QVC’s Kirks Folly Line Closing Up Fairy Shop

It’s the end of the yellow brick road for Kirks Folly, the fanciful and fairy-filled line of jewelry that is sold on QVC,

On Facebook Jenniefer, “your Fairy Godmother,” posted a note about the demise of the collection, offering her “fairy farewell.” No more fairy dust, costumes or dreamy sets on QVC or anyplace anymore.

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

I have to express our great love and appreciation for you, your friendship, kindness, loyalty and just being the very special group of people that you are ~ and you are truly a magical group!

We’ve spent 35 years dancing in the light of the Seaview Moon and Sparkling the World together. Each and every one of you is an important part of our lives. We’ve met you in stores, at fairy tea parties, in live audiences, on QVC, on cruises, and at factory sales.

We’ve gotten to know you through your letters, e-mails, phone calls, Facebook and Youtube. You are the heart and inspiration of Kirks Folly.

This is very difficult to say, but I must tell you that Kirks Folly will be closing its Fairyland Doors on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. The Kirks Folly that we know and love has had its glorious time in the sun. We know that every ending is a new beginning, a new chance to Dream and Believe ~ and that only the fates and the fairies know what lies ahead for each and every one of us.

Kirks Folly is ending its run by holding a Fairy Farewell Online Sale
Wednesday, Oct. 1, thru Friday, Oct. 17. Its a 70 percent sale off already discounted prices.

The company will also have a Fairy Farewell Factory Sale on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 2115 Broad St., Cranston, Rhode Island.

We would love to see as many of you as possible! This is a perfect time to pull out your costumes and party with the Kirks Folly Witches. Let's celebrate 35 years of enchantment in Fairyland style!

We love you all and don't want you to worry about us. We are all in good health and as much as we've loved it, we realize that this Chapter has come to an end.

We will always be here for you ~ you can find us on Facebook and Youtube and, as always, email me at Please keep the magic of Fairyland forever in your hearts and continue to Sparkle the World.

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30 Responses to “QVC’s Kirks Folly Line Closing Up Fairy Shop”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    I’ve watched many of their shows over the years, especially the extravagant ones of the 90s. They brought such fun and joy, and I’m sorry to see this end of an era. Good wishes to Jenniefer and all the family.

  2. WENDYLADY Says:


  3. Toby Max (@EisenBolan) Says:

    Is Kirks Folly closing or just that line?

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    aren’t they one and the same?

  5. Queen Celeste Says:

    Just to add, it’s especially sad they’re packing up at a time the world needs their message more than ever.

  6. joy Says:

    I’m heart broken…Kirk’s Folly has brought much joy to my life and will be greatly missed. I will treasure all the beautiful items that I have purchased over the years for a life time. Thank-you.

  7. Nancy murphy Says:

    I’m very sad over this I have not found any other jewelry to compare to you, I have a drawer full, please accept my best wishs to all of you . Keep me in mind if you decide to open shop anywhere else, I hope that qvc has not had anything negative to do with this decision it looks to me that they are trying to go high class and for us regular simple people we love you with your beautiful thoughts and wishs. Nancy M in Bayonne,n.j.

  8. Kathy Mcomber Says:

    This is very sad news for Kirks Folly lovers. I have been purchasing this jewelry for 20 years and will miss adding to my collection. Best Wishes to Jennifer and her Family.

  9. vereena mann Says:

    I was truly saddened to realise you are no more, I’ve been looking out and waiting to see you on QVC I am so very sad. I have bought many of your beautiful pieces over the years and will truly appreciate them for ever more.
    Much love
    Vereena Mannxxxxx

  10. Adrienne mosaad Says:

    I keep looking for you on QVC and today I see this posting….ugh so sad. I’ve loved you and your beautiful jewlery. You will be so so missed I wear your jewlery all the time. Best of luck and lots of love to all of you. God bless. Adrienne

  11. Jo Says:


  12. Mob wife Says:

    Dear jenniefer I just learned that I no longer will be able to purchase your much loved pieces. I have so enjoyed you over the years! Fairy Godmother we need you!! The world is a better place with you in it! PLEASE COME BACK TO US šŸ™‚
    God bless,

  13. Mob wife Says:

    Dear jenniefer, I just learned that I no longer will be able to purchase your much loved pieces. I have so enjoyed you over the years! Fairy Godmother we need you!! The world is a better place with you in it! PLEASE COME BACK TO US šŸ™‚
    God bless,

  14. Judy Pecoraro Says:

    I am so sad….I have lost a little piece of my heart…you people were just wonderful….I will never forget the fond memories you have given me…the light will never go out… Bless you all Kirk a Family!!xo

  15. Angela O'Donnell Says:

    Dear Jennifer,I have only just learned of Kirks Folly closing I am really saddened,not just because of the beautiful items. Being in England,watching QVC London was so funny,you are always full of fun. Going to miss it all,good luck and health to you all and thanks xx

  16. Leah Says:

    Still missing Kirks Folly?! This weekend there are a few gorgeous pieces ON SALE on Etsy.

  17. Carol Johnson Says:

    Dear Kirksfolly family,
    OMG. I am so upset that there will no longer be Kirksfolly. Your jewelry made me so happy ,it brighten my day. I have so many beautiful pieces and could never wait for the next show. I missed the last QVC show and I really don’t know what happen,but please consider doing your show on HSN or Evine Live. Kirksfolly has so many fans. Good Luck to you all BUT please consider you fans and find a way back to us!!!!!
    Good Luck!!

  18. Ume . . Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, your closing the wonderful shop !!!! Ooooohh, LOVE your irems !!!! So, so, sad . . šŸ˜¦ Really, going to miss You . . Take care . . . šŸ™‚

  19. MistyWolf Says:

    I have loved your jackets & reader glasses for years & will greatly miss you. I always get massive compliments whenever I wear these items. I have often stayed up way too late to watch your presentations on QVC! Best wishes to all of you

  20. Moira West Says:

    My heart is very heavy tonite, for I just found out you are stopping. You brought much joy to my elderly mother & I. Many a late midnight call…I would call my mother up to tell her you were on. We would call each other whenever a new item would be shown & those nights helped us share a memory together. Thank-you Kirks Folly…your gifts went far beyond just making jewelry, it also made memories. Love,love ā™” MissMo

  21. Michel Taylor Says:

    Wow my heart is truly sadden, I love Kirks Folly and wondered why I have not seen the beautiful jewelry on QVC for a long time. I have a few pieces of jewelry and a couple of beautiful shawls, and now I am just finding out that you are going out of business. I wish you all the best and I will treasure my jewelry forever. I only wish I had known sooner, I would have bought more jewelry. Missing Kirks Folly, Ms Michel Taylor

  22. Drucilla Says:

    Am just now writing this as I have re_opened a gift my daughter gave
    Me years ago. We loved watching the shows and buying the
    Lovely pieces. I did not know you stopped all of it. My precious
    Girl passed three years ago, but I just now took the gift from the box.
    It is the “love never dies” necklace and bracelet set which I
    Immediately put on to wear. I also read the story which makes me

  23. ruth Says:

    well I to have been looking for firks folly and just found out they are gone will really miss you.

    • Drucilla Says:

      I have many pieces_have gorgeous Halloween stuff__getting out
      A handmade windchime _probably the most expensive with everything hand carved! I wear my kf pieces every day! My witch
      Pins and other jewelry are coveted by many folks. I have also
      Given special people some of the collection!

  24. Violet Says:

    So long after you’ve gone, I looked on QVC to buy something for Xmas and find Kirks Folly is no more. I’m in shock. I have lots of gorgeous pieces from years past and will treasure them even if more now. Happy Christmas to the Kirks Folly family and hope you are all well and happy. I’m sending you all fairy dust for good health and happiness. Love Violet. Xxx

    • Donna Antonucci Says:

      Just so you know Jenniefer and Helen are back with a new version of Kirks Folly ..Still making gorgeous jewels!!!You can find them on Facebook for all the details !!! They have videos once a week on their FB page and show the new items! So many of us are so happy they are back! Kirks Folly on FB …

  25. Drucilla Says:

    Love these beautiful pieces I have! Would like more!

  26. theresa walsh Says:

    Did not know why were not on British a v c any longer so sad you will always be loved by all who we you here missed and for ever in our heart’s when I looked at my yorkies you always came to mind and manna sadly I lost mum this year but the fairies bought me a small woundedfull new one in my life in September just at right time for me my unicorns look down one around house thank you so much when the world is bad and people are intolerant you made it a beautifull place may you all be in good health have peace you will never be forgotten

  27. Closing Jewelry Sales – My Blog Says:

    […] Download Plan More @ […]

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