Offerings And The Jacobs Back On ShopHQ Tuesday

Has anyone seen ShopHQ’s promos for the return of Marianna and Richard Jacobs’ Offerings sterling silver line on the network?

We think they are goofy. We’re hoping that ShopHQ purposely made them goofy.

ShopHQ hosts, including Lynne Schacher, appear and loudly proclaim “guess who’s back?,” in an exaggerated fashion.

Back in the day Lynne, Marianna and Richard Jacobs

Back in the day Lynne, Marianna and Richard Jacobs

Anyway, the Jacobs’ handmade jewelry is already on ShopHQ’s website, and it ain’t cheap.

The soulful couple, who also sell under the name Sajen Silver, have their own website.

The Jacobs left ShopHQ was a brief stint at HSN. But they will be back to Minnesota this week, as they posted on Facebook. Hence all those promos.

“Deja-vu at ShopHQ…it feels like we’ve been here before!?! Offerings jewelry re-launches this Tuesday October 7th, live on ShopHQ at 10AM and 7PM…guess the hosts?” they wrote.


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5 Responses to “Offerings And The Jacobs Back On ShopHQ Tuesday”

  1. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Lynne is my absolute fav on ShopHQ. How long has she been with them? She needs her own show similar to what Lisa Robertson has on QVC.

  2. AprilD Says:

    Lynne’s speech is weird. Like computerized very unreal, I always have to turn the sound off when she is on. Anyway what I wanted to say was that you can get the same quality and design as “offerings” on the LC for 20% of the ShopHQ price. The Jacobs must pay themslves a fortune.

  3. Patricia Says:

    I dislike their pieces I wish they would go away for good.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    They’re a better fit at ShopHQ. Welcome back to them!

  5. Betty Sheffer Says:

    What’s with all the criticism of Lisa Robertson, are people jealous of her or what? She is almost 50 and looks great. I’am happy for her.
    She has worked hard for what she has I applaud her for being a
    successful woman. I have watched her for years and will miss
    her. Stop making remarks about older people as eventually
    you will be there yourself. Along with age comes wisdom.

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