Host Erin Moseley Leaves Jewelry Television

Jewelry Television host Erin Moseley, whose hubby is also a host on the all-jewelry-all-the-time network, is exiting the joint.

Moseley, a perky blonde, posted the news on her Facebook page.

“Thank you Friends for your support, encouragement, for making me laugh, for sharing your stories and for your friendship over the past few months,” she

Erin Moseley

Erin Moseley

wrote. “I am moving on, but I will treasure the time I spent with you as a JTV Host and am so grateful that you have been part of my journey.”

She urged folks to connect with her on her page.

“Change is what you make of it…each step along the way brings you new opportunities to learn, to grow, to have fun and to celebrate who you are. I invite you all to share my journey and stay in touch on my page.”

Moseley’s husband Jeff, who is still a JTV employee, put in a good word for his spouse.

“Hope a successful network picks her up now that she is a FREE agent…she is amazing!” he said.

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16 Responses to “Host Erin Moseley Leaves Jewelry Television”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Erin, I enjoyed the class you brought to the presentation of JTV jewelry. Your voice was so pleasant and I always enjoyed your time as a Host. I regret you are leaving the network, but I wish you the best.

  2. Abigail Says:

    Wow, don’t like this, she was a toal joy to watch, good luck with your next adventure.

  3. Carrie M Says:

    Not good news. That station needs to lose a number of hosts who are just plain BAD (not naming names because I want to be nice!). I swear every time I put on that channel the same dinosaur fossils are on the TV screen and I can’t change the channel fast enough! When is this channel going to update their image and their lose certain hosts?

  4. MaryAnn Says:

    I totally agree! I liked Erin! Don’t get this network’s hiring policies! They get rid of Avi and now Erin. It’s like bizarro world! Y’all must hate Yankees!!

  5. Susan Says:

    Sorry to hear JTV let her go. If anyone should go I would have thought it would be Libby. She is very dry and has nothing new to say about the pieces she is boring and coughs to much through out the show.I liked to watch Erin because she kept you interested in the jewelry pieces. You will be missed Erin. Hope something else good comes your way.

  6. ~Z~ Says:

    I agree about how BORING Libby is. Stone age hair, and those white claws make me physically I’ll. Monatone voice and NO excitement when she talks about jewelry! I refuse to watch when she is putting us to sleep! And for gods sake, someone supply her with cough drops!!!!!
    So sad to see someone with personality, life and excitement when talking about jewelry. Good luck Erin!!!! You deserve a better place to work!!! I think Jeff would be smart to quit and go with you..

  7. Judy Christopher Says:

    Sad to see Erin go. She is one of only a few JTV hosts that is believable. She has such an honest face and lovely voice.

  8. Judith Leckrone Says:

    I want to give a big thank you to all of JTV hosts that bring us a world of remarkable gems in beautiful exotic colors and amazing beauty! They work hard to deliver the very best of the best at the affordable prices!
    I look forward to watch all the different personalities that makes it so exciting! They each have their own unique styles that’s very entertaining and down to earth! Thank you all for being the amazing people you are!

    • Brendas Says:

      JTV is so godawful and their hosts so intolerable that I have had them blocked from my satellite programing for over a year. I had tried to purchase from them in the past and the quality was nonexistent. Are we watching the same thing?

  9. Lovie Says:

    Erin’s husband has been MIA since Erin’s departure. He’s finally emerged with an announcement on his facebook page which seems to suggest that he will be selling lose gem stones going forward (as in, no more jewelry). At least that’s how I interpreted his post.

  10. Ann Gaby Ashy Says:

    OH NO!!! I’m sooo going to miss you-you are a truly Amazing person-I’m glad you’re ok&i was getting a little worried when I didn’t see you on JTV,but…I totally get it&understand& wish you all the luck in the world-you so deserve it&ill be thinking about you& wishing you the best lick on tour new journey! I will never forget how much you helped me when I was in need-I was a Social Worker for the Mentally I’ll for 15+ years&b/c of medical issues I had to change my job-but my new journey has brought me a lot of happiness-it takes a minute-I’m scared of change,but it was worth it&i know you will succeed in anything& everything you do&i’m routing for you- keep in touch so I know you are ok& may all tour dreams come true-Fod Bless Erin!!! Ann

  11. BD Stump Says:

    What happened?

  12. Ellen walker Says:

    They finally hired a host who wasn’t like a Barbie doll. She was real her hair even moved. Most of them that keep their hair on one side over the shoulder and the other side behind the other shoulder. Their are some others who look like they can move and their hair would too but those others must have a very large hair spray bill. They also need to do something about the shipping charges

  13. Bonnie Secrist Says:

    I shall miss Erin. Each host has a different personality, but Erin was very classy. Good luck to her in her future endevors.

  14. Rachel Says:

    Who is letting all the good hosts go and replacing them with bad hosts? You’re new hosts should be behind the camera not in front of the camera, not to mention that they have no credibility can’t believe you let Michelle go so disappointed !

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