Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Said ‘QVC Is Holy Work’

QVC Queen Joan Rivers got a fine final send-off from her friends Sunday, including a large contingent from West Chester, Pa.

Home shopping host Lisa Robertson posted a photo on Facebook of her and QVC colleagues Rick Domeier, Mary Beth Roe, Jane Treacy, Jill Bauer and alum Kathy Levine at Rivers’ Manhattan service, where they rubbed shoulders with the like of Howard Stern and Hugh Jackman.

The QVC crew at Joan's memorial

The QVC crew at Joan’s memorial

But for you QVC addicts, our favorite tidbit was a column that New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams wrote Sunday about Rivers, who was a close friend.

Here’s her kicker sbout the late and great, Joan:

And hawking jewelry on a home shopping network she considered religious: “Anybody buys from me, they’re sacred. QVC is holy work.”

She really loved you guys.

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7 Responses to “Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Said ‘QVC Is Holy Work’”

  1. Lisa Says:

    For some reason I found this picture to not be appropriate. I saw it on Instagram and I thought- why are you smiling? You are at a funeral? I don’t know; it just struck me as out of place. I am glad that they got to honor Joan though! I am still saddened by her passing and can’t believe she is gone.

  2. Trina Dade Says:

    I did not know Joan Rivers, but I do know that she made a living trying to make you laugh, or at the very least, smile. I would like to believe that she was up there looking down at her friends, smiling at them. I would also like to believe that if she had been with them, she would have been smiling, too. At funerals, I often see smiles. People who are grieving are so grateful for the smiling encouragement of their family and friends. It is an affirmation that one can get past this and smile again, too! Also, I have heard many eulogies that make you laugh, reminding us of the great times shared with the person being honored. A funeral should be a celebration of the honoree, and a comfort to those left behind. What better way to honor a comedienne than to smile?

  3. Trina Dade Says:

    Linda: Thanks so much for all your reporting on the home shopping experience!! And especial thanks for this picture, which let us see our favorite hosts as their real life selves. And thanks for sharing Cindy Adams’ tribute. It was great to hear about how a real friend felt about Joan. And thanks for letting us know that Joan loved what she did. I check your blog every day! Thank you for being there for us! Trina

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thank you so much, Trina Dade. It feels good to be appreciated.

  5. Queen Celeste Says:

    Nicely said, Trina Dade. And ditto comments about Miss Moss. It’s wonderful to be kept apprised of the doings of a world many of us follow closely. (And spend too much on!)

  6. tommy Says:

    Have just started using it hope it do me great.

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