HSN Invention Mother Joy Mangano Broke Records, So We Are Told

HSN “Mother of Invention,” as we like to call Joy Mangano, broke records again this weekend on the No. 2 home shopping network.

Here’s the spiel from HSN:

Impressive sales from her Luxury Home Event contributed to her highest sales ever recorded in a single month while at HSN!

Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano

This beats Joy’s previous record for largest anniversary month ever in September 2012 and largest month ever in July 2008.

In addition, the current achievement comes on the heels of Mangano’s last record-breaker in July 2014, where she sold more than 216,000 sets of her patent-pending pillows, beating HSN’s previous record for the most units of a single item sold in a single day.

What were the numbers, HSN?

“I couldn’t have a better home than HSN to share my products and innovative solutions with everyone,” Mangano said in a canned statement. “I work every day to make the customer’s life a little easier in some way and my 14th Anniversary Celebration is one of those special events!”

She also put in a plug for her Closet Shop. What the heck?

According to HSN “Joy’s Closet Shop” will launch Oct. 1 on HSN.com, “and will allow shoppers to customize orders for their personal closets with 21 available colors and give them the opportunity to shop directly from Joy’s most popular closets.”

The Closet Shop will feature custom Huggable Hanger closet ensembles, organization tips straight from Mangano and videos. All of the products in Joy’s Closet Shop will feature free shipping and handling and include a “buy more, save more” offer.

HSN has been celebrating the 14th anniversary of Joy Mangano with Anniversary specials that continue all month long, as well as brand new products and long-time favorites that have fans jumping for Joy.


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2 Responses to “HSN Invention Mother Joy Mangano Broke Records, So We Are Told”

  1. MarnieR Says:

    Linda, Have you noticed that when you shop (browse) for a particular product online at HSN they stick in Joy Mangano links for her products? It is really irritating. I was trying to get some Diane Gilman jeans and at every other line a space is taken up by Mangano crap. If they keep this up I will shop elsewhere. I already sent them an email. They are also sending unsolicited advertising emails to me now. It started about two weeks ago. It is very difficult to unsubscribe. Maybe they should concentrated in quality products and good value.

  2. Susan a. Lipton Says:

    She was smart to cut loss from Todd English. The Electric pressure cooker is a piece of junk.

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