Joan Rivers Gave QVC Jewelry To Her Thanksgiving Guests

One of our favorite stories about the late and great Joan Rivers, QVC vendor extraordinaire, was in the New York Post today. And of course it had a QVC angle.

Post columnist Paula Froelich wrote about how she many times she celebrated Thanksgiving dinner at Rivers’ gorgeous East Side apartment. Froelich got invited to the holiday dinner because she was a friend of Rivers’ niece.

“She had me at ‘jewels,'” Froelich wrote, which was the first line of a story headlined “Giving thanks for my friend — and my idol.”

When Froelich and the niece arrived, Rivers would tell them to “run upstairs and get some jewels.” They did and found piles of jewelry from Rivers’ QVC collection, and picked some.

“We felt like 5-year-olds,” Froelich wrote.

When they came back down, Rivers told them, “You look beautiful, great taste!”

Froelich noted that Thanksgiving dinner with Rivers was always served late, because in the morning she and her daughter Melissa would bring food to the needy for God’s Love We Deliver.

Froelich got one little fact wrong, but we’ll forgive her. She pointed out that Rivers was always busy, either flying to L.A. “or Florida for her Joan Rivers Classics Collection line for QVC.”

HSN, not QVC, is the home shopping network that’s in Florida. But we’ll forgive you, Froelich, because you offered such a wonderful memory of Joan.


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2 Responses to “Joan Rivers Gave QVC Jewelry To Her Thanksgiving Guests”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Her funeral sounded exactly in keeping with her wishes. There’s something about bagpipes, so mournful and nostalgic. Beautiful.

    I wonder why people so often get QVC and HSN mixed up. I guess they’re not dedicated watchers!

  2. Joan Rivers - She Left us All Something Sparkly - Celebrity Accessories and Gossip Blog Says:

    […] and as timeless as the comedic genius. And she didn’t just sell her jewelry. Joan Rivers gave her precious jewelry gems away to those who she connected with.  At Thanksgiving dinners, on television shows, to her dedicated […]

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