa Friday night 11/14/14 and low and behold she was not watching herself so much in the TV monitors. Maybe she got the complaints about it. I suppose it was difficult for her not to watch herself for she has done it for such a long time. She was selling to us and not herself. Thanks

      • grace Says:

        she thinks she is Barbie

      • grace Says:

        Dont know why she thinks she is “hot sh$t” the only people that fawn over her are grandmas and middle aged women
        IMO she is an aging qvc host….

    • Anonymous Says:

      You are so right. I’ve never seen anyone who thought that they were “somebody ” because they hob-nobbed w/celebrities like Lisa Robertson & Jane Tracey do. They were both sickening. If these two and “Kitchen aid Boy” David Venable really owned all the products they claimed to own, they would need a warehouse in their backyard to house them! I’ll get flack about criticizing David. All the old folks love him using the same utensils at times to taste with! I’m old too but not THAT old! Mary Beth Roe, Amy , & Jill are the sweetest. I trusted Mary Beth the most until I bought a ring & hair spray fr her personal hair dresser. Worse 2 products I ever bought. She lied about them. Ring was cheap looking and hair spray pitiful. Don’t trust her anymore. Such is life….Never saw either product on again.

    • Lilly Says:

      I do like Lisa, though you have a good point, Sun, about her occasionally putting on airs. But the rest of what you said makes sense. I just saw on Lisa’s Facebook a comment from a fan putting down Antonella in Italy as a comparison to Lisa being there. That’s really low. First of all, Antonella is lovely…warm and sincere. She knows her jewelry. And she’s Italian and speaks the language. I think it should have been Antonella that went to Italy all along. And nothing against Lisa.
      And, it does make one wonder…why is she posting her every move on social networking, if she is in such fear of stalkers? Anyway, I couldn’t agree more about qvc now hopefully letting other hosts step up to the plate. I enjoyed Lisa’s presentations, but as you said she was NOT the only person at qvc.
      And just to add something….I have mainly shopped at HSN for awhile now; years before Lisa left. And, due to the amount of junky items from both HSN and qvc, I’ve called it quits with home shopping. I return most of what I buy because it’s broken/been worn/poor quality/hugely overpriced. I just paid off my HSN card and closed my account; I did the same with the q in February. I didn’t buy a lot, but I’m sure they’ll miss my regular purchases, along with my rare splurges. These networks need to lower their prices and have MUCH BETTER quality control.

  8. roxxie25 Says:

    Do you think this has anything to do with the very recent departure of the QVC US president? It seems like if she was leaving to continue joan’s line on QVC they would have paired the announcement of that with her departure as a host. I do not think she has the star power or pop culture presence to be chosen for Fashion Police. p.s. Can you say “All GILI on Clearance”. LOL

  9. Cheryl Says:

    My first guess is that Lisa’s contract was up for renewal, and she and QVC could not agree to terms. That’s usually why any big star leaves a TV show.
    My second thought is that Lisa must have received a lucrative offer somewhere. She will need to do something to keep herself in Cartier watches.
    I remember when Lisa began at QVC. She was young and fresh, and when Kathy Levine left, Lisa worked very hard to step into that role. I admire Lisa’s work ethic, and I will miss her amazing, amazing presentations.
    I have to wonder, who will they find to sit on a stone bench at an Italian villa in an evening gown in the middle of the night, speaking about jewelry in a golf voice?

  10. Zachary Says:

    Well you don’t leave if you expect a big check, I suspect QVC is really doing lousy and they are passing the blame around. Obviously the US Prez was canned, can’t say the same about Lisa, don’t know. Its a shame QVC use to be a great company, not so much any more.

  11. Haywood jablomy Says:

    Claire Watts was not canned, I assure you.

    • MaryB Says:

      Of course not! Are you her attorney? I placed an order from the Q on Monday and it was just shipped today. They are a disaster. So done with them.

      • Haywood jablomy Says:

        No. But I work there. And depending on where you live, it was probably shipped before that, but the way we ship packages it doesn’t get updated until later due to the zone jumping we do with UPS.

  12. BeatleStone Says:

    Lisa is way above the other hosts who have left the channel like Kathy Levine & Steve Bryant. She might have her own fashion line in the near future or possibly her own talk show, who knows. I wouldn’t doubt it if the ratings not just the sells probably suffer as well when she leaves QVC. Lisa is a very sexy, beautiful woman who gave the channel a good kick in the butt for 20 years. She will be moving on to other things & could be just as sucessful on her own.

    • cindy Says:

      LMAO…Own Talk show…LOL yeah sure

      • judy Says:

        JEALOUS much Cindy??? Sounds like you are the fat middle aga woman who hides on the Internet to talk shit about a gorgeous woman,yes,mature,*almost 50….you wish to look like that when you get to be her age and to be successful as she is….so envious and nasty,why don’t you go work out or something?

    • Raxhel Says:

      I agree Lisa did change QVC before it was like a bunch of conservative boring women selling junk to lonely bored women.
      Lisa will be a loss for QVC and I did hear there were contract disputes negotiations and they couldn’t come to terms

  13. Pat Wooster Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people are. After I read about the stalkers , I could have cried for her. I will really miss her but none of you nasties out there know what you are talking about. Stop guessing! Be nice.

    • bren Says:

      Wow…people really are cruel. I wish her well wherever the next phase of her life takes her. She is someone’s daughter and we would all hurt for those we love if people made nasty, mean spirited comments just because they can. If you dislike her so much, wish her a fond farewell as you will no longer be subject to her presence on air.

    • Pat Says:

      I don’t feel sorry about her for the stalkers. She brings it on herself by the way she acts and dresses.In my day she would have been called a (PT) She better tone it down as she doesn’t have QVC to pay her legal bills anymore

  14. bsdtctr Says:

    She has been a very, very, very skilled and talented manipulator of many people in all walks of life. But 20 years is a long time to keep up a persona. It must be exhausting and perhaps not quite as powerful or lucrative as it once was. Eventually new bosses come along and sometimes they bring x-ray vision with them. Hopefully an opportunity for authenticity and self-reflection will open up. Because owning more “high end” stuff and having a bunch of women on FB, and a few odd creeps thrown in for good measure, ogling your heavily Photoshopped pics while constantly telling you how “stunning” you are, never fills up the sad hole inside.

    • Donna Dorsey Says:

      I agree. I never understood all the hype about her as a host. She just didn’t fill that sincerity gap for me and wasn’t the great presenter of products.

      • cindy Says:

        she post on FB looking for people to say how gorge. she is, AFTER photoshop….I saw a youtube video and she has lots of wrinkles around the eyes. and on the neck

    • cindy Says:

      Good lord how long does it take her to get ready, Fake hair, fake tan, fake lashes, fake lips…..she seems unhappy with her looks…

    • JJ Says:

      JJ I think the people telling Lisa how stunning, and beautiful she was were just following ” suit “. Felt as if they had to say it too. A few times someone has said that to her and she was looking rough. That is all the negative I have to say about her. I wish her well.

  15. keauu girl Says:

    I agree with Sun’s comments. It seems Lisa may have gotten a little too puffed up with herself and looked like she was auditioning for ‘bigger things”. G.I.L.I products are frumpy, and Lisa was more into selling herself than QVC products. Although I wish her well, I really never warmed up to her self-promotion style. I may barf if I hear ‘love love love’ again.

    I also agree with Zachary that QVC is not so hot anymore. It’s getting a touch weird in personnel, presentation and products. Product quality and customer service are suffering. And I don’t trust their in-house monopoly on a lot of products.

  16. Denise Krassner Says:

    Lisa is quite obviously QVC’s top seller so I’m sure it’s a loss for them.

    Good for her that she’s moving on. Twenty years is a long time to stay on a shopping network. Lisa has had lots of exposure to other platforms and is very well liked by many big name designers and vendors so maybe she got a more exciting offer.

    I wish her all the best.

  17. LS Says:

    I agree with Lisa that it’s time to make a change. I liked her in the beginning but she has changed a lot since she began her time at QVC and not all favorable changes to say the least… so a change seems like a really good thing.

    I wish her the best but don’t expect to see her around in anything significant. All the big time previous Hosts said they were going to go on to bigger things and none of them NONE have done anything significant.

    As far as her being on Fashion Police… HAH that’s a laugh and her GILI line was mediocre at best. As for all the major opportunities that will come her way, well, I’ll be curious to see just what that is. I won’t hold my breath. Happy trails…

  18. JR Says:

    OMG – – – YESSSS!! Finally! That took long enough.

    Word on the “street” is that she bought a bunch of stock in a mirror factory and it’s paying off. (She bought up all the mirrors.)

    Anyway – I for one, LOVE it that she is leaving. Her tired old act was horrid to watch.

    I’m sure she will show up on some skanky network (oprah, hallmark, etc..) where she will be a talk show host and then that will get cancelled and hopefully we will never have to watch her stare at herself again. NICE!

  19. Douth Says:

    Haywood, really? She gets great press coverage in a national newspaper saying how much she loves her job only to leave less than a month later?

  20. MaryAnn Says:

    Lisa Robertson is a beautiful, intelligent, savvy and financially independent woman. I have no doubt she will succeed in any future endeavor she chooses. I wish her the very best!!

  21. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    I don’t blame her. In a few years she will be stuck like Roe and Treacy. Good hosts but due to age will never work on other shopping channels. Sad I know.

    • cindy Says:

      in a few years? more like now…she is 50 years old

      • bren Says:

        Wow…people really are cruel. I wish her well wherever the next phase of her life takes her. She is someone’s daughter and we would all hurt for those we love if people made nasty, mean spirited comments just because they can. If you dislike her so much, wish her a fond farewell as you will no longer be subject to her presence on air.

      • Trisha Wilkerson Says:

        I mean Cindy, how old are you? You will be 50 before you know it, count on that. How well will you come off on HD TV at that point? She keeps her looks for her paycheck, which I assume is huge.

  22. millie Says:

    i’ll miss her. i enjoyed every minute she was on tv. there’s nothing wrong with a “down home” girl to sparkle. I loved the faux nails, hair, tan, etc. she didn’t do anything that no one else did. I wish her well, and hoped she’s hooked up with one of the qvc designers that she has made rich…..i’m saying “yes” to the nails, hair, tan, and all those beautiful clothes she wore…….

    • Joyce Says:

      I agree Millie…Good Luck, Lisa!!!

    • cindy Says:

      yeah but at 50 years old it starts looking crazy, like she is trying to hard. poor lisa is having a hard time aging

    • Raxhel Says:

      Why can’t a woman 50 still be youthful?? Lisa looks great and thinking young keeps you young.
      Very surprised so many WOMEN on here tearing down another woman. Shameful! Yes you have the right to not like Lisa but I’m reading a lot of jealous type comments. Would luv to see what some of you look like

      • Laura Says:

        There are too many haters here. I think she was an asset to QVC. Who cares if she’s 50 years old….since when is 50 OLD anyway? Be careful all you 30 and 40 somethings…50 will be here before you know it. She’s had this job for 20 years….let’s give her some credit and wish her luck in her next endeavor. Be nice people!

      • grace Says:

        why would people be jealous? she look bad and crazy trying to wear all that leather stuff…it painful to see her trying to look 30 years old…

  23. Marilyn Sossoman Says:

    I have to agree with sun. Frankly I thought Lisa was to much in love with her self. There are other hosts that deserve more credit like Mary Beth Row who is a real classy gal.

  24. Joanne Says:

    Love your shows Lisa,will miss you .Best of luck to you.

  25. Jan Says:

    I aM sorry to see her go but have to say Shawn Killinger is way more entertaining.

    • Terri Says:

      Shawn Killinger??? What?? I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Shawn only wishes she had the talent, stamina, expertise and knowledge that Lisa has. Shawn is a walking gaff machine who thinks if she matches and rhymes her words, then all is well. In reality it is annoying and I turn off the sound, as I do when Jill always talks with the same inflection bauer.
      Lisa learned camera and stage savvy on the pageant circuit. Nonone T the Q can match her wit or experience.
      The Q has really gone down since it’s hey day in the late 90’s. They have dropped some of their most lucrative lines and hsve hired some of th most boring hosts.
      I wish Lisa all of the luck and I am sure we will see her somewhere. I just hope it is not for a rival shopping network. That would be very deoressing!

      • Paula Martin Says:

        I have to agree with Terry. Shawn Killinger is sickening to listen to… especially about her and her “Joe”, where they are vacationing to next, what she got as a free sample from vendors… blah.. Even Isaac Mizrahi doesn’t do his shows with her much anymore. The Q will miss Lisa. She was like everybody’s best girlfriend. Funny, stylish, and not afraid to admit to stuff that happens in real life. Perhaps Lisa has been offered a job with Vincenza Gold in Italy.

      • cindy Says:

        shawn is a trip, even she said she was fired from every job she had, and she is trying to have a baby at 42? Really…

      • Laura Johnson Says:

        I think Beverly D’Angelo had twins at age 50. These days 42 is not too old to have a baby. Why would anyone begrudge her trying to have a child no matter how old she is?

      • Bonnie Says:

        I agree. One time, I called in for an order when Shawn was on, and they asked me if I wanted to be on the air. Why not? She was a total snob and couldn’t care less about what I said. QVC should care if they look at my purchase history. Now, I can’t watch her, and turn the channel when she’s on.

  26. Shirley H. Feazell Says:

    I hate to see her leave, but did wonder if perhaps she might be asked to fill in on Joan Rivers’ show Fashion Police?

  27. carolyn simpson Says:

    i have the idea that she will enter into a cosmetic venture with leslie blodgett from bare minerals. just mark my words it will happen. i think she was just sick and tired of being the always pleasant pitch person for whatever qvc is selling. i have always enjoyed the q but lately its just same old boring stuff. need i mention susan graver? yee gads, send her home please. anyway, lisa has never been a favorite of mine, but who is left?

    • Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

      Well Lisa represented elegance on QVC. Killinger could possibly fill in for that. Roe, Treacy and Bauer for TV are slightly too old. QVC like all TV skews young for things like this. I would work a deal with ShopHQ and get Sarah Anderson or Heather Hall for PM Style the only two would could realisticly be heirs to Robertson, but still not as good. Give ShopHQ Graver.

      • AprilD Says:

        I wouldn’t give Graver to Walmart. I like ShopHQ way better than the other two and have done all my tv shopping from them for over a year now. Sorry to see Lisa go. She has class. Treacy makes me gag and Roe is the Tex Baxter of home shopping she has not improved at all over the years. Not to mention the lovely and clueless Doemier. They are really all glorified used car salesmen. They are not our friends folks. They just want you to buy things from them.

    • cindy Says:

      well being friend and working together, does NOT work… it could turn very ugly

  28. C.E.King Says:

    People face it, she s not a spring chicken,

    • cindy Says:

      that’s for sure, 50 years old

      • joy Says:

        cindy – may you never turn 50, it seems you have a real issue with it. twit.

      • Heath Says:

        Cindy, What is wrong with you. How can you possibly be so mean about someone’s age? How do you treat your elders? Obviously with zero respect! You will be lucky to look or be like Lisa when or if you reach 50! You are so jealous and mean, my guess is that you will never reach 50. You need to grow up, do community service, give back! Those are the rules of life. You are a jealous ugly person.

      • Jstmichelle Says:

        Cindy i hv been reading everyones comments n ur name came across in every other comment n everything u hv to say is ugly n nasty u are a negative nancy. Remember wht ur mother taught you “if you hv nothing nice to say then dnt say nothing at all” .

  29. GeeBee Says:

    I don’t know, she was never really a favorite of mine, but figured by now she probably owned half of the Q! Kind of surprised she is leaving. She is kinda full of herself, so is Shawn K, both a bit too much over the top. Too old to be pretending they are so trendy. Seemed to me, years ago when Trump was selling a few things on the Q, he offered her a job with his company, so, maybe he re-offered, who knows? I doubt she is leaving with no place to land. Well good luck to her, I am sure it is both scary and exciting to leave what she has known for the last 20 years, and basically been very good for her, for something new.

  30. Janet Faye Says:

    At the end of the day does any of it matter? Just another salesperson who made herself financially independent selling whatever was put in front of her. She did it well. She will survive. So will all of us.

  31. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Last night I posted this well written article at Today I wrote a short article there about Lisa leaving and my theory and thoughts about it. Thought I would share.

  32. marytoodles Says:

    Mike Rowe is the only former QVC host that “made it” in the world of “tv fame” so to speak…

    • Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

      Thats my theory. Rowe was the deciding factor. If she didn’t leave now she would be stuck like Treacy, Roe and maybe Baur. Unemployable elsewhere on TV.

      • Raxhel Says:

        Mary Beth,Jane and Jill put on fake personalities that only appeal to old ladies and don’t have a broad appeal like Lisa and they look like something out of a holly hobby cartoon and we all know in real life they are very shallow people who live like queens and have maids etc and they only shop in high end stores. Jane Treacy is always spotted at Neimans buying clothes and shoes not QVC. Kathy Levine was a great host but once again she was a phony and only appealed to older women and that’s why she has no career outside of QVC.
        Kathy has a audition tape on YouTube when she was trying to be on Anderson Coopers cancelled talk show as a co-host

      • cindy Says:

        Stuck, if you ask me all the ladies at qvc are stuck, most are older, no talent mot “celeb” including Lisa R., but its a good job to be stuck at…I guess..I think lisa R wanted stardom and going on qvc was a step, and she got stuck there for 20 years, sorry lisa stardom does not happen at 50

    • Laura Johnson Says:

      Is Mike Rowe the one who sold dolls?

    • chare Says:

      Have you ever heard of Clinton Kelly, who some think is the top fashion expert? He started out on TV as a host on Q 2 in the mid 90’s. While she wasn’t at QVC, award winning actress Jane Lynch started out as a TV Shopping host in Chicago with Dan Wheeler.

  33. Loretta Says:

    I understand Lisa Robertson is leaving QVC because she has been actively stalked by four (4) men, one of whom continues to harass her. It’s reported QVC has been pro-active in bringing the alleged stalkers to court, but Robertson still lives in terror. While I’m not a Lisa Robertson fan, I was saddened to learn that she has undergone such torment. No one deserves to live in fear, torment and terror. My heart goes out to her.

    • Raxhel Says:

      She’s not leaving because of stalkers, a couple of her stalkers were from years ago if I’m not mistaken one of the four stalkers was from 1999. Lisa makes no secrets about her whereabouts and she’s going onto bigger and better things. No way would lisa let a few stalkers make her leave a million dollar a year salary. She has been offered something that is better and more pay and trust me once her last date draws near she will let us know what it is. Right now I don’t think she’s allowed to say.

      • Macncheeesy Says:

        They were back in court this past April. The local news reported on it. It was one of the same stalkers. So it is still occurring.

      • cindy Says:

        they only stalk her cause she is the only single one there LOL
        they are not going to stalk a married woman.

  34. Queen Celeste Says:

    Reading many of the comments it’s easy to see how Clare Boothe Luce got the idea for “The Women.” What is the quote as spoken by Joan Crawford, something like, “There’s a word for you ladies, but it’s not used outside a kennel.”

    • AprilD Says:

      “The Women” citation is totally inappropriate. The play is known to be a comedy about the pampered lives and power struggles of wealthy socialites in N.Y. I see no bearing whatsoever on the women commenting on this blog regarding public figures, not their family or friends. They are entitled to their opinions and this is a public forum.

      • Queen Celeste Says:

        As I am entitled to my opinion. The play is set in high society, but women of every social strata can participate in the take down of their fellow women, alas.

    • Lovie Says:

      I agree that some of the comments are a little harsh, but let’s get off of the high horse. You came to this website, because you like reading gossip about home shopping personalities. Which doesn’t make you any better than the people who are posting comments.

    • Pam Says:

      Love this quote! U r right on the money!!

  35. Dee Says:

    Wow, amazing Queen Celeste to see a woman call women with an opinion bitches.

    • Queen Celeste Says:

      The “opinions” you refer to were catty and mean spirited.

      I wish Lisa every happiness.

      • Lovie Says:

        … Then wish her the best and be done with it.

        Claiming moral superiority when you willing came to a website to read gossip is probably what people don’t understand about your original comment.

        You could have easily went to Lisa’s facebook page if all you wanted to do is “wish here every happiness”. But you decided to come here to see if could get the dirty details.

        I’m not condoning all of what is being said in these comments, but I’m not going to act like I’m better than those people either. Not when I came here to read the gossip just like they did.

  36. Sandie Toole Says:

    Let those without sin cast the first stone! I cannot believe how callous some of you people are!

  37. Cindy Says:

    If she wants to leave her reasons are just that.. her’s.. Hey that’s alot of work..all those odd hours trying to look good and be happy!!
    You give it a try.. She could probable retire and why not.. Leave her alone.. I’m sure this was not a snap decision. And I don’t care about her sex life. If she’s happy with whomever so it goes…. I’m sure she’s got something worked out… 20 years.. heck.. I couldn’t do that job being happy and be pretty for how many hours on air..! at 1am.. you try it… as far as the stalker.. if you have one you do. If they scare you they scare you… you mean none of you ladies have had a bad experience! anyone can be stalked…! Not just high profile people… give her a break.. and wish her well.. you don’t do her job… I wish you well Lisa and God Bless your new and wonderful adventure! Cindy

  38. Roberta Says:

    Courtney has been groomed for months so this isn’t sudden. Lisa is aging into Joan Crawford and I doubt it’s stalkers. No woman would post work out pic if they were so frightened. I think she’s gone diva, other hosts despise her and her GILI line flopped

  39. Kelly Says:

    Lisa is the best QVC host. She appeals to all generations where the others kinda appeal to a conservative older demographic.
    I’m surprised it took Lisa this long to finally leave and I do believe her popularity has led to a better opportunity. The hosts of these home shopping channels make outrageous amounts of money and I read that Colleen Lopez has a net worth of 5 million dollars and Lisa Robertson is also up there. Unless I was offered double the amount of money I would stay with the network but it must be hard to hawk junk for 20 years and have to basically lie and get people to buy the over priced junk and say how you own it or love it when you know you don’t. I wish Lisa the best and I hope her next job is even better.

    • Terri Says:

      Um, she is the same age as Dull Jill, Mary Beth, Shawn, Antoinella. But the PERKS OF Lisa’s job there far outweighs hawking things she may not like. Getting to go to Italy twice a year, having custom gowns made for her, going to the Red Carpet events, getting 6-8 weeks of vacay per year. Lol I might put up with a few stupid items to sell for those perks.
      I have seen Lisa as a guest on several shows about women and business, including on CNBC.
      Personally I do not think her stalker issue has anything to do with this unless she plans on moving.
      As for other previous hosts not being successful after leaving.. No one has what Lisa has. Patti Reilly comes to mind…what a complete idiot. When Dennis Basso told her to shut up one night…I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! FINALLY someone said what I had bedn thinking for years!

      • Suzan W. Says:

        Secretly enjoyed remembering the ‘shut up, Patti!’ presentation.

        Bottom line is that they are all hired to sell merchandise. There are millions of viewers during any given show. If a host’s on air personality sells thousands of items an hour, the host gets commissions, QVC makes money, the vendor makes money, the vendor’s employees get paid, the crew gets paid, warehouse employees get paid, and the retail wheels continue to turn. The host that one group loves annoys the Hell out of the other group. We all remember those in school or other social collections who changed themselves or their appearance just to be popular with a relatively small group. Imagine if one’s job is dependent on one’s popularity with an exponentially larger social group. Thanks to Facebook, the hosts not only have to please the QVC viewers while on air, but on social media where the viewers are free to be as supportive or as condemming as their virtual hearts desire.

        I personally love the fact that an attractive intelligent female grew her career from a beauty pageant pearl princess to a 20 year shopping media veteran and icon. Lisa’s success speaks for itself. Brava! Bravissimo!

      • cindy Says:

        Lisa an Icon..LMAO to whom? middle aged women that watch qvc…that’s it hun. most of my friends have NEVER heard of her..Hahahaha

    • cindy Says:

      I will bet everything Colleen on HSN does not get paid 5mil…NO WAY Nor does Lisa R. LOL

  40. Deb Says:

    I guess David moves up as the #1 chick host now…

  41. Raxhel Says:

    Some of you criticizing Lisa are just jealous.
    Most of you are probably fat and lonely and Lisa is just a reminder of what you’ll never be and you hate her for it.
    Lisa and any of the hosts for that matter wouldn’t wear those ugly clothes they sell in public. They all are sales people and half of the jewlerey on QVC and HSN you can buy in China for 9.00 and home shopping hikes the price up up to 75.00. 80% of the jewlerey I found on eBay and exactly the same pieces under no designer name for under ten bucks. You people are being SNOWED with a celebrity name and a phony presentation and you wonder why they can clearance a 100.00 item for ten bucks…that’s why! Lmao
    Stupid stupid stupid Americans.

    • Terri Says:

      Raxhel? It is called Free Enterprise, something the opressed, and abused people in other countries who provide the labor to make the products…will never have. Making a PROFIT is why businesses operate. QVC is no different.
      You are free to move to China if you like.

      • AprilD Says:

        She/he still has a point. We are all buying overpriced junk sold by glamorous and totally fake used car salesmen. These “salespeople” are “beloved”. I mean really. It’s as if we are worshiping those who are scamming us. It is a business and they are all making a fortune…except the peons at the networks and the peons who manufacture this junk. By the way, Lisa has set up a new, non QVC facebook page. Less look at me vain. Maybe most of that glamour hype was QVC’s. I will give her the benefit ofbthe doubt.

      • Raxhel Says:

        Yes I get QVC and Hsn are priced hiked junk but 80% of what we all own comes from China unless your super rich and your clothes and furniture are made in Italy or Paris.
        what I was saying the stuff they sell on there for 40-100.00 I found exact same things on Ebay for under ten bucks.
        All those Jewlerey and Fashion people celebrity and non celebrity are doing nothing but putting a name on items and price hiking when all they do is get it already manufactured from China, no design team or whatever are sitting around designing that stuff. Adrian Arpel,Joan Rivers and ShopHq all had the EXACT same necklace and each lied and said they designed it and so much work went into it and I found it on ebay for 6.99.

      • cindy Says:

        if people are stupid enoght to buy it…NOT ME, a cheap looking GILI bag for 200.00 Never would I pay that, I would go get a MK bag first, and I have

  42. Krissy Says:

    Lisa and Leslie from Bare Minerals are in a “serious relationship” and Lisa has been appointed the head of the PR department of Bare Minerals. Lisa will do a wonderful job and I wish her and Leslie the best!

  43. Kath Says:

    who cares where l Robertson phony gone. so is QVC..more sickening is the creep killinger..yuk…she is in love w/herself…SA

    • AprilD Says:

      Killinger is also an indictment of the U.S. educational system. If I was her high school and college (yeah, right). I would take back my diploma.

  44. SUSAN Says:

    Let’s see a Top Exec at QVC resigns “to pursue other opportunities”….wink wink. One of their top selling hosts also is leaving, Then there is QVC’s repetitive and boring programming. It appears their is trouble in West Chester….

  45. Tigerlily Says:

    My thought is she and QVC could not come to terms on the contract renewal. It adds up: we’ve just entered Q414, which is the conclusion the fiscal year. This coupled with the fact there’s no longer anyone at the QVC top to approve her contract demands. At least she was involved in the decision-making process, unlike “Sponge Bob High Pants” Bowersox (2008).

  46. Tigerlily Says:

    Leah Williams had ‘disappeared’ for an extended period from the channel a while back. (I personally was pleased; no more irritating screeching coming from my TV.) However, when she ‘reappeared,’ her voice was noticeably toned down. But alas, her natural screeching has found its way back. Time for a tune-up, in a major way.

  47. Raxhel Says:

    I think Krissy is saying Lisa and Leslie are in a love partner relationship

  48. Raxhel Says:

    @AprilD yes I saw Lisa’s new Facebook and your right it’s less fluff and more down to earth.
    Now this is just a rumor but I was told QVC and HSN hosts don’t really use those facebook pages. It’s actually the Shopping channels who hire people to post and reply pretending to be the hosts.
    I do believe with the Internet age people are becoming more savy and finding out what those hosts and channels are truly about and that’s why (especially QVC) they are are doing so well the past couple of years.

    • chare Says:

      While the hosts on QVC do have social media people helping them. On Lisa’s fb page, the person helping her always signs their name at the end of the post or reply to a customer.

      • Raxhel Says:

        Well from what I was told the hosts rarely do anything with their professional facebook pages and they hire people and yes they do sign their names or shall I say type their names and sometimes they type the hosts names also.

        im not saying all the hosts do that but most do. They make to much money to be bothered with it and that sqeaky clean personalities are not for real. Many divas on those shopping networks

    • chare Says:

      We “hear” a lot of things about the hosts, but that doesn’t mean it is so.

  49. Raxhel Says:

    I meant do say With the Internet age people are more savy and that’s why home shopping channels ARE NOT doing so well

  50. Ava Says:

    Life is too short and after 20 years selling Denim & Co and Susan Graver it has to get old. Add a few stalkers and it’s time to go. QVC’s product line is the worst. The “designers” are stuck in a time warp. I think Lisa would make a great host on a daytime tv show and then she should move to a secure location, gated, doorman bldg. She is very well liked, poised, i just watched her co present with Josie Maran who was high as a kite and Lisa kept holding her arm to dial it down because she was mocking the callers and jerking all over and hugging herself. Very smooth. Good luck to her.

    • cindy Says:

      very well like by qvc watchers only, the real world not so much, don’t thinks she would work out, to many young smart women out there, lisa is 50 so not good for tv

    • Lisa's Friend Says:

      Unfortunately, Ava, I saw that too!!
      High as a kite!

  51. Marilyn Says:

    After reading all the posts which I find interesting, I to can say Lisa is not my favorite but who is. I loved Lisa Mason can’t see why she left had far more class. Rick, Shawn and David should also go can’t stand to watch them. I have liked the new people they have hired they should be on daytime not night duty. I wish her the best but it is time to go.

  52. Raxhel Says:

    @Ava I thought I was the only one who noticed Josie allegedly on a coke binge. She’s always high and I’m surprised other people caught on

  53. Raxhel Says:

    @Marilyn Lisa Masons husband is fighting cancer and Lisa will no longer be a spokeswoman for super smile and @Ava I agree QVC clothes are so ugly and dated

  54. Raxhel Says:

    Leah Williams had a nose job when she was away for that period

    • cindy Says:

      Lisa will come back with a facelift, LOL another Joan Rivers face, I love Joan R. but come on her face……………

  55. Raxhel Says:

    @Terry I saw that show on CNBC with Lisa Robertson and she was basically telling people she lies to sell a product.
    Mary Beth claims to be a Christian so how could she lie everyday and take advantage of lonely old ladies and convince them to buy junk?!!? No shame

    • chare Says:

      No she didn’t lie. What Lisa told people on CNBC was that while she might not like the product, somebody out there will. And it is her job to present it in the best possible way where the customer could decide if it was for them. She was being honest.

      • Raxhel Says:

        Chare it’s called lying no matter how you try to spin it.
        Every single product the Hsn or QVC hosts claim they love it and own it. Sorry but that’s misleading to the viewer and overhyping is a form of lying.
        80% of what they sell comes from vendors is China and they slap a famous face or name on it and call it “designer”.
        Ever walk through TjMaxx,Marshall’s or the dollar store? I have seen so many Bethlehem Lights items under a different name for under 10.00 and on ebay I seen the exact same jewlerey for less that 10.00. All this BS that the viewer is getting a deal etc is a lie!
        If you buy something on Home Shopping and you send it back they already get back their cost for the entire item just on the postage cost because that’s what they actually get the items for.

    • chare Says:

      Do you expect them to tell you that item sucks? A person has to be very naive if they believe that the hosts like everything that they present. They are just doing their jobs and it is up to the customer to decide if the items are for them.

      • Lovie Says:

        Raxhel’s point is that there is no way that these hosts can “love” everything that they sell. So yes, fibbing is part of their jobs at hosts. Sorry.

  56. Raxhel Says:

    I do want to clarify that I like Lisa and I think she has more to offer than QVC will allow. Lisa can now be herself and not have to worry about wearing ill fitting Susan graver rags.

  57. chare Says:

    Lisa should have left QVC along time ago. Hopefully now she will get the recognition that she deserves. While yes Lisa doesn’t appeal to some. she does appeals to those young and old, female and male. Her personality is what the TV industry looks for.. Yes QVC will go on, but it will harder with Lisa leaving then it was Kathy Levine. When Kathy left, Lisa was groomed to take her place. Unfortunately they don’t have anyone groomed to take her place and it will hurt them more. I knew that at some point Lisa would leave, I didn’t expect it this soon. Will miss her and wish her nothing but the best. When she hosts her final show, I will no longer watch QVC. Lisa was the host that I watched.

    • Raxhel Says:

      I agree Chare. Lisa is the best Host and it will be a loss for QVC and she probably can’t wait to get out of there.
      I heard horror stories about that place and their not so honest business practices.

    • cindy Says:

      Why, She had no where to go, why not stay with QVC?

    • chare Says:

      Cindy, Unlike some, Lisa has plenty of places that she could go. Those in the TV industry look for personalities like Lisa has.

  58. rafterman1957 Says:

    The Joan Crawford reference is spot on!

  59. Tigerlily Says:

    4 high-profile hosts have left in the past 6 years: Bob Bowersox, Lisa Mason, Patty Riley, and now Lisa Robertson.

    I don’t think I’m going to be sticking around there much longer either, watching the Q, that is.

    P.S. That Courney chick will never fill Lisa’s shoes. Courtney’s young; QVC’s target market is middle age. (Well, it is!) If the Q thinks they’ll be attracting a younger, hipper audience by featuring Courtney as a replacement to Lisa, they’re wrong. Young, hip people want to be IN the high-profile stores, then having lunch / cocktails IN a young, hip bistro/cafe afterward, not sitting in front of their TV’s at home watching a shopping channel.

    (Courtney’s young and cute; but she has no “presence.” It’s simply not gonna work.)

  60. Sandy Says:

    HaHa! I thought something was going on with Lisa and Leslie ❤️❤️
    I saw Lisa on Say Yes to the Dress yesterday and She was so demanding and making those faces of hers and being a “Queen”!
    Bye Bye Lisa!!

    • BrendaR Says:

      That’s funny. I saw it also and did not see her being a “queen”. Courtney was pretty obnoxious though.

      • Sandy Says:

        Yes Brenda, Courtney was obnoxious. But I get the impression that Lisa thinks she is above everyone else. Just my opinion.

  61. MarySue Says:

    I will be happy to see Lisa go. I am very tired of her wanting to be “high end” and above it all. I do not think she will do well as she is not that young, talented or beautiful when compared to truly talented and beautiful people! It is easy to stand out among suburban housewives and every day sales people. When Lisa was on Project Runway, she was horrible. She looked old and dated and her comments showed she really doesn’t have great taste. She may just retire – she probably made millions.

    • cindy Says:

      When I first saw her on TV QVC about a year ago, my bf was there and said” who is that older lady with leather pants on she is trying to dress to young” LOL I said nevermind the pants look at that 90’s lipliner, every since than, when I do see her on qvc, I laugh. by the way I just truned 38 years old

  62. Susan DeLuisi Says:

    To all the haters, jealous much ? Wow it’s so disturbing to read such venomous comments about a woman that became successful based on her savvy and good looks. I, for one love her & her shows. She brought some class to a not so classy genre (for lack of a better word). I thought she was full of herself, but so what? She had the goods to back it up. Good for Lisa. I wish her nothing but continued success.

    • cindy Says:

      good looks? really. umm ok. class? Really she dressed so tacky for a 50 year old lady a BIG MESS

    • shelia Says:

      I do not the people who make negative comments are jealous of Lisa. I think they are just fed up with her. She tries hard to be more than she is and is self centered. It is so obvious when she is on…can’t keep her eyes off herself in the TV monitors. I agree with the negative comments and I am NOT jealous of her. What is there to be jealous of? Maybe her money, if she is loaded. Take off the fake lashes ,hair, makeup she is ugly with big teeth. The orange tan needs to go. I have seen pictures of her where her neck, chest and arms are bare and look orange from the fake tan but her face is white. She looks strange. What annoys me most is her admiring herself in the TV monitors.

      • BeckyQ Says:

        ever think she may be looking at someone on the st trying to let her know something. Of course not your a hater too.

  63. Drayden Says:

    Good! It’s about time. That chick is sooo unpleasant to watch. We have been turning that channel off as fast as we can everytime we catch a glimpse of her, catching a glimpse of herself, in the monitors all the time. Just wish she was leaving sooner.

  64. cindy Says:

    I agree MarySue,
    Put Lisa up with a real star and she will be nothing, too many YOUNG pretty girls out there, Lisa’s ship has sailed…to old.

  65. cindy Says:

    Raxel. Sorry but Lisa style is crazy for a 50 year old…makes her look like she is trying to look 30 years old, she is starting to look nutz

  66. cindy Says:

    Ann, Don’t think E would hire lisa, she is not a star, only a saleslady on the TV…her ship has sailed

  67. cindy Says:

    Good looks, Really? have you seen her lately?, all fake, looks orange from self tanner…hair is crazy lipliner from the 80″s, Now J-lo has good looks…sorry…lisa is long in the tooth now

    • AprbilD Says:

      From your multiple comments I can only deduct that it must be a capital offense to be 50 and attempt to look stylish. I hope you look that good at her age. You obviously will not have as much class.

  68. Carol Says:

    Cindy, do some research. Lisa is 48 years old – at least until November. Also no one said Colleen Lopez’s annual salary was 5 million. They said that was her net worth.

  69. Aida Esquilin Says:

    All these hateful a comments from women who should be a lot kinder to each other. We get enough crap from men. Let’s be a little more supportive of each other. Give Lisa her props and wish her well. Like her or not, she’s the best Host on the Q, professional,entertaining and very knowledgeable about selling.

    • grace Says:

      I did not get suckered into buy cheap GILI stuff…but yes she was a good sales lady

    • Lovie Says:

      Well-wishes are for Lisa’s Facebook page. I doubt that Lisa spends much time reading this blog.

    • BeckyQ Says:

      I am seeing that this is a place for haters. Gay, Lovie, Cindy, Gracie. Guess what you don’t have to watch QVC. I feel sorry for you that post nasty comment after nasty comment. You seem obsessed with Lisa. You know her birthday, watch her show, etc kinda stalker – like. Hope you can focus on something that bring joy to your life and stop bashing total strangers.

    • BarBaraAnn Says:

      hey GRACE….ever have one of the GILI bags in your hand…do you feel the quality and see the craftsmanship ? or are you just flapping your gums….be careful, that one tooth can do harm to your lower lip while flapping……HER TASTE IS ABOVE MOST, SINCE THEY LOVE THINGS SHE CAN WEAR AND THEY CAN’T….JEALOUSY IS A HATEFUL THING THAT ENDS UP DESTROYING THE HATER

  70. Gay Wade Says:

    I must say that I would’ve given about anything to look as good as Lisa does at 50 (I’m now 70). Takes amazing discipline to maintain that gorgeous, tight figure. However, I do think she acts a bit like a diva when she appears on air so many times, way overdressed. You wonder if she’s going to a ball as soon as the show is over. She also wears way too much makeup: lip liner is awful – I just stare at it all the time, big, way too dark eyebrows, way too much eye makeup and way too orange a skin tone. Really funny how her hands are more orange than the rest of her because of getting too much on her hands when applying the stuff. I have noticed when she is wearing her own clothes – they definitely didn’t come from QVC. QVC does have a problem and I noted some of the ladies here pointed it out. Hosts are old, tired and really boring. Some I can’t stand and have to turn to HSN or something else. Jill Bauer never modulates her voice – really boring to look at her. She’s not as old as Lisa but she might as well be because she dresses like a frump. Mary Beth Rowe is I’m sure a very nice religious lady in her own world but in QVC land she is old and not stylish at all. I also think she’s phony with her constantly lowering her voice in amazement and saying “Wow” in reply to the product’s spokesperson. Jane Treacy I really can’t stand. Talk about a phony and I wish she’d shut up about her kids – it’s Didra this and Kari that all the time. Her clothes are terribly matronly. What’s with all the ’50’s full skirted dresses that make her look 80? And is she so modest that when she wears something she thinks is dressy (I just think matronly), she always is dragging around a stole that hangs by her elbows. No one can be as happy as Mary Beth and Jane pretend to be. And I’m so sick of hearing all the cutesy talk Shawn does especially with Isaac. If she says “totally” one more time, I’m going to barf. She has all these cutesy “isms” that are just phony. Definitely can’t stand when she’s on with Isaac throwing herself at him with flattery and personally, I have yet to see one Isaac product that I think is pretty much less would want to buy. Shawn is now full of herself and she’s pushing her spirituality all the time which should remain private. Again, like all the others she just comes across as phony. Domier is so in love with himself and I don’t care for David either. Carolyn Gracie may be the most real person on QVC. I also like Nancy Hornback and Sandra Bennett. They seem kind of down to earth. Antoinella was quite good when she started there but now is trying to compete with Lisa and the rest and she’s now trying to act like a jewelry expert. One has to wonder to if she owns anything other than the black pants she lives in on the air.

    • Lynn Says:

      Agreed on all of your points. But I think some of the newer hosts should take center stage now. My favorite is Amy…she seems very sweet and genuine. I also find Alberti to be very entertaining. He’s still JJ as a long way to go but lots of potential there.

  71. Sandy Says:

    Gay, you took the words right out of my mouth!! You are right on target with all of them!! You would think someone in their own family would say something to them about the way they look and act. Lisa is the phoniest of them all….In her looks and her annoying tone of voice. That chick is in love with herself!

  72. grace Says:

    Hey Peeps lets take a vote, how many think Lisa R. will be back to qvc as a host.
    1 for yes and 2 for no.

  73. Sissy Says:

    So good hearing all these comments about The Q and the hosts. It’s time we unite and quit patronizing the Q and these hosts by ordering this overpriced junk and the shipping/handling rip off! Not to mention what u lose when u return an item! Also, they start processing an order immediately after u order so that u cannot cancel, u r forced to take delivery and return the order. Lisa is good at what she does, but she is like a broken record, and it’s obvious she doesn’t wear that ugly Susan Graver/Denim and Company crap, or Quackery Factory, lol. I say “farewell” to Lisa who reminds me of nothing more than an televangelist, feeding on, taking advantage of vulnerable people.

    • grace Says:

      I never order that junk, cause I dont pay shipping NEVER, Why do the host think they have the best job, its like one big info commercial, and they are sales people. Lisa is good at pitching the junk, but like most people said…at 50 she is looking nuts, her whole look….But David is pretty Cool.

  74. Elise Gleason Says:

    Lisa Robertson is a well spoken intelligent woman.
    She worked hard to get to where she is today.
    She deserves respect for her talents and achievements.
    AMEN !

    • BrendaS Says:

      Totally agree. I hardly shop at the Q any more but I have mostly liked watching Lisa. Also, David is an obnoxious, blowhard. His ego is huge if you have ever heard him off camera. Think’s he is the cat’s meow. I thought only little old ladies loved him.

      • Bo Says:

        I never heard David off camera. I don’t have a facebook account…I did but deleted it…and I don’t care to but not only David, all hosts on all food shows that over react when tasting the food drives me nuts. I know they have to try to show us how delicious the food is but I’m tired of seeing them smack their lips, chew with their mouth open, etc. Why can’t they just say, this is really good. I just can’t stand watching people eat if they can’t close their mouth. OH… and I don’t like the shoe shows. Feet are ugly, I don’t care what you do to them. I don’t want to see someone’s ugly feet switching from shoe to shoe to shoe.

  75. Berta Says:

    To all, a goodnight and hope YOU all ask GOD for your forgiveness. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    • Lovie Says:

      Bertha, you might want to ask God to forgive you as well for continuing to launch a website that contains gossip. Not posting a derogatory comment, doesn’t let you off the hook with God. You can’t use this website as a form of entertainment and then tell the people who post comments that THEY are the ones who need to pray for forgiveness. That seems tab hypocritical.

      • Berta Says:

        You completely misunderstood what I said Lovie, I don’t EVER make bad judgements on ANYONE, believe it or not, not even YOU. You go right ahead and keep doing what YOU do best. I was reading all the posted comments, I didn’t use this website to be “hypocritical” as you stated, I too, am allowed to post “my comments”. I am not preaching the word of God, to YOU or anyone ELSE. Like I said before, YOU completely misunderstood my posted comment. Have a good day. Love Love Love. (Smile). Berta

  76. Bo Says:

    Seems to me some hosts get into designing a product line and that may be what Lisa is leaving to do. I’ve read a bunch of y’all say she’s too old for certain things. A designer can work until dimentia.
    I wasn’t a fan of Lisa. I found her to be too phony and she thought she was funny. I didn’t. Good luck though Lisa. Everyone deserves the best.

  77. Bo Says:

    I do have to say all of the shopping channels really make it affordable with the payment plans, for us to get things we want. Sometimes shipping is a little high, sometimes it’s free. HQ is the best with offering 6 value pays and low shipping. I do appreciate that and although I may pay a little more at times, the easy, flex and value pays makes it affordable and I’ve gotten things I would never have been able to get otherwise.

  78. grace Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms over lisa…., she is just a host..I quess its just qvc watchers….and she already responded to people on her facebook all asking her where she is going, she said she has no idea what she is going to do after the Q…

  79. grace Says:

    LOL and “P.S by the way” I wont miss that

  80. mallethead329 Says:

    Lisa seeems to be a nice lady. My wife enjoys watching her. As to her going to E! Fashion Police, I doubt it. Lisa seems to be too nice for that. (E!’s hiring of Kathy Griffin is a huge mistake. Should never try to replace Joan Rivers). Leaving due to the stalkers seems more likely. Who would blame her. She’ll do well no matter what.

  81. grace Says:

    She is nothing but a sales person, I think she is nothing without qvc.

  82. Pat Says:

    I like Lisa. I would kill to have her figure. Her makeup style is not for me but as long as she likes it, it’s her face for goodness sake. She probably wouldn’t like mine either but I do. You gotta please yourself!! She seems to be a hard worker, well spoken and quite intelligent so she should do well in the future. I do agree QVC is not nearly as good as it used to be. Maybe the new management will get it back to the way it was. Hope so.

    • grace Says:

      I don’t see Lisa as intelligent, I see her as a bimbo….that can sale anything to anyone, just IMO

      • Carol Says:

        Grace, you must be some fabulous person! I can’t imagine why you’d waste your time posting so many replies about Lisa. By the way, she has a college degree in long term health insurance and she’s worth millions. Are you? I bet she also proof-reads. She would write “sell” instead of “sale”. Please post a picture – I’d LOVE to see your beauty and fashion sense. I can only imagine! By the way, she is 49 tomorrow – not yet 50, as you keep saying.

      • Carol MacDonald Says:

        I love your post…right on!!!

      • Divaqueen Says:


    • Laura Johnson Says:

      thank you, Carol, for saying what I have been wanting to!

  83. donna mishoe Says:

    I lost my legs a sad day fr me n i liv shoes i wil never walk again. lige goz on thy say. u wil b ok tak a break feel better n giod wil guide u we all hv an angle yoyrs wil b thr 4 u. god bles n goo luck

  84. Divaqueen Says:

    Thank God,
    She is so self absorbed, conceited and fake. Good riddance!

    • Sandy Says:

      Has anyone seen her personal site?? All she does is fish for comments and her gullable followers gives her what she wants! This chick craves attention. She looks worse in each new picture she puts up!

      • grace Says:

        Sandy you are so right one, and ALL her friends seem to be from QVC in some form or another, all she does is post pics, like some teenager….looking for all the middle aged women to build her up…she sounds like a very lonely person…
        Carol I doubt she is worth millions working at QVC…
        any FYI I do own my own law firm in SOCAL, with 30 attorneys, I’m doing great, but thanks anyway. how long is this women going to wear leather? until she is 80? and the lip liner YIKES. her ship has SAILED…

      • Carol Says:

        Grace, she IS worth millions and I’m so sorry for the 30 attorneys who have to work under someone as nasty as you. I wasn’t aware that leather had an expiration date especially if you happen to have the body for it. Dear Lord, you are a bitter woman. And could you please proofread? By the way, I’d still like to see a picture so we can all critique you. It should be interesting. Hopefully you are nicer than you sound.

  85. Carol MacDonald Says:

    Right on. Carol!!!

    • grace Says:

      lisa has you whipped too…haha Lisa thinks she is gods gift to the world at 50 years old…ummmm ok. even her EYS are fake…oh my

      • Carol Says:

        Please, please inform Lisa that she is 50. Silly women said she just celebrated her 49th the other day. She will be shocked beyond belief. “Ummmmm ok?”

  86. grace Says:

    Millions I don’t think so…In fact I I know so, wow you are crazy for Lisa R…LOL…lisa haw you whipped.

  87. Carol Says:

    No you don’t know so. And please reread your mispelled posts – you come off as an idiot. I guess her “EYS” are fake – whatever they are. Law firm – my you-know-what. As you would say, “ummmm, LOL, IMO Peeps.” She MUST “haw” me whipped.

  88. BrendaS Says:

    Grace it is very sad that you have to troll the web to find people to trash. You must really have no life and dislike yourself. Like the other reader said…come on big mouth…post a picture of yourself so we can critique you as much as you critique others.

  89. grace Says:

    knocking on 50’s door, and yes she wears colored contacts…fake hair fake tan, fillers in lips, cheeks…botox everywhere…good lord 50 must be hard for her…and she still does not look that good…
    I’m done here….

  90. Carol Says:

    Thank God – go spread your venom elsewhere.

  91. Carol MacDonald Says:

    So glad you are done…stick a fork in it!

  92. grace Says:

    LOL the Lisa cult…wow

  93. Carol Says:

    I thought you were done here. Just can’t stay away from Lisa, can you? She must have you “whipped” since you can’t seem to stay out of this conversation .

  94. grace Says:

    you mad bro? she conned you into cheap GILI

  95. JJ Says:

    Lisa worth millions…I don’t think so. She is a salesperson on QVC!!!!

  96. Steven Tsantes Says:

    Lisa has a net worth over 5 Million dollars….she doesn’t have to work..but she will….at 50…he puts 20 year old women to shame….she knows where she is going…we’ll find out soon enough

    • grace Says:

      dont believe everything you read…I doubt she has 5mill working for qvc, puts 20 year old to shame, dont think so…she is starting to look crazy with all the makeup and the way she dresses…thats what happens when you try to hard…IMO

      • AprilD Says:

        Aren’t you done trolling here! We are so tired of your BS and spite.

      • Carol Says:

        I’m sitting here laughing because with every post you make you’re just confirming that you’re an unattractive, unintelligent, jealous troll. Oh how I wish we could see you and have a good laugh. You are so pathetic, it’s ridiculous, Grace. You live in a fantasy world. You may think she looks crazy but you sound crazy. I thought you were done here. We are all entitled to our own opinion but you just go on and on about the same things and are so mean about it. You made your point – now move on. You seem so obsessed with her.

  97. Raxhel Says:

    That Christmas stuff they sell I find at tj maxx for half the price. Valerie Par Hill also is another who Hawks junk found at Walmart and the dollar store with a hiked up price tag. No joke but last year Valerie was selling a holiday item and a week later I found the exact same thing at dollar tree for 3.00 and QVC was asking 21.00 plus tax and shipping.

    • grace Says:

      its funny how all the women buy what Lisa “says” LOL qvc is taking their money on a bunch of junk…the GILI stuff looks cheap…

      • Laura Says:

        Grace, being kind is so much easier than being nasty. Give it a try.

      • Toyia Says:

        Lisa has an extensive vocabulary to describe fashion and accessories. She was able to articulate this like no other host(s) on the show. As an executive, I recall buying my first high end piece because Lisa convinced me that I deserved it. Yes, it was late at night but she knew how to sell a status piece! Full of it or not, she did exceptional work! No one else at that show can pull this off! I found her to be gracious with s high pedigree for her craft! She was well read and qvc should strive to mirror that quality. Thy will lose sales due to her departure!

  98. BeckyQ Says:

    Wow It seems like Grace and Cindy have a thing for Lisa. Hate her but can’t stop talking about her. Time to move on girls. Good luck to Lisa and I hope she does not read this blog.

    • grace Says:

      and many others feel the same way…time to move on, let talk about shawn….I like shawn but she needs a new hair style and hair color oh and a better makeup artist…but she is pretty good host. Cant stand Jane.

      • Carol Says:

        There you go again with with your hateful comments. Can’t you just say something nice and leave it at that? No I guess not because you seem like a miserable person.

  99. zumba Says:

    I agree Sun. I think she was a phony with a phony laugh. She’s pretty, articulate, educated, good actor but so are the rest. I wish her congrats but she is a sales person on TV selling more junk.

  100. HD Says:

    I just found out Lisa is leaving the Q, and I am very saddened. She is a terrific life force on the channel, and I love watching her beauty shows. Even though I ***hate***shopping station “fashion” (a little to “mid-brow” for my personal taste, for the most part, but to each her own) I’d watch Lisa just to catch the “buzz”.

    I wonder where the compassion is of many of the commenters here. Surely I cannot be the only viewer who has noticed that Ms. Robertson looks tired and stressed. Frankly, I have wondered if she is not ill or perhaps needs a long rest sure due health/stress concerns? IMHO, there is something more happening to have LR leave, as she seems to be one of the great stars there. I thought she gave one thousand percent and I, for one, will miss her. She is gorgeous, smart, laughs at herself, a great sense of humor. I sense a yearning there.

    I will miss you, Miss Lisa. I have Stage IV metastatic TNBC be with a poor prognosis at this point and watching your beauty shows have been a highlight for me during my difficult chemo weeks. I send you the very best vibes for a full and vibrant life with the best of health, wealth, and happiness. You will be missed very much by at least one viewer (me)!

  101. grace Says:

    she might be leaving to get a face lift…lol

    • Angel Maria D'amico Says:

      What a nasty person you are grace . Karma will bite you in the but . God doesn’t like ugly . You must not like yourself ugly in the inside and outside . Go under your bridge and leave ppl alone .

  102. Carol Says:

    Grace, you should leave and get a lobotomy, lol. Maybe it would cure your obsession.

  103. justgreg Says:

    I’ve worked in the television industry for many many years. I’m always amused by those who have no idea how difficult it is to talk unscripted.. for several minutes.. LET ALONE several hours. In regards to the “looking at herself in the monitor,” several things. First there are several monitors.. not only “on-air” monitors. These monitors are also where hosts get the names of callers, sold-counters, what’s left in what color, and many other things. Not to mention, because Lisa is so good at what she does, she tries to wear as many of the fashions as she can… while doing VERY quick changes, and yes, likely uses the monitor as a mirror to make sure everything is “tucked in,” etc. Wouldn’t you?

    In regards to her talent… as a television talent, she is quite amazing. Not only good at her job, but speaks grammatically correct in the hours of ad libs, doesn’t pressure sell, rather talks about what she likes about the product… and impressively NEVER condescends to any product OR CALLER… always kind and considerate. Trust me, as a television talent, she is tops.

    Finally, this venomous “grace” person.. how odd that you chose “grace” as your screen name- you seem to be a truly compassionate, graceful person– NOT (number one); how interesting that you “claim” to be a Lawyer (though you certainly fit the stereotypical bill); and for someone who’s had 8 years of college education, your attitude and grammar are remarking high-NOT!!!!!!

    • Carol Says:

      I totally agree with you just greg. Do you really believe Grace has 30 lawyers beneath her? I won’t even go there. You can just imagine what I want to say (maybe horizontally? ). She probably gets coffee for them. She sounds so unintelligent and like such a miserable person. I agree Lisa is such a class act. I will miss her when she leaves QVC.

      • justgreg Says:

        What I really believe– because there seems be SUCH a personal vendetta, she’s likely a former high school classmate or pageant contestant who LOST.. and has made it her tragic life goal to cyber stock. She goes WAY beyond commenting… its clearly personal and frankly, quite sad. She’s gone to such extremes in her quest that no one puts any stock into her words… she done the opposite of what she hoped. We all know when we step in front of a camera, especially on a national level, grace, and others like her will rear their ugly bullying heads.. but at the end of the day, their efforts usually backfire, as in this case.

      • grace Says:

        Haha Carol, you are so in love with Lisa….you must be a Grandma…or you work for QVC like the other two..Lisa is nothing more than a sales person that thinks she is some big “celeb” all she does is post pictures of her photoshopped mug and look for women to fawn over her. and if she is that great why no husband….hmmmm

    • grace Says:

      Oh Greg, get over yourself or should I say lisa? Lisa is a good sales person no doubt..but thats about it…People will buy anything from her if she tells them too…I think most people can’t get over the whole fake thing with her, Hair, tan, nose, contacts, lips, and god knows what else.

  104. BarBaraAnn Says:

    the jealousy on her against Lisa Robertson are embarrassing…if you saw me, I would not qualify for that ‘fat old lady’ category you say follows her….surely you jest? she most definitely knows style and she is very talented, if you saw her play musical instruments when she first started….She gives Charlie Daniels a run for his money…she is a world traveler…ALWAYS HAS BEEN, BEFORE QVC….guess you all have no friends so you can’t fathom the fact she has a happy life and 20 years was long enough….they would have paid her anything she asked for…she didn’t want to get more money…she wanted to go live her life even more fully than she already has….and she deserves it….KARMA is a bi#$h an all who defame her will find that out tenfold….SHE DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS BEING FOLLOWED UNTIL THEY CAUGHT THE MAN..SHE DIDN’T PROPOGATE THAT STALKING….LET IT BE YOU..THEN TALK….she found out he was also in the movie theater sitting right behind her….all on camera before she knew he was stalking her…hope she has a wonderful and full life….AND KNOW SHE WILL, WHILE YOU SIT BEHIND A COMPUTER BRINGING DOWN OTHERS WHEN YOU ARE PROBABLY DESCRIBING YOURSELVES… sad

    • Marthastewart Says:

      oh please there are several people that don’t care for Lisa R., and like the others say…she is a sales person on TV, nothing special IMO….with that being said I don’t understand all the Lisa Following thing…Her style is just Meh…nothing that great. Plus she is getting up there in age…time to tone down.

  105. Carol MacDonald Says:

    Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain…and most fools do!

  106. grace Says:

    not saying anything that is NOT true, now am I? even all the people on qvc. com say the same thing, you need to get over the whole lisa
    thing. are you going to cry a river when she is not on the TV anymore? LOL

  107. Bunny Says:

    Lisa will move on to bigger, better things. I am sure she has lucrative offers & this is a calculated business decision. Why women are so unkind & unsupportive to other ( especially successful) women is beyond me. She could sell ice to an Eskimo, is beautiful, Poised, kind & funny. I wish her the very best & yes, I will miss her!

  108. June Green Says:

    Many nights I fall asleep with the Q. Has anyone noticed that Lisa avoids the price of an item, reporting it’s less than a dollar a day, etc. Calked to complain to no avail as I can’t read the set from bed.

    • grace Says:

      they all do that than flash the price very small, also when they have that Bronzo stuff on, they make you think you are getting real gold,
      and its not.

  109. Oliver K. Says:

    I just recently read about LR departing from the Q and can not believe the number of viewers who have such a visceral hatred of the woman! Jeeeze what did she ever do to any of you? I admire her for her support of ovarian cancer. Anyone who gives their time and uses their celebrity to help find a cure is A-OK in my book.

  110. Sandy Says:

    In every new picture of Lisa that is put on QVC, and on f/b, she looks more and more like a plastic Barbie doll. I say she is leaving because she “thinks” she is moving into the Hollywood scene! Never going to happen. 😱

    • grace Says:

      Sandy, she photoshops her pictures to look like that, takes all the wrinkles out, tweeks the face, its an app you can download on your phone….she really does not look like that…LOL Sad Huh?

    • grace Says:

      Sandy how much you want to bet Lisa come out on her last show like she is getting a Academy award??? LMAO..hey look at me..
      she is far from a “celeb” just an aging QVC host

  111. Sandy Says:

    Well, SOMEONE at QVC should tell her how horrible she looks! I know others say it on social media, but she only takes advice from her QVC following. I think she looks almost “scary”! Yes, Grace she is FAR from a celeb!

  112. grace Says:

    I think she thinks she looks good, her looks are more for the 30 year old not 50 year old…that whole lipliner thing is very aging on her like the hair…she is trying to look young, but its backfiring.

    • Lovie Says:

      Lisa does a good job of keeping herself up, but saying that she looks 30 is stretching it. You’re saying she looks only 10 years older than a 20 year old? That’s stretching it.

  113. peggy Says:

    sorry I have read the trash and the nice stuff have to laugh this women is beautiful, talented she will go much further than any of us so much mean hurtful crap hope u can sleep at night omg good luck Lisa I know u could really care less about these jerks so funny

    • ShoeGirl Says:

      Looks like Peggy drank the Kool Aid!

      • Lovie Says:

        When people make comments implying that Lisa spends her time reading comments on this blog, it mames me chuckle. The lady has a facebook page that she can launch at any time if she needs her ego stroked. She doesn’t need to come here for it.

      • grace Says:

        LOL I think alot of people drank the kool aid…so I just looked at her facebook page, all I can say is lord child…the woman is full of herself…for one she acts like she is a big movie star, and looks for all the middle aged women to stroke her ego.something is missing in her life IMO to be like that.

      • Carol Mac Says:

        To belittle is to be little. Tell the negative community that meets in your head to shut up!

    • grace Says:

      Im surprised Lisa did not get sued, all she did was copy other high end designs and made GILI …she snowed everyone, she has no TALENT…

  114. Marilyn Says:

    Lisa’s beautiful voice could sell a Dooney and Burke purse to Michael Kors.

  115. grace Says:

    not really, I dont fall for all that crap they sell on qvc…GILI looks cheap to me

  116. ShoeGirl Says:

    @Grace, LOL! I know, her facebook page is full of her posing with that fake smile of hers, and plastic face! She sure does “think” she is all that. But some people need to hear they are beautiful and young looking. 😳

  117. grace Says:

    lets talk about Shawn now, what do we think about her?
    I think she is a good host, however she needs to get a new hair style, and the big blonde streaks are so yesterday, also she needs new makeup, ant to spoof up her clothes, she always looks like she is not put together well.

  118. Oliver K. Says:

    Hey Grace, before you start in on your new target, Shawn K., how about posting a pic of yourself? Let us see the face hiding behind the venom. Give us an opportunity to critique your sense of fashion, your hairstyle, color, and makeup. Let’s see how well you stack up against the women you love to tear down. What happened in your life to make you so mean and nasty? We get it you don’t like QVC, G.I.L.I., Lisa Robertson or much else. You made your point so now it’s time to STFU!

    • Carol Says:

      Oliver, you are so right. I’ve asked her to post a picture too but even without seeing one, I know she is a troll. Ugly on the inside and ugly on the outside. She is so obsessed with Lisa. If she dislikes her so much, why does she check her facebook page, watch the GILI items (which by the way are beautifully made and I have designer clothing that aren’t that far superior) and keep coming back to this page? Then she wants to start bashing Shawn. What an insecure little immature idiot that thinks she’s Miss America. All she is is a stupid mean little twit.

      • grace Says:

        oh carol, if read the post on at what the women are saying about GILI so many had to return the bag cause it started falling apart, and the jackets look cheap. and a few ladies returned the jacket cause they said it looked CHEAP in person…so blow it….I dont go to lisa’s facebook I read all this on 100’s of women said she is to fake on qvc.

    • grace Says:

      sorry oliver you cant take the truth. Im not saying anything that is NOT true now am I? you must work for qvc

      • Carol Says:

        Grace, I do not own a GILI bag so I can’t comment. I do own quite a few GILI leather jackets and they are gorgeous. I’m not some idiot who doesn’t know designer fashion – trust me I do – and I own them also. You really are classy – “so blow it” -grow up and speak with some intelligence. And try to be nicer – it is the season to be kind.

  119. Heath Says:

    Yes, Oliver! You are right on about Grace! Cindy you are just as bad! You two women, Grace and Cindy are horrible jealous young people that are more than likely horrible to your elders! How do you treat your mothers? Can you even imagine that you might one day be 50 or even 40? Good luck with that! Do you look so great? Do you resemble Heidi Klum? Grace and Cindy! Wake up call! You will be lucky to reach 50 and still be beautiful! You already show yourselves as being ugly on the inside and that will surely be apparent on the outside as you age! I can not even believe how transparent and sick you two girls are. Go do some community service, give back to your community, volunteer at a hospital, do something to make yourselves worthy of the lives that you have been blessed with. Thank you Oliver! You Oliver are right on!

    • grace Says:

      you guys drank the kool aide get over it Lisa is just an aging qvc host…many others say the same thing about her…

  120. grace Says:

    Sorry Heather I just dont see the beauty in Lisa, with that lip liner, and orangy fake tan..NO

  121. Pam Says:

    Wow, I only looked on line to see what Lisa might be doing after leaving QVC.
    Never read such Vile in my life!
    I don’t do Face Book or spend time I do not have reading posts…but, I must admit, I kept reading not believing people Do This!
    Was it worth the read? Yes & No..I was thankful for the posts that were supportive but I failed to understand the vile comments.
    If they feel the hosts are bad and the products are cheap and over priced, don’t watch!
    The hosts did not force you to watch QVC. Your choice, Why?

    • Lovie Says:

      With all due respect, the same logic can be applied to you, Pam. Wasn’t it your choice come here and read the “vile” comments? You could have gone to Lisa’s facebook page to read all of the well-wishes, but you willingly chose to come here… perhaps in search of some juicy details.

      I don’t do facebook either, but you don’t need a Facebook account to read Lisa’s Facebook page. I think you know that.

      I’m not condoning hateful comments, but I was well aware of the diversity of opinion when I willingly launched this blog.

  122. Carol Says:

    Lovie, in defense of Pam, I also came to this site because I thought I might learn a little something about where Lisa may be going. When you read the introduction, it’s a nice article with factual information. How were we supposed to know there are a group of nasty, vile people who claim not to be obsessed with Lisa but have commented over and over again? Diversity is one thing and everybody is entitled to their own opinion but some of the mean ones just state the same things over and over and do not even have their facts straight. You can offer criticism without sounding like a jealous, insecure school girl.

  123. grace Says:

    oh please Carol again…me or anyone else is not saying anything that is NOT true now are we? you seem to forget are the one obsessed with Lisa, IMO

  124. Carol Says:

    Yes, Grace, I like Lisa very much and admire her style, beauty and grace. I will miss her on the Q. What’s your excuse for being obssessed with her? Just need your daily fix of being a troll? I wonder how she managed to have her own shows and GILI line if so many people agreed with what you say. I believe you are in the minority.

  125. grace Says:

    Oh Carol, go read the forums on there are TONS of people saying the same thing as Im even worse…just cause you dont like what is being said, you call people a troll….get over it.
    but yet YOU still come here to act like the troll

    • Carol Says:

      Yes, you’re right. I don’t want to lower myself to your standards any more. Why would I waste my time conversing with the likes of you? So happy no one took the bait you threw out to bash Shawn. Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Carol Mac Says:

    Grace is actually worse than a troll…she is a bully. Her condemnation of everybody transcends simply having an opinion. I’m sure you’ll respond to this post the same way you have to all who have criticized your intentions. You obviously have much free time to spew your hatred. You are a cancer on this blog.

  127. grace Says:

    Hmm I guess lots of people are trolls just cause they talk about dear Lisa….Im a cancer on this blog REALLY? there are other people talking about Lisa besides me, dear.

  128. grace Says:


  129. Lynette Says:

    I think Lisa is a genuine person. Seems most ppl she worked with are actually friends with her outside of work, so if she was this Diva who’s self absorbed I highly doubt she would be loved as much.
    I follow her on facebook and she shares many photos of her with friends. Seems the only people who have yet to be photographed with Lisa are the big bosses at QVC. I personally think some drama went on before Lisa announced her decision to leave and not from Lisa’s side. I heard these CEO’s at shopping channels are not that easy on their show hosts.

    • Carol Says:

      Lynette, I agree with you. She was talking about when certain GILI items were coming out in the spring so I don’t think she had any intention of leaving. I believe someone mentioned there was a new CEO at QVC. I thought maybe she wasn’t offered what she thought was fair. When she announced on-air that she was leaving, Antonella seemed shocked – I think she said, I’m calling you tonight Chica (after Antonella got off the air – which was late). It also doesn’t sound like she has anything lined up yet. If this is the case, it’s a big loss for QVC. I don’t even put it on much anymore. No one has her presence and skill. I miss her already.

  130. Lynette Says:

    Not to mention the Pressure they put on the female hosts to look a certain way etc etc. Look what they done to Mary Beth over the past couple years it’s like they slowly fazed her out of prime time slots.

  131. grace Says:

    look at shawn and jane…come on

  132. Rebecca Says:

    Lisa is a first class act! Sorry so many cannot recognize style and grace.

    Lisa has saved me thousands of dollars per year by leaving QVC. Am not watching as much. She was so much more than the GILI line. I feel the designers and other vendors will feel the negative impact to sales — not to mention QVC. Anytime Lisa loved a product, it sold out and they just couldn’t keep it in stock!

    For those who actually believe one cannot reinvent themselves at 50….have to wonder how successful you are at your age? Or were at any age?

    QVC please bring her back at any cost. Lisa handled her exit with grace, and if there were problems, she never gave that impression. I would have expected nothing less from her.

  133. grace Says:

    LOL, yes and do you believe she “loved that product” come on, so many stupid women that will buy any thing and now they are left with a bunch of over priced stuff….But yes she was a heck of a sales lady

  134. Dupie2 Says:

    Who in the world is this Grace person. You my dear need a life

    • grace Says:

      what an I say ing that is NOT true?????????????????
      yeah I thought so stupid Idiot.

      • howard george Says:

        You’re either drunk, or on heavy drugs, or just plain illiterate. Where did you learn to write… at a school for spastic idiots?

  135. Gia Says:

    I cannot express my exhilaration at discovering Robertson is leaving QVC!! She is so arrogant and irritating! If being glamorous is having fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails only then was she glamorous. Her comments showed a very low-rent person who only tried to appear she came from class.

    • grace Says:

      Agree. Funny thing is she was only a qvc host. I thought it was kind of fun watching her trying to look young…..

      • howard george Says:

        Gia, the reason she left was because her own picture of “Dorian Grey” had aged so much that it was on the verge of taking over her real face.

  136. grace Says:

    Im sure she will be pimping some other cheap junk

    • howard george Says:

      She dressed and worn make up like a high priced hooker… and with it still thought she was in her twenties rather than admit she’s approaching 50. Won’t miss her fake smile and false sincerity.  Howard

      From: Homeshoppingista’s Blog By Linda Moss To: Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 4:34 PM Subject: [New comment] QVC Shocker: Veteran Host Lisa Robertson Leaving #yiv2271881351 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2271881351 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2271881351 a.yiv2271881351primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2271881351 a.yiv2271881351primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2271881351 a.yiv2271881351primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2271881351 a.yiv2271881351primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2271881351 grace commented: “Im sure she will be pimping some other cheap junk” | |

  137. Mary Enos Says:

    This has been an interesting reading session….First ti me here..There are many statement to agree and disagree on, but it is a job for all of these hosts as it was to Lisa and it is about making money for QVC as well…Also it goes into homes of people who are not capable of getting out and moving about like others, and perhaps is entertaining as well. I, too, am curious as to what Lisa is up to, so hopefully she will find her new journey exciting

    • grace Says:

      Im guessing she will come out with her own line of cheap stuff, thats why she made a new facebook, so she can sale to all the lisa cult that fall for her..LOL most are old middle aged women and Grandmas

      • howard george Says:

        Agreed. And her cheap line will reflect on the person she really is [not the has been beauty queen she thinks she still is from 25 years ago]… a tired old hag trying desperately to hang on to the memory of long ago. Frankly, her false warmth was a mask worn thin revealing the phony hag she is.

      • Pat Says:

        I agree with your comments except I am an old lady and do not buy any of Lisa’a designs.

      • howard george Says:

        Pat, you are a wise woman to agree with my comment… and being older… you certainly know the score.

      • grace Says:

        she has no Talent, all she does is copy the high end stuff, and try to make a cheaper version…she cant even come up with her own designs

      • Howard George Says:

        She started to believe her own BS… contract renewal time was coming up and she demanded way to much money. The hosts and hostess are paid a sliding scale up basic salary. In addition, they receive a percentage of the items that are sold during their segment. Lisa wanted more than HSN was will to give her… Lisa needs to learn that no one on earth cannot be replaced and HSN showed the exit door.

  138. l.gately Says:

    All of the above commentators should get a life and stop obsessing
    about Lisa Robertson. You have all chosen to watch her through
    the years–she didn’t twist your arm to watch her.

    Do something constructive—clean your house, watch your kids,
    do volunteer work.

    You are all a very sad commentary for humanity.

    • Howard George Says:

      How wrong you are… we rarely watched her and then it was only for laughs.

      • grace Says:

        agree with howard, I only saw her when I was flipping around the TV, when she was on, I would watch for like 2 minutes, and think “holy Cow” she is a mess.and looks like she is trying to hard. even my boyfriend said one time “who is that old lady trying to look young” LOL

      • Howard George Says:

        Grace, thanks for agreeing. Rather than act her age [late 40’s] and dress appropriately as well as wearing too much make up, she seems to live in a time warp bubble and still sees herself as a 20 something. One thing I did observe over the years about her is – with all the feminine clothes she wore… I had the feeling that she is a closet lesbian. No offense mean to the gay community, however, she lacked a certain feminine air about herself. Finding anything about her personal life is beyond impossible… you can search and search, yet not one word if she’s married to a man or women, living with a significant other… and so forth. I think the boldest thing she could have done was to come out of the closet and be a standard bearer for lesbians in the media.

  139. Jason Stevens Says:

    Howard and Grace are a piece of work! What are you 12! I can imagine what you look like, and it isn’t pretty!

    • Howard George Says:

      Keep imaging… obviously that’s how you live your life.

      • grace Says:

        LOL AGAIN Jason……what are we saying that is NOT true? I keep asking this, but no one seems to be able to answer me… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  140. ShoeGirl Says:

    I long since felt the same way, George! I think she is a closet lesbian, and too many of her co workers caught on, and she left! She is a wind up OLD Barbie doll. Always thought she was hiding a lot under her fake smile. Fake everything. But the truth will come out and she won’t be able to hide under her fake eyelashes any more!

    • Howard George Says:

      ShoeGirl, try reading my name correctly… my first name is Howard… you called me George.
      As for Lisa being a closet lesbian… if she wasn’t so self consumed, she’d have come out of the closet and declared the truth about herself… that would have been the most unselfish act of her life, rather than being an in the closet diver of… you can finish this sentence.

      • ShoeGirl Says:

        Well EXCUSE ME Howard!! Didn’t mean to say your name incorrectly! 😳 In a bad mood are we today?? I was agreeing with you, unlike many others on here.

      • Howard George Says:

        You couldn’t just say, “sorry about that.” Instead you had to stick in a snide remark questioning my mood… not very polite! It always gets me when a wrong is pointed out to a person, some of them can’t just accept the notification and apologize… they have to stick there finger in ones eye with it. THAT’S YOU! JERK!

      • ShoeGirl Says:

        Howard George, your comment to ME was rude! Your names could be both first names….But you are correct in everything you say about Lisa! Her latest picture is of her Mom, sisters and her. She even tries to out do them!
        This chick thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread! Well I have news for her. She can easily be replaced! And WAS!

      • Howard George Says:

        You are the rude one!!! And you make excuses for it. When a person writes their full name they always place their first name first and not their last name first. And the fact that I have two names that might, I repeat might be considered a first name or a last name is negated by you lack of common sense because I wrote my first name first and were you in possession of any courtesy, rather than just think that my last name was my first name, you should have asked, or better yet, apologized in advance by stating – “not sure if Howard is your first name or your last name.” But no, you make yourself out to be the insulted one. Well, since you are hungry for an insult… here you go… find a splintered broom handle and sit on it… maybe, just maybe you will be able to jar loose and brain cells that have shifted from your head to your arse.

      • Laura Johnson Says:

        wow—some of you people are just so nasty on this website. I’m going to unsubscribe. Grace just never lets up on Lisa. Good gosh – she’s been gone almost 2 months from QVC – let it go already…

      • Howard George Says:

        She can’t let it go… she’s still paying off the bills for all the clothes her idol, Lisa convinced her to buy.

      • Howard George Says:

        Grace can’t let go… her residence is filled with thousands of items that she was sucked into buying because “Lisa loved it, loved it, loved it.” Lisa was never able to speak an adjective just once in a sentence… as in “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, or “amazing, amazing…” You get it. Grace’s other problem is the walls of her residence are covered with permanent wallpaper featuring Lisa’s image all over it.

      • ShoeGirl Says:

        George has another bad day..AGAIN…
        YOU have been reported.

      • Howard George Says:

        Thank you… and I’ve reported you to every mental facility in America… when one of them finds you, and they will, you’ll be locked up in the Lisa Robertson suite… her videos from QVC will play 24/7. Enjoy yourself!

    • grace Says:

      Shoegal, LOL I dont think that, but I do think she was looking for a boo koo rich man and was not going to settle….none of them wanted her so she remains an old maid

      • Howard George Says:

        Don’t Agree… a closet lesbian for sure and so is Samantha Smith on QVC.

      • grace Says:

        Doubt it she is dating a younger guy, hmmmm wonder why he is hanging out with her for…he is a two bit trainer…the younger man/older woman never work out

      • Sydney Fleiss Says:


  141. grace Says:

    I read on line that this millionaire said Lisa asked him to lunch, and he told her no thanks cause he already had one ex wife to deal with, but he wished her well…..I forgot his name but he is well know…

  142. grace Says:

    but I could care less what she is, I just know she is a mess, with everything on her being fake and trying to look 30 again…she is just to stuck on herself, for me….and not as Hot as she thinks she is.

  143. grace Says:

    LOL George you are a nut job, if she was my Idol why am I bashing Her????? and FYI I would never buy that cheap shit from QVC…sorry Iam a Chanel girl…

    • howard george Says:

      Grace… you need to go to HSN immediately and buy a steel tipped splintered broom stick and sit on it. Maybe, just maybe it will jar the brain that has shifted from your head to your arse.

    • Sharon Says:

      A NUT he sure is!!

  144. Sydney Fleiss Says:

    omg lol you guys are something else lol

  145. grace Says:

    cool story Howard…….

  146. Anonymous Says:

    While Lisa Robertson did an excellent job of product presentations , I did not like watching her and usually didn’t. She acted like a snob I think in part because of her preciseness & authoritative nature. Kathy Levine was & will be considered “the Queen of QVC!” She could have sold you an ice cube!! Lisa liked the prestige of working alongside celebrities. So does Jane Tracey, the worse show host in QVC ‘ S history, along w Bob Bowersox, because of their extreme arrogrance & always talking about themselves & not the products. The 3rd worse is the X opera singer, Nancy, who likes to “oh ah” at us & keep flipping her hair over her eyes back until recently when she got it cut real short.. I refuse to watch anyone who has half their face covered w hair;she also likes to brush up against her male guests. The female hosts in, the last yr, are now showing too much breast. I’ve almost quit watching QVC because of the horrible show hosts. Lisa showed too much cleavage also Who wants to be distracted by boobs & “hair flipping” while trying yo shop!!!!.

  147. Linda kelly Says:

    Aww Howard….didn’t your mommy love you enough? Is that why you hate women? Poor schmuck. .

  148. Pat Says:

    I hate to burst the bubble for Lisa’s followers but I almost feel off my chair while watching the ABC nightly news ending. For the ones that follow her she was recently in Mexico with family. Well she posted a picture with a guy carrying her which all her worshipers were so excited she had a boyfriend. Which she never denied. Myself I believe the guy is her brother-in-law. But after that posting she she a picture of a couple walking on the wanting to think it was her. Now getting back to the news they were talking about the golden globe winner about the alzhimer movie how people were contacting her about their experience with this disease. They then showed a bunch of pictures and low and behold in the upper left corner was the same shadow picture of the 2 ppl walking exactly the same picture she showed on her facebook wanting people to belive it was her an her new man! Lisa you were busted on ABC
    nightly news on 2/23/15

    • grace Says:

      Yeah Pat, I have seen that sand picture before, however if she is dating her trainer I doubt that will last…more like a friends with benefits, older woman/younger man never work out…why would he date an older women, unless he is after something….LOL Lisa thinks she looks like Laura Croft..HAHAHA or angelina Jolie. I see her more like Marlo Thomas type….Lisa is so stuck on herself and tries to be something she is not

      • Sydney Fleiss Says:

        i think lisa reminds me of mariska hagarty on law and order more. i dont see ahy the paoparazzi people cant get the pics / good on her to find out if she is dating a guy, or no one or another woman. should be easy to find out and put all this stuff to rest as to whats what.

  149. Jackie Says:

    All of you people have nothing better to do just sit around and make nasty comments about Lisa.She was not my favorite but all the mean comments are horrible. I was always taught “if you having nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”. You sound like a bunch of bullies. She did her job and did it well. Why do so many people have to comment on older people who watch the show. Maybe they have no one else to talk to, some day you will be there, especially grace and howard. So rude….

    • grace Says:

      oh please this woman is so FAKE its unreal, all she does is post photos of herself going out to lunch, dinner..she acts like she has a full life, but I think its a boring life and she is trying to make it sound exciting, her and that boy toy look so missmatched…

      • Pat Says:

        If her boytoy is a trainer. Must not be making much money as all the traveling they do . Lisa must be footing the bill. Also I do not believe she left the Q on her own. Obviously did not have a job waiting and cannot seem to find one.

  150. marytoodles Says:

    It’s not her brother in law. It’s Eric McGee a personal trainer. He posts pictures from the same places Lisa visits. They are a couple according to Lisa. I’m sure it’s just for fun. He has two kids and is 39 (I think). Lisa doesn’t look anything like Angelina Jolie. I don’t think “Lara Croft” has gel nails, false eyelashes or extensions…

    • grace Says:

      what would he want with a 50 year old.? I dont see that lasting

    • grace Says:

      well Lisa thinks she looks like Jollie…HAHAHA please Lisa, its over for you sweethart, now go spend your money on boy toy

    • grace Says:

      Pat,, the boytoy will end up in debt and broke if he is trying to keep up with lisa…or I bet she pays his way too, sometimes older women get cought up with the whole “love” thing and than find out they are going broke…she needs to be careful….

  151. vicki brzezinski Says:

    I have not seen anything that has said they are a couple, friends yes !!!! One can have a great friendship !!! He has been her trainer since at least 2013, as long as your happy that is really all that matters !!!

    • marytoodles Says:

      People have asked Lisa on her Facebook page who “Eric” is and she replies “My boyfriend” each time…

      • grace Says:

        are you sure about that? I just checked and did not see where she says that..but what ever..they look missmatched
        he looks to be her son…

      • Carol Says:

        Yes Grace, didn’t you read it in the papers? She
        miraculously had him when she was 10.

  152. grace Says:

    LOL im sure she pays for everything, a to bit trainer cant afford to go everywhere, but I guess thats the price you pay if you want a younger boyfriend….LOL

  153. grace Says:

    HAHA just saw her on good morning America, talking about stalkers,
    Really…I think she had had two stalkers in 20 years, she act like she is some big “Celeb”

    • Sydney Fleiss Says:

      didnt see good morning america darn it . but anyway think it is just to get herself some publicity. no harm in that though. but i think tahts all its about publicity to help her get another high paying job. if shes out of the limelight it wanes and you go by the way side as a has been. i think the stalker thing got blown out of proportion a bit. some guy send her gifts well lots of celebs get gifts from fans that is not a crime. now the guy that actually followed her to me was a bit creepy but seems like just a lonely guy that got infactuated with her on air tv persona geared to making people part with their money to buy stuff.i didnt see anywhere where he threatened her or did property damage just think the guy was acting like a love stuck puppy like highschool stuff. think going after him back fired as qvc most likely did not want the stalker publicity and most likely didnt want percieved security problems in case something happened and they got sued big tiime. that may have been one of the reasons she left qvc didnt want the drama or the baggage .

      • grace Says:

        LOL she wants to stay on TV, she said she is still trying to figure out what to do next, well that means no one is calling her for anything in 4 months…..she is a has been….no one is breaking her door down to hire her….face it Lisa…boytoy thinks he scored I guess, but no one wants an ex aging qvc person..Sorry

  154. Sharon Says:

    Grace, have you ever been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or are you Bipolar?

    • grace Says:

      why Sharon? cause I said something you don’t like? many other people here are saying the same thing I am, she is past her prime now and is a little long in the tooth….

  155. Brenda Wagner Says:

    Children, children, weren’t you taught if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all!? No one was forcing you to watch QVC. Go to the Mall!

  156. grace Says:

    LOL I knew it that boytoy of Lisa’s is flat broke, and filed BK, he only had 200.00 in is checking account….this is the typical older women/younger guy or poor guy thing going on, why else would he date an older women??? money, trips, ext….LOL Wow

    • Pat Says:

      I wonder if she is the reason for his divorce. She must be paying for his trips as he can’t be working very much and probably has to pay child support. Some women are desperate for a man and will take anything.

      • grace Says:

        well sometimes older women get caught up in the whole younger guy thing, he wants something, money, a free ride or some fame….some men are very good at sweet taking the older lady….and yes most older women pay for things just to keep the guy around.

      • grace Says:

        Oh God, now she is on her facebook page trying to justify why her boytoy travels with her, she said to help her…HAHAHA she is a 50 year old woman….of course he would say yes it might benefit him too, she need to wake up and drop diamond Jim (boytoy) give it up

  157. Carol Says:

    Grace, stop obsessing about Lisa, get off her Facebook page and quit showing the world what an immature, bitchy little jerk you are. She left QVC almost 5 months ago. Go get a life and keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. Are you nice to anyone?

    • Pat Says:

      Carol Grace and myself were referring to the article that appeared on Lisa’s facebook. It sure was a blockbuster with info on her and her boytoy. Of course she removed it! It was filled with info th at only someone knew the inside scope especially about her boytoy’s bankruptchy in detail and other items. Sorry you missed it.

  158. grace Says:

    Its still on Line you can google Lisa robertson boyfriend…its from dailymail newspaper

  159. Carol Says:

    No Pat – Grace was speaking about a post that Lisa wrote on her Facebook page explaining why she was travelling so much and why Eric was with her. I just don’t understand why if you dislike her so much, do you follow her and say such nasty things about how she looks and what she does? If I don’t care for someone, I don’t bother reading about them. She is a grown intelligent woman. She made her money and she is free to spend it however she likes and on whomever she likes. She is not a naive kid or an elderly person that you would worry was being taken advantage of. You people seem to thrive on negativity. If you don’t like her, stop looking at her Facebook page. I feel sorry for you. Why not just wish her the best of luck?

  160. grace Says:

    I dont go to her FB page and look at her, I was reading what the daily mail posted and read some (not all) of what people were saying and it aint pretty………

  161. Carol Says:

    Grace, are you nuts? Look at one of your previous posts where YOU said that on her Facebook page, she tries to justify why he travels with her. I read the Daily Mail article. It didn’t even mention that. Just admit you go on her Facebook page. That’s the only place that information is mentioned.

  162. grace Says:

    yes people posted on the QVC forums, that she was trying to justify her and boytoys travel, said he was there to help her make business deals, HAHAHAHAHa they said that was a joke cause why would she take advice from a trainer that filed BK? that’s what attorneys are for….like they said toytoys talk a good game, and most older women fall for it…. and they said she lied too…cause at least 4 trips were not for business..HAHAHAHA Lisa thinks everyone is stupid I guess….go check it out…qvc forums

    • grace Says:

      Looks like the Boytoy is gone….she woke up and thought it could never work…and that she was acting a fool like a high school girl with a crush….or that she did not want to pay his way all the time.

  163. Jason Weldon Says:

    I’m guessing on her travels around the world a few years back she decided to live her life not beholden to rigorous demands of being a tv starlet, it’s common practice for anyone on tv or film to have enough of the routine and leave it.

    I do miss her and Joan Rivers…Lisa really made home shopping cool for the youth to watch and hip enough to bring in viewers just for her. I feel tv shopping coupled with the internet will dominate the future and let’s be frank Lisa laid the cornerstone. Some ppl are icons of their perspective field and one of them is named Lisa Robertson.

  164. Tiffany Says:

    She seems obsessed with receiving compliments and feedback on all her pics. She has selfies galore and now live chats, but everything from her eyelashes and tan to prob her personality is such a farce..I don’t know her so prob should not judge her personality. To her credit she finally has acknowledged her eyelashes and tan are fake. She now sells jewelry from her couch and sells different pieces 1-2x per week! Its just disgusting how the people drool over her and need to tell her she is beautiful 1,000 x a day. She calls her followers a “Tribe” and even sells a necklace now with “Tribe” on it, but honestly it seems like a cult. They are in a trance and just mesmerized by her. Now she is selling tickets to see her and charging $35 for an event in Nov. I guess kudos to her, but its pretty bizarre the way her fans are..How many times can you drool and compliment someone each and everyday..Its pretty sad and pathetic. Oh well, I guess if she can attract the attention than all the power to her..Just a crazy cult of followers from what I see.

    • Patricia Schuld Says:

      I agree with you 100%. It’s really kind of sad she has to pander to her followers because she has no self confidence. I am surprised she is selling her own stuff. Evidently no one else would take her on. Was probably demanding too much money as her followers have given her such a big ego.

  165. Sophie Long Says:

    Robertson was to QVC what Vanna White is to WOF,,,EXCEPT Vanna has the graciousness, humility and SMARTS to know a good thing when she sees it. LR is now left schilling costume jewelry from the basement of her home, pathetically trying to stay viable by constantly posting highly filtered pics of herself doing mundane things she seems to think are interesting (like what she ate for her midnight snack). Her appearance, what with all the fuzzy focus and bad plastic surgery, renders her looking like a over the hill 80’s porn star or an anime character podcasting from Neptune. She needs to just hang it up…

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