Ex-HSN Vendor-Chef Todd English Does Rehab, Post Says

It looks like former HSN vendor-celebrity restaurateur Todd English may finally be seeing the light.

The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported Thursday that English, who was arrested on drunken driving charges in the Hamptons last month, has attended an “outpatient rehab program.”


English, whose intoxicated antics have included practically having a three-some in a Manhattan eatery, “is focusing on charity,” according to the Post.

Is this a PR ploy? To us, it could be.

English appeared at a Food Bank fundraiser at Henri Bendel earlier this week, and has some other good works in the works, including one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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One Response to “Ex-HSN Vendor-Chef Todd English Does Rehab, Post Says”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    Now this CLEARLY explains the ultra LOUD laughter we had one day watching him do a demo on HSN/Or QVC a little while back where live on-air he was using a peppermill on top of a dish when he uttered AS CLEAR AS DAY “You know, there’s nothing like fresh black pecker”…

    And the host looked at him and he gave a smirk like “I’m such a handsome rich chef nobody heard that anyway”.

    What’s next a ShopHq threesome with Bozek, English and that fruity bald butterball Jorge from Waterford Crystal?

    Methinks Todd looks like a monkfish with black hair, his lips only a fisherman’s hook would enjoy! Reel in this fugly all day sucka!!

    Isn’t it funny how lots of money makes UGLY people overconfident.

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