Ex-HSN Host Chris Scanlon Debuts On ShopHQ Nov. 25

We previously blogged that ex-HSN host Chris Scanlon was heading ShopHQ’s way. Now we know exactly when.

On Facebook Scanlon said that she will have the Today’s Top Value on ShopHQ on Nov. 25 with her LUV It line.

“I get to Launch my the beginning of the whole line in January,” she wrote, not sure what she meant.

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6 Responses to “Ex-HSN Host Chris Scanlon Debuts On ShopHQ Nov. 25”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Would have liked it better if she was a show host and Shop can get rid of ALL the current ones, liked her on HSN, not all that interested in her line, but, wish her the best.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I always liked her on HSN I agree SHOPHQ should hire her to host. I haven’t seen her line I wonder if it’s clothes?

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I agree with Abigail, I’d like to see her as a host, but it will be great just to see her again. She has a calm, down to earth style that I like.

    • Tara Says:

      I agree Queen Celeste. Chris’ sales approach has been calm but enthusiastic. I saw her as grace under pressure at HSN. On several occasions she was teamed with a pushy vendor, and kept her cool, as well as kept the presentation moving. I bought a vacuum from her in 2000; a fantom cyclone. Worked great, just like she said it would. Miss her and miss those days at HSN. Don’t like it now.

      • Adonna Says:

        I miss Chris on HSN. And I miss HSN “from before”, too. I don’t shop there anymore. My post is later…looks like Chris is no longer on Evine. I wasn’t interested in her products either….but was glad to see her back on TV.
        Other than Suzanne Somers, I no longer order from Evine. Dimitri James (Skinn products are great, too, BTW) is the only other vendor on there I like. The jewelry isn’t as good quality, and everything can be bought cheaper elsewhere. And the q is ho hum, as always.
        I hope Chris is doing well, and that we’ll see her again.

  4. TL Says:

    Chris, I am glad she will be on air. Hope she can bring in
    my favorite sandals. Fit Flops = here in SO Cal we live in them.
    My fav is the Rokkit.

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